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Mo wang suppress rising emotions in his heart, focusing on Xie Yun injuries, he sealed all accuputure points to stop blood flow around the wound and took the sword out.

Mo Wang was still confused, how could a mere heaven grade sword pierce a void ruler? but once he lay his eyes on the sword, he understood it was made by a special material, that possess the ability penetrate through Qi.

Handing her over to Xie Quan"Take your sister, get away from here."

"What about you?"

"Don't worry I won't die! after all I still haven't lost my virginity."As he gently patted Xie Quan head.

listening to those words, Xie Quan strangely looked at him"If you live, I will let you take my virginity."

The Mo Wang knew she said those words only to give him motivation to survive, as she carried her sister and ran away.

"Do you think, we will allow you to leave!"

Mo Wang already had a plan to deal with these guys. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought, that one day he will be forced to use his trump card against a bunch of mobs.

[Burning Scarlet Sacrifice]

This technique allows him to burn his cultivation, lifeforce, emotions and soul inexchange to temporary rise his power, as he released his bloodlust.

His bloodlust was filled with fury and rage, with a desire of endless slaughter, suffocating and overwhelming the crowd, those with weaker hearts, there legs already start trembling, even strongest Gods will shudder in fear from his bloodlust, much less people at void ruler, most people elder Han had brought with him possessed strength of heavenly core, only a single one them possessed the strength void firmament.

Of course Mo Wang wasn't stupid enough to think these guys will be scared shitless merely with his bloodlust, what he truly desired was to create a opening.

He already achieved it, rising his strenght to earth core and using a forbidden movement technique, he closed the distance in a breath, he easily evaded all heavenly core disciple and before they could react, he already appeared before elder Han, his nail grew longer, as he delivered a precise slash towards elder Han neck.

Mo Wang only one purpose in attacking elder Han, Since Xie Quan possessed strength of void ruler rank 1, once he dragged elder Han to hell with him, she will be able to deal with the rest of mobs.

Even through elder Han was late to react, he gathered his Qi in his fist, launching a punch towards Mo Wang chest.

As Mo Wang body was pushed seven to eight steps back, a trail of blood runing could be seen from the corner of his lips, his muscle ruptured as blood continuously flowed, most of bones in his body was shattered, his tendons snapped and his merdrains broken in that single exchange.

On other hand, elder Han neck a red line slowly formed, seeing the puny harm he had done, Mo Wang decided to play a last gamble, he used the cultivation method of "Primodial Chaos Demon" despair, resentment, hatred, and other such negative emotions started gathering forming a black aura around Mo Wang.

Black clouds gathered in the sky, as thunder roared and lighting flashed, Mo Wang finally knew what it means to screw yourself up! he knew there will be consequences for using cultivation method with a incomplete soul, but seriously summoning heaven wrath!!!

He was already reduced to this state by a single punch from a void ruler, taking on heaven wrath in this state wasn't he simply asking for death, he originally thought heaven wrath will come in later stages of cultivation of "Primodial Chaos Demon".

There was wide difference between heaven tribution and heaven wrath, heaven tribution was a trail by heaven, if you succeed you will be rewarded but if you fail your body and soul will be destroyed, while on other hand heaven wrath only had one purpose to destroy the offender, it didn't matter if you succeed or lose, the end result will remain the same.

Mo Wang didn't notice the black soul shard he hidden in his blood soaked robe was going through mystifying change, it gradually started sinking into his flesh.

Mo Wang was bombarded by thunder, as his body was destroyed vanishing in a puff of smoke.


A man in age between 25 to 28 could be seen sitting cross-legged, with golden hair and gold eyes and sharp-sword like eyebrows with a dignified aura, observing a ceiling of countless stars, competing with each other to outshine the other.

As a black shadow walked out of nowhere, kneeling down on one knee with a expression of reverence and respect"Your majesty, 'Blood Execution Sect' has annihilated but the princess of 'Blood Execution Sect' has escaped."

He was ready for punishment, for failing to complete his task, but he saw his majesty was in deep thought.

"I sensed somebody summoned heaven wrath, he possessed that person aura."

Others might not know, but he knew who 'that person' was, just remembering those chilling violet eyes, put him in cold sweat.

Millions of years ago he appeared out of nowhere, as he wreaked havoc upon realms, several lower and middle-realm ceased exist, many higher-realms became barren land.