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3 The Strongest Demon and Worthless trash part 2

Mo Wang seemed quiet annoyed by Heavenly Demon Monarch attempts to change the subject, but he still replied" The celestial master of Chu kingdom said I will bring clamity upon world, So he had thrown me in black forest forbidden area. It said to have the gate to demon realm."

"Didn't you call yourself Heavenly Demon Monarch, So are you a demon."

"No, I'm a demonic cultivater."

"A devil cultivator"once he heard those words Mo Wang had a expression of terror and panic. It almost caused Heavenly Demon Monarch to brust out laughing, as this kid had dared to talk to him in a disrespectful way, without changing a expression. Heavenly Demon Monarch would loved to see, what kind of face would he make? If he knew! The one standing before him would make any devil cultivator look like a innocent child.

Heavenly Demon Monarch patiently explained the difference between devil cultivator and demonic cultivator cultivator"A devil cultivator obey the devil law and a immortal cultivator obey Heavenly law, but I obey neither. If everything in this world can be divided black and white, then I belong to grey zone."

"Then what are you?"

"I'm a fiend."

"What hell is that....!!"

Mo Wang was quiet confused as he had only heard of two types of cultivation. Seeing the confused expression on Mo Wang, Heavenly Demon Monarch further explained, of course this scene would have made any person his/her eye bulge in shock, if he knew about Heavenly Demon Monarch, as everybody knew of Heavenly Demon Monarch temperament of treating life as grass.

"There exist three thousand different path of cultivation which lead to same result, the path of cultivation which I pursue is of fiend. It is quiet similar to a Asura path but unlike a Asura who becomes a demon who lives for slaughter because of hatred. A fiend is a evil and cruel existence, who enjoy chaos and distrucation ."

"In simple words you are a extremely bad person, if you are a fiend, then why do you call yourself 'Heavenly Demon Monarch' instead of "Heavenly Fiend Monarch'."

Heavenly Demon Monarch had a astonished expression as he looked at Mo Wang.

"What's with that expression."

"I have always thought you were a dumb idiot and don't you think 'Heavenly Demon Monarch' sound much more cooler then 'Heavenly Fiend Monarch'."

"What's with being dumb idiot, there exists no such thing and are you going to tell me your story or not."

Heavenly Demon Monarch was quiet happy to take and joke with someone like this, for as long as he could remember. He had been a lone wolf and it will remain the same in the future, he didn't believe in things such as brotherhood.

Heavenly Demon Monarch seemed to recalling his past, as several hundred years passed. Start narrating his story in a calm and emotionless tone, completely different from Mo Wang, even through there feature were similar, there demeanour were heaven and earth apart.

"My mother wanted to get rich quickly, so she slept with a second generation of rich and got pregnant with me, making a ruckus with my father family, she become his fiancee, but before she could be happy, a family with outstanding background had proposed a marriage with my father family. They accepted it, my mother was dumped, but as fate would have it, she found another rich guy and with pregnancy was already at a stage where she couldn't abort me, so she give birth to me, after she throw me in grabge can, but a kind man picked up and took me in."

Mo Wang had a awkward face as he continued listening to the story, he seriously regretted asking Heavenly Demon Monarch about his personal life, he would have never imagined such a powerful man had lived such miserable life, even his life was better then Heavenly Demon Monarch, even through he was trash his parents had protected him, but Heavenly Demon Monarch had been abandoned from moment of his birth. Mo Wang could never imagine there were parents, who abandoned there own children! after all even a vicious tiger will not eat his own cub.

"One day, that kind man was killed by someone, finally the only person who cared for me was died, I mixed in bussiness world to investigate and found out, the one who killed the kind man was my own biological father. I seeked for justice, but nobody helped me, because of my father family background, I took the matter in my own hands and took control of the entire world economy in three years and destroyed everything, my father and mother hold dear!!"

"Finally, when I thought! I could rest. The gods of myths revived and forced everyone to submit. I refused to submit!!! beaten to death for daring to go against gods! It was a good thing, I came across a cultivation method to become Heavenly Demon, choose throw away my humanity and to become a fiend."

Mo Wang still had a awkward face and tired to change the topic of conversion to somewhere else.

"How did you lost your body, if you were strong enough to take on gods."

"I blew up my body, to gain ancient system."

"Ancient system hides the cultivation method to become "Primodial Chaos Demon"."

"Why are you so obssessed with becoming "Primodial Chaos Demon"."

"Originally the real reason I choose to be called "Heavenly Demon Monarch' then 'Heavenly Fiend Monarch' was because, I didn't want anybody to know. I possess relation with fiend race. They were one of few race which were born in the beginning of time. Unlike others which were born due to the combination yin or yang Qi with primordial chaos. They were born by devouring heaven law and "Primodial Chaos Fiend' was strongest fiend possessing the strenght to tear heaven and earth apart, at the same time the only being, who doesn't need submit to Heavenly law, to become a fiend is to take pleasure in the suffering and torment of your enemies."