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After a few minutes of traveling through space and time, Drazon and the rest of the creatures arrived at this new unknown world. Drazon woke up choking and struggling for air as he felt something bouncy and soft, keeping him from breathing and seeing. Drazon struggled as he squeezed hard on something. He heard a moan coming from whatever that he pressed on. 

He had realized he made a mistake. Drazon quickly pushed the so-called person that was on top of him. Drazon noticed it was none other than Princess Shiva, who had tagged along for the ride with Drazon. She giggled a little as she said, "please take your time. I'm still young and tender."

Drazon almost threw up when he heard that. Drazon quickly threw her off of him and started yelling at her for coming along with him. Drazon knew that this would only make matters worse by Princess Shiva tagging along with him. Drazon was beginning to have a headache thinking about all the problems that were waiting for them back in their homeworld.

 After a while, he just ignored her and looked up to see where he was. Drazon noticed that the sky was extraordinarily colorful and wondered what kind of world this was. The sky was made out of a rainbow. Princess Shiva also looked up as she admired the beautiful view. Princess Shiva said to Drazon, "this could be our first date." Drazon could only shake his head as she continued to speak on how beautiful the world looked. 

Right now, they were located in a fiery land as Drazon began to feel the heat and absorb the energy from it. Princess Shiva, on the other hand, was having a hard time due to her being used to the cold. And the fur on her body didn't make it any easier. Drazon could only laugh as he saw Princess Shiva starting to sweat a lot. Even her fur had dampened up, revealing her curves as she began to tear off pieces of her clothing away from her body to cool herself down. 

Shiva got mad at Drazon because he wasn't as hot as she was. He seemed to enjoy the heat. Drazon had activated his sensory skills just out of habit. He noticed that some strange creatures were surrounding them, hiding in the bushes near them. Princess Shiva got up and faced Drazon. Drazon told her to be careful and stay vigilant. 

Princess Shiva looked at Drazon in confusion as she didn't sense anybody or anything around and said, "are you crazy, there's nobody around here. I don't see anybody or feel anything around here. This only makes sense if you have a sensory skill." As soon as she finished saying that her eyes went wide open and Princess Shiva said, "Woah, you have a sensory ability. What level are you at? Are you able to see through my clothes?"

 She looked at Drazon with loving eyes while blushing, thinking about the thought of Drazon being able to see through her clothes. Drazon was distracted for a second as he choked on his spit, trying to calm himself down. When Princess Shiva saw that, she started laughing and thought how cute he was. Princess Shiva was learning more and more about him and thought that this trip was worth it.

Drazon had to tell her the truth because they were in an unknown world, and they needed to work together, especially with the Seal Clan that was after him and Princess Shiva. Drazon knew that the Seal Clan King and the Seal Prince would have their clanmates target him once they reached this world. Having the princess by his side and somebody that he could trust would benefit him in the long run.