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Mo wang was in strange space.

Endless dark red clouds were floating in the vast crimson sky, with neither a sun or moon, the ground was filled with piles over piles of bones and corpses of mountains.

Suddenly Mo Wang was grabbed by dozen white-boney hands and dragged into the ground, as Mo Wang was going to resist, but he heard a magnetic and captivating voice.

"What's the point in living! Since you have already lost everything, go ahead sleep!!"

Just like temptating words of a demon, he stopped resisting, he was too tired, he had forgotten, how many years he had lived for!

A hundred, a thousand, ten-thousand years, he had continued to live a life that almost felt limitless, without any purpose, pursing power solely because he didn't had anything better to do, he mastered countless arts, achieved many things, that many failed after spending their entire life.

So what!! In the end! didn't he also died at the hand of mere void ruler, and wiped out by heaven since he was considered a evil being.

Mo Wang fall into a deeper slumber, until he was woken up by a voice"Wake Up! Wake Up! You lazy bones."

Mo Wang opened his eyes to found himself in wooden cottage, with a kind and gentle old man trying to wake him up.

Mo Wang eyes became hot for some odd reason, as tears slide down his face, looking at the old man, this man was the one, whom had raised him as own son!

When even his own family abandon him, his foster father Xiao Yong"I have made a soup for you, I will be going out for a trip."

Xiao Yiong left the room, leaving behind dumbfounded Mo Wang, as he discovered the cottage looked pretty similar to the cottage he lived in his previous life.

Once he noticed the date on the calendar, Mo Wang became panic-stricken, on this date he had lost his foster father, Mo Wang didn't knew whether it was a reality or a dream, if he could save his foster father, it didn't matter.

He ran out to chase after foster father, a ominous feeling rising in his heart, after looking around for old man, he went to the murder scene.

In a small alley, with a heavy heart Mo Wang walked towards to the murder scene, after checking the murder scene, and not founding anything wrong.

Mo Wang gave a sigh of relief, was going to leave, When he noticed a crowd gathering not too far off, he walked slowly trying his best to comfort himself.

Mo Wang face turned pale, there was a lifeless body on the ground, his entire body covered in wounds, his face couldn't be discerned anymore, he didn't look much different then a lump of meat, he had same cloths as Xiao Yong.

He fall on the ground on his butt, as his legs became powerless, the tiny sliver of hope that was born in his heart was extinguished.

As his eye lost their luster, just like a wounded beast he kept on walking without a destination.

On a barren street two huge man dressed up in black suit appeared infront of Mo Wang, knocking him out unconscious, if it was normal time, Mo Wang would have been easily defeat them.

After some time he was woken up by a pail of cold water, his hands and legs were tied to a chair, it was well-lit room with a king sized bed, there was a handsome looking man sitting right in front of him.

It was Mo Xia! his half brother and the current young master of Mo family.

"Well elder brother! do you like my hospitably welcome."

Mo Wang was astonished, when Mo Xia called him elder brother! he didn't came in any kind of contact with Mo family, so his very existence should be erased, since it was a scandal.

"What's with that astonished look? father always talking about, how great you are!"Mo Xia gritted his teeth showing his great hatred and jealously.

"Don't worry, I have prepared a special gift for you."As he seemed to give directions to bring someone.

A girl with age close 15 to 16 year old was brought, black hair and black eye, she was without doubt a beauty.

Mo Wang knew Yao Qigang, she accompanied him in last three years of highschool, and was a close friend.

Mo Xia threw her on bed, and started tearing her clothes, as tears slide down her cheeks, shrieking begging to let go of her, she seemed to notice Mo Wang as she called out "big brother Mo save me."

Mo Wang wanted to help, but no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't break away from chair, he could only watch as his friend was violated by a beast.

In Mo Wang mind a strange and mystical runes that formed a seal that seemed to have a little cracks appear on it.

Mo Xia finally released her, she broke down and sobbed like a child"Why didn't you save me?"

Mo Wang face became even paler, as he moved away his gaze not daring to face her, Yao Qigang weeping only grew bigger.

At some point her weeping turned into unrestrained laughter, Mo Wang raised his head to look at Yao Qigang, she laughed till tears came in her eyes, looking at Mo Wang.

"Sorry!!!Sorry!!! I didn't want to laugh but that look on Mo Wang face is too great."

Mo Wang closed his eyes, the seal in his mind completely disintegrated, flooding his mind with different memories, his black eyes shined with a brilliant violet light, as he broke free from the chair.

He didn't forget anything rather he had sealed his memories.

"You are nothing more then a bastard, born from a slut! I decide whether you live or die."

"Right honey could decide whether you live or die."

Mo Wang knew they had put an act for him, but this scene took place thousand of years ago, so it could be only a illusion, he was ready to break this illusion and go on a rampage. Suddenly Mo Xia and Yao Qigang body fused together, forming a disgusting monster that he couldn't be explained with words.

Once he saw this scene, he denied his earlier conclusion"You are my heart demon."

"Indeed you are sharp, but even you can't escape weakness of your heart."

"What weakness of heart? I just hate heaven for forcing such fate upon me."

"Such is Heavenly law, you must obey it."

"So heaven can toy with me as it pleases!"


Mo Wang broke in a insane laughter, his entire life had been a struggle to survive, and heaven had forced such a fate upon him on mere whim, the slight hesitation in his heart to go to against heaven vanished replaced with intense desire to rebel.

"So be it, I will fill heaven and earth with slaughter, and tear that heavenly law to pieces, I shall become the most wicked being in heaven and earth."Mo Wang body started changing, as he regained his body of Heavenly Demon Monarch, and a black light shoot towards heart demon from his finger, shattering it into pieces.