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A figure could be seen moving through silent green lush forest, Several shadows appeared right before it.

"Xie Quan surrender now, we might give you a painless death."

Xie Quan swept her chilly gaze on elder Han and other, noticing she couldn't found Mo Wang anywhere, a bad premonition start rising in her heart.

"Where is Mo Wang!"

"Shouldn't you know better then anyone else!" Xie Quan understood the result of a eight gate trying to challenge a void ruler, she knew that Mo Wang might die, but for some unknown reason she believed Mo Wang might live.

Xie Quan could only bitterly smile at her on thoughts, if only she handed her elder sister over to Mo Wang and fought against elder Han, Mo Wang will be still living.

Xie Quan heart was filled with regret, as she felt a heart tearing sadness envelope her, as she remembered the man, who saved her sister!

How they spend their time together, Mo Wang was a part of their family, other then her sister the only person, she had felt feeling for!

Even through Xie Quan swiftly suppressed her feeling, putting a calm and a cold expression, but elder Han was a old fox, he noticed the change on Xie Quan face.

"I just can't understand, what did that worthless piece of trash do to make you fall in love, even in death he is a lucky bastard, don't be sad, I have always been a kind person. I will let you all reunite in hell." his mouth curved into a sinister smile.

Elder Han and dozen experts were ready leap to attack, but before they could attack a strange phenomenon took place.

A dense amount of different elements and resentment, hatred, despair, aura of death, cruelty, countless sins, and every negativity that had been born since the beginning of time gathered together.

The sky darkened as dark clouds enveloped all of demon realm, a oppressive and suffocating pressure descended upon elder Han, completely suppressing them!

Of course, elder Han wasn't the only one being suppressed. This scene could be seen through out dimension, without a single exception. Every being was suppressed, not allowing them to move a single inch.

A pure black skeleton started forming with a purple glitter, it looked like it was made of countless worlds, possessing the strength to destroy heaven and earth.

Slowly flesh started growing up on bones with blood vessels forming, as the five elements, fire, water, wood, metal and earth became the foundation to form his internal organs.

Skin started covering his body. On his skin, blood red tattoo started forming on his body, covering his entire body, it formed a 3D image. On his forehead a complex pattern formed of blood red tattoo could be seen, it looked like a eye.

The tattoo on Mo Wang body disappeared, a few sparks of lightning could be seen in the sky.

Lightning bolts meter thick desended without, mercy slamming into his body. His eyes were still closed, but he didn't panic at all, he stuck out his chest, and spread out his arms, welcoming the heaven wrath.

This action was extremely arrogant, it was akin to asking for death, but nobody laughed rather they couldn't laugh, because even the simplest action of breathing was causing them unbearable pain and agony.

Mo Wang continued with his baptism of lightning, with each strike of lightning, Mo Wang bones and flesh were refined to further new heights, it almost looked like a sword being forged, becaming sharper with each hammering.

Ironically it wasn't a divine sword that could split sky, but a demonic sword, that whenever unsheathed! will let rivers of blood flow and cause countless deaths.

Even so people will be attracted by it's beauty, trying to tame it, just to join the rank of those who had fallen!

The lightning finally stopped, it seemed even heaven understood it couldn't do anything against Mo Wang.

He opened his eyes, revealing his devilish handsome face with skin smooth like jade and gentle brows. Phoenix eyes with violet pupils showing indifference and naked comtempt for heaven and earth, a fine nose bridge.

He was without a doubt a true devilish beauty. At the same time some similarity to the of Heavenly Demon Monarch and Mo Wang could be seen in his face, a black mist surrounded his body hiding his important place.


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