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Frostmoon crag was not a large cave but it was where a band of hunters lived, these hunters were all werewolves and this was a full moon night so it was natural for all werewolves to be in their Beast Form at that time of the month.

A few minutes ago, these werewolves felt a strange presence in their territory and they all gathered back at their meeting spot.

Unease in the air, the smell of blood and the strange sound of the beast in front of them. It was just like them, a Werebeast but of Origins and appearance, they are not aware of. Nevertheless, it was an enemy. Werebeasts are not friendly with each other even though they are all the follower of Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt. They just learned the hard lesson by the Werebears when they kicked them of their home and killed their old pack.

Now, a new threat appeared in a vicious looking werebeast that looked like a Werecat. It was funny as there was no such thing as Werecats, only Werelions existed and these were the Khajiit that were blessed by Hircine.

The pack can communicate with their thoughts just like how Nefertiti and Jon communicate. The decided that this one beast is really dangerous to challenge alone, they had to hunt it together.

The leader of the pack Majni was in the center with the two females Hjordis and Rakel at his sides and his brother Akar at the back. There were other hunters in the den but they all ran to the back holding their bows up.

Nefertiti was still mad at the mirror image of hers that she chased all the way here to no point but to meet three more foes. She wasn't in the right mind to make a strategy or be careful, all she wanted to do is to fight.

The four werewolves roared at her but she didn't faze and her tail stood up with many Shadow Thorns manifesting on it, she waved her tail left and right and the thorns started flying around like arrows.

The four werewolves moved faster than the other one she killed outside the crag, the moved to different locations to avoid the valley of thorns then started at Nefertiti from four different sides. Nefertiti mindlessly picked the closest one to her and charged with all her power. Majni and her slashed with their claws at each other but it seemed that Nefertiti was going to be in danger before Jon would even act, Nefertiti twisted her body around itself and avoided Majni's attack completely while counter-attacking with other claws at him grazing deep into his shoulder.

She didn't stand at her place and jumped high to the mountain nearby and clung on it.

The other werewolves and the hunters were shocked by how fast she moved and how high she could jump, Jon analyzed the situation and agreed that she is a cat after all so her instincts to move her body as much be better than that of a human in a Beast's Form. He decided to wait more and see.

Nefertiti on the cliff she hung looked down at her foes and hissed at them, she was angry and her hiss was akin to a werewolf's howl. The hunter with weak wills threw away their bows and ran away.

Nefertiti let go and landed on the ground, she stared at the werewolves around her then ran to the side following the hunters. Everyone was shocked by how mean she acted, this was clearly her first transformation in the full Werecat so she was supposed to be berserking around yet she made some daring move.

Jon was going to stop her any time but as soon as she attracted the other Werewolves to go after her, she turned around in an instant and slashed at the nearest three werewolves. Rakel, the youngest, was injured deeply and got thrown to the side, while Hjordis and Akar felt like they suffered minor injuries. The last and the elders, Majni, managed to get behind Nefertiti and slashed at her back.

Without even turning around, Majni's claws landed on Nefertiti's back as if they landed on a hard rock. Looking closely, Nefertiti has once again used Shadow Magic to create scale-like armor on her body.

'You're a genius, girl.' Jon was floating in the dark sky and smiling at Nefertiti's brilliance.

Nefertiti didn't stay at her place, she realized that she was physically weaker than the werewolves but she was much faster and she can use magic. She jumped away and stood on a rock far away from the werewolves. She faced them with viciousness in her eyes and her magic started to manifest on her hands, she launched her first throwable Shadow Magic attack in her life in a manner that made Jon open his eyes wide, the Shadow manifested from her hands was like a Boomerang that flew, revolved around itself and changed direction. Each time she waves her hands, Shadow Magic comes out.

She was casting magic properly and not by instinct like the normal creature and more to that in the Beast Form. This was completely unheard of.

Her Shadow Boomerangs targeted the other four Werewolves who barely managed to avoid the deadly blows and hid behind cover but it seemed that Nefertiti was going to get them soon enough. They became desperate and charged at her again all at once.

At that time, Jon decided it was enough. He waved the 'Skull of Corruption' and a lot of Runes appeared on the ground around the hunters and Nefertiti the suddenly a web of lightning appeared from each rune and targeted the five werebeasts all at once. The arc of lightning wrapped itself around them and pulled them away from each other.

The net of lightning was a spectacle from above and showed how domineering and powerful the mage was, Jon smiled and started to descend from the sky.

One the ground, the werebeasts saw a man in a half-sleeved azure robe on a black armor while covering his head with a large hood that hid his face as if the void under it all that as he was holding a staff with a skull on it. This man came down from the sky and his appearance was great but fearful at the same time.

Nefertiti was still berserking but once the man landed in front of her, he raised his left free hand in front of her head and a green light came out.

"Sleep!" The man, whose voice was old, wise and deep, spoke to the Werecat and she suddenly lost all her power and fell under the effect of the spell.

The man then approached her and put his hand on its head then the Werecat's body started to change and became smaller and smaller turning into a little girl with black hair and rosy cheeks. She was just a child who was around seven to eight years old and looked really adorable and peaceful. The man held the girl in his arms and carried her after wrapping her in a large piece of cloth.

He then turned around and looked at the werewolves, his old, wise and deep voice sounded again.

"I am sorry about what happened just now, this is totally my mistake. This little one was having her first full change and she slipped away without me noticing." He said in a cool and calm way that made the werewolves feel his power and age.

He kept looking at them waiting for a reply but he noticed that it was a bit not possible.

"Oh, sorry about that." He waved his staff and the lightning runes disappeared along with the lightning arcs that bound the werewolves. With another wave of his staff, the four werewolves felt weaker and they started to change back to human.

It took them a few seconds but they were all back to being humans with completely no clothes on. [A/N: I wonder why I had to mention that.]

"Sorry about this again, young ones." He said.

The four hunters were startled but they recognized the man's power and that was not a thing they want to ever mess with.

"I… I am this pack's leader, I go by Majni. Might I know who is the elder?" One of the hunters said.

The old man sneered under his hood but he didn't show a thing, he only moved his hand and pulled his robe away from his armor revealing it.

"Does this prove my identity?" He asked Majni.

The werewolves looked at the armor that had the design of a wolf's head on it and didn't understand what to do but Majni reacted.

"A Savior's Hide!" Majni shouted in awe. "You too are a follower of the Prince of the Hunt?"

The man nodded slightly.

"But he is not a werebeast." Hjordis said.

"My role is to serve a higher purpose. Being a werebeast will hinder my duties." The man said in his amazing voice.

"""Oh!""" The four hunters were in awe once again.

"My little friend here has attacked one of you in the woods and I regret to say that he did not survive. I am sorry as it was her first time and she was hard to track."

The hunters seemed a bit sad but Majni nodded.

"Poor bastard. He went insane and couldn't come back to human again." He said with sadness.

The man nodded in understanding behavior but he was sighing in relief.

"I will compensate you for your fallen friend… do tell, young one, can your pack acquire any rings blessed by the prince for this little one? She is having it hard lately." The man said.

"... Yes, we do have some." Majni said and signaled to Akar who ran to the back and recovered a bag from the deepest part in the camp.

"Good then." The man replied and waved his staff again.

Golden light shone upon the tree hunters and healed their wounds from the fight with Nefertiti.

"This is a small apology and this is my compensation for your friend and the ring." The man took out a purse of coins, he then made a cast a spell and made the purse and the bag of the rings switch places.

"With this, I will be leaving."

The man disappeared with his voice still lingering around the space causing the four hunters to shiver once again.

Jon appeared far away from Frostmoon Crag with Nefertiti in his arms, he put away the hood and dispelled the 'Mimic' spell he cast on his voice.

"Morgan Freeman's voice, always gets the job done."