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After Xie Yun became satisfied with Mo Wang answer, Xie Quan invited them for dinner, so they made their way to dinner table, a variety of dish were placed.

After tasting the dish, Mo Wang showed a disgusted expression and grabbed all the dishes and then threw them outside, then asking direction for kitchen, after that he went straight to kitchen.

Seeing Mo Wang act in this way, the sisters followed him behind, after 30 minutes a rich fragrance came from kitchen, that seem quiet temptating to their hungry stomach.

Mo Wang started serving the food, a roasted duck, translucent rainbow soup and some side dishes, instead of food it looked more like a work of art, the sisters didn't want destroy this art, but the fragrance was too temptating.

Xie Quan looked at the dishes with a shocked expression"Did you really make it!"

Mo Wang merely smiled"Why don't you try?"

Once Xie Quan tasted the food, she knew everything she had eaten her entire life was worthless garbage, finally she understood, why Mo Wang had thrown the dishes! a determined glint flashed in her eyes as she said"Mo Wang marry me!"

Mo Wang ignored her thinking she was joking, Xie Yun showed triumph look towards her sister, as she said to Mo Wang in a gentle tone"Feed me."

Mo Wang took the chopstick and started feeding her, showing this level of affection in public will offend all single, much less Xie Quan who had been not in a single relationship for 200 years.

Mo Wang wasn't showing her affection, he was only taking care of his patient health, Mo Wang continued his treatment as he toyed with Xie Yun body for the next month.

All good things must come to an end, althrough there were no battles or slaughter, Mo Wang still enjoyed this time.


Mo Wang was taking a walk with the Xie sisters, when a middle-aged man dressed in white robe with a dozen people appeared, it could be seen each one of them was a expert.

"Today, Xie Yun you will die under my hands."

He attacked Xie Yun without mercy, originally both of them were equal having the strength of void ruler rank 5, but as battle continued the difference in their abilities could be seen, Xie Yun had upper hand pushing him back, as he coughed blood.

"How were you able to escape the 'Neitherworld Binding Ghost Chain'." He asked in a weak and frail voice.

Xie Yun cold eyes became warm and gentle as she looked towards Mo Wang.

He followed Xie Yun gaze and a doubt appeared in his eyes, no matter how he looked at the brat, he only had the strength of eight gates, anyway I should take this brat with me, it seems Xie Yun has feeling for this brat.

"brat, I elder Han would invite you! to join our spirit blade sect."elder Han voice was filled with arrogance, it seemed like he was doing a great favour by letting Mo Wang join his sect.

After listening to this, Xie sisters looked a little worried as Spirit Blade Sect was one top sect of human realm, after all Mo Wang was human.

Mo Wang give the elder Han a look of contempt, was this guy a idiot and repiled" I don't have the courage to join a sect, whose elder go attacking people like a mad dog!"

After hearing those words, elder Han face turned green, elder Han was infuriated, he had never been humiliated like this since he became a elder, a malicious glint flashed in his eyes, a flying dagger appeared in his hand, shooting towards Mo Wang.

Mo Wang already knew this old dog wouldn't give up and will take revenge, so he easily avoided the flying dagger, but another disciple attacked him from behind with cold blade aiming for his heart.

Mo Wang knew he couldn't avoid it, so he thought of killing him in the moment, he pierce his heart, with his medical skills he could survive a couple of hours, as his mouth curved into a smile.

A head rolled on the ground, as a headless body stood creating a fountain of blood, finally falling lifelessly on ground.

Mo Wang didn't feel least bit happy rather his smile was frozen and his eyes were filled with panic, somebody took the attack but it wasn't Mo Wang, it was Xie Yun as her chest was pierced by a sword, her face becoming paler by the second.

Mo Wang himself didn't knew, body was quivering as some forgotten and unknown emotion were released

"Wo..man....ar..e....yo..u ...stu...pid."

Mo Wang wanted say thousands of words but couldn't bring himself, I'm not worth your life sacrificing for!

As seeming to understand Mo Wang worries, Xie Yun gently caressed his face"How could I allow my husband to die, you know I'm quiet possessive woman, with my death you won't ever be able to fall in love with another woman, so you should detest me."