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Dragon King is Son-In-Law

Author:Dragon King“s Nice Son-In-Law

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Hao Ren, an ordinary university student, saved a little girl who fell from the sky. By accident, he swallowed a “candy” that fell off of that girl’s body and somehow became the Dragon King’s son-in-law…… His life was turned upside-down from that point on. There were dragons in this world? And they are living side-by-side with humans? Ancient Chinese Mythologie...
《Dragon King is Son-In-Law》 Text
Chapter 1: Ate a Candy
Chapter 2: The Arrogant yet Pretty Girl
Chapter 3: I’m Not a Good Person?
Chapter 4: Cottage by the Beach
Chapter 5: Time to Find a Girlfriend
Chapter 6: Bear the Anger of My Father!
Chapter 7: Emergency Meeting
Chapter 8: A Forced Marriage
Chapter 9: And Your Identity Is…
Chapter 10: Called by the Beauty
Chapter 11: To Be Under the Spotlight
Chapter 12: Just a Meal?
Chapter 13: Obtained a Status
Chapter 14: A Distant Goal
Chapter 15: The First Visit
Chapter 16: Strange Things Happen Every Year (2 In 1 Chapter)
Chapter 17: All Dangerous People
Chapter 18: I Disagree!!
Chapter 19: Became a Replacement?
Chapter 20: Unstoppable Peach Blossom
Chapter 21: Aren’t You Too Generous
Chapter 22: The Most Handsome Guy in East Ocean University
Chapter 23: You Must Not Lose
Chapter 24: Who Said We Are Not a Family?
Chapter 25: The Mysterious Daoist Temple
Chapter 26: Who’s Holding You Back?
Chapter 27: Listen or Suffer
Chapter 28: Just for a Little While
Chapter 29: The Real Master
Chapter 30: Failure of an Opportunity
Chapter 31: The Competitor...
Chapter 32: Can't Even Keep a Low Profile
Chapter 33: He Is Prince Charming
Chapter 34: I’m His Fiancee!
Chapter 35: Who Is Your Rival
Chapter 36: Her Sister Is……
Chapter 37: Definitely No Chance To Win
Chapter 38: The Sticky Candy Strategy
Chapter 39: The Power of the Crowd
Chapter 40: Who Would Win the Fight?
Chapter 41: Big Trouble
Chapter 42: It All Depends on You...
Chapter 43: Passed the Probation Period
Chapter 44: It’s Not Jealousy! It’s Inspection!
Chapter 45: Transforming into a Fashionable Woman
Chapter 46: How Old Are You? (2 in 1 Chapter)
Chapter 47: The Beauty in the Ferrari
Chapter 48: Daily Errands
Chapter 49: Hammered
Chapter 50: Height Couldn’t Endure the Coldness*
Chapter 51: Not Enough Talent?
Chapter 52: Well, Masters?
Chapter 53: The Pains in Cultivation
Chapter 54: An Emergency
Chapter 55: Life-Saving Grace
Chapter 56: The Genes of a Clever Wife and a Wise Mom?
Chapter 57: An Honoured Guest
Chapter 58: Backup Is Here…
Chapter 59: Why Are You so Disrespectful?
Chapter 60: The Outburst of Hao Ren
Chapter 61: The Attitude of the School
Chapter 62: The Unyielding!
Chapter 63: Game Plays...
Chapter 64: Grandma's Suspicion
Chapter 65: Big News
Chapter 66: What Happened?
Chapter 67: Scheming Woman...... Criminal? (2 in 1 Chapter)
Chapter 68: The Arrival of Bigwigs
Chapter 69: The Super Fan
Chapter 70: Too Excited
Chapter 71: You Got It??
Chapter 72: The Good Girl
Chapter 73: Oh Crap…
Chapter 74: Assistance from Outside?
Chapter 75: The Gathering of the Riches
Chapter 76: I'm Not Keeping You Company! Humph!
Chapter 77: They Showed Up…
Chapter 78: Important Virtues
Chapter 79: Who Is Your Girlfriend?
Chapter 80: A Granddaughter-In-Law?
Chapter 81: The Dragon Palace?
Chapter 82: She Really Liked Zi
Chapter 83: Just a Broken Temple?
Chapter 84: Long Live Fuma Hao Ren!
Chapter 85: Countless Treasures
Chapter 86: Release!!
Chapter 87: Futile Struggles
Chapter 88: Futile Fight
Chapter 89: Meeting on a Narrow Path
Chapter 90: Duel!
Chapter 91: Conquer 15 Meters If You Are a Man
Chapter 92: The Winner and the Loser
Chapter 93: Wreck the Place
Chapter 94: Nemesis
Chapter 95: Hard Labor!?
Chapter 96: What Are Brothers?
Chapter 97: Little Fiancee Has Her Own Thoughts
Chapter 98: An Expert in Disguise
Chapter 99: Off-Limit
Chapter 100: Experiencing Another Life
Chapter 101: The Issue of Puppy Love
Chapter 102: No Time to Lose
Chapter 103: Still Keeping It from Me?
Chapter 104: Goodperson Card?!
Chapter 105: Domineering Prestige
Chapter 106: Difficult Mission
Chapter 107: Spare a Hand?
Chapter 108: Was It Really a Breakthrough?
Chapter 109: Slim Chance of Survival!
Chapter 110: Charging at Qian-level
Chapter 111: Two Unexpected Guests
Chapter 112: Super Bodyguards!!
Chapter 113: Cultivating with Basketball!!
Chapter 114: Zhao Yanzi from Class Two in the Eighth Grade!
Chapter 115: I Just Hate It!
Chapter 116: The Cute Sweetheart
Chapter 117: They Are Schoolmates
Chapter 118: The Super Genius
Chapter 119: I Already Have Someone I like
Chapter 120: It Is a Small World
Chapter 121: The Super Sisters
Chapter 122: Try Our Best To Protect Gongzi
Chapter 123: Two Arranged Marriages
Chapter 124: Masters
Chapter 125: Choosing a Cultivation Technique
Chapter 126: It’s Not Two-Element Cultivation but Five!
Chapter 127: Catching the Little White Rabbit
Chapter 128: Tiangang Sword Array Formation
Chapter 129: The Legion of Beauties
Chapter 130: Sister Su, Please Keep an Eye on Them for Me
Chapter 131: What a Coincidence
Chapter 132: Little Older Brother?!
Chapter 133: Two Became One...
Chapter 134: What a Shame...
Chapter 135: The Basketball Babies
Chapter 136: Let's Have a Talk
Chapter 137: Sword Cultivation? Lightning Cultivation?
Chapter 138: The Report Card of Five Elements?!
Chapter 139: A Talented Artist?!
Chapter 140: An Evident Swank
Chapter 141: Touched the Immortal Essence…
Chapter 142: 'Data' Cultivation Method
Chapter 143: Nothing Good Is Coming!
Chapter 144: Out of Seclusion Cultivation
Chapter 145: The Frustrated No.1 Master in the Mortal World
Chapter 146: Condense into Sword
Chapter 147: The Metal Elemental Is the Strongest?!
Chapter 148: Small Lightning Cloud Tribulation!
Chapter 149: Don’t Underestimate Your Enemy
Chapter 150: Bad Kid
Chapter 151: Weird, It’s Really Weird…
Chapter 152: Valuable Treasure!
Chapter 153: Cultivate with Martial Arts
Chapter 154: So Many Heroes
Chapter 155: The Power of the Scroll
Chapter 156: The True Master
Chapter 157: You Opponent Is Me
Chapter 158: I Want to be Surrounded by Great Grandchildren!
Chapter 159: Unwilling to Admit Defeat
Chapter 160: The Strongest in the Mortal World
Chapter 161: Collectedness
Chapter 162: The Last Moment
Chapter 163: Soul Formation Cultivator
Chapter 164: Heavenly Dragon Realm
Chapter 165: Gold and Jade on the Outside?
Chapter 166: Party Guests
Chapter 167: Burn It, Phoenix!
Chapter 168: West Ocean Dragon Palace!
Chapter 169: Who to Pick?!
Chapter 170: Wouldn't Want a Gold Mountain!
Chapter 171: Who Does Zi Belong to!
Chapter 172: The Thoughts of the Little Girl...
Chapter 173: Who's More Like the Bad Guy?
Chapter 174: Learn to Be Virtuous...
Chapter 175: Natal Dharma Treasure?
Chapter 176: Not Attractive at All?
Chapter 177: The Mysterious Daoist
Chapter 178: Resisting Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 179: The Hidden Space - Jiezi Space
Chapter 180: Dharma Treasures Are Array Formations
Chapter 181: Returning to Middle School
Chapter 182: One Big and One Small~~
Chapter 183: Unconvinced!!
Chapter 184: In Public!!!
Chapter 185: Weakening the Heavenly Tribulation?
Chapter 186: Ninth Heaven
Chapter 187: Special Group
Chapter 188: Idiot in Life
Chapter 189: Inspector’s Temporary Help?!
Chapter 190: The Attack of Sword Energies
Chapter 191: Elevation! Elevation!
Chapter 192: The Heavenly Tribulation Activated!
Chapter 193: Grand Array Formation, Activate!
Chapter 194: The Power of Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 195: Black Dragon!!
Chapter 196: 10,000-Cultivators Array Formation
Chapter 197: Seven-Colored Snow Lotus
Chapter 198: Borrowing the Treasure
Chapter 199: Perfect Team!
Chapter 200: The Top-Tier Herb
Chapter 201: Demon Beast?
Chapter 202: Covered in Tears
Chapter 203: The Turning Point
Chapter 204: Worried about Gongzi
Chapter 205: Shameless Little White~~
Chapter 206: Little White Is the King When the Tiger Is Away
Chapter 207: Treasures All Over...
Chapter 208: Gathered Together
Chapter 209: Experience the world with Zi?!
Chapter 210: The Nine Dragon Palace
Chapter 211: The Weakest Pair of Partners?
Chapter 212: Little Burden
Chapter 213: A Wasteland Full of Treasures
Chapter 214: Coiled Dragon Golden Spear? Seize!
Chapter 215: Might As Well
Chapter 216: Zi Could Blush too?
Chapter 217: Such a Slim Waist!
Chapter 218: The Pretty Girl is Greedy Too
Chapter 219: The Principal's Grandson-In-Law
Chapter 220: Stuff Is About To Happen
Chapter 221: What Can Do I with You…
Chapter 222: Don’t Be Stubborn
Chapter 223: Too Many!
Chapter 224: Coming for the Treasures
Chapter 225: Let’s Fight!
Chapter 226: Battle!!!
Chapter 227: Overruled!
Chapter 228: Trading Convention?
Chapter 229: The Sword Array Formation
Chapter 230: Third Uncle Cultivates the Same Technique!
Chapter 231: Excitement of the Trip
Chapter 232: The Mysterious Masters
Chapter 233: Blunt Man...
Chapter 234: Little White Has its Dignity too!
Chapter 235: We Have Money!!!
Chapter 236: My Mistake
Chapter 237: Who Let down Whom?
Chapter 238: The Power of the Old Grandma
Chapter 239: In Front of Everyone
Chapter 240: Keeping the Goodies Within the Family
Chapter 241: The Shock
Chapter 242: Besiege the Nine Dragon Palace
Chapter 243: Who Dares to Break into the Godly Palace?!
Chapter 244: Severely Wounded!
Chapter 245: The Weakest Moment!
Chapter 246: Coming back?!
Chapter 247: Um...They All Seem to be Powerful
Chapter 248: Hard to Read Others' Minds
Chapter 249: Humph! Bully Her!
Chapter 250: Before The Storm
Chapter 251: Cultivation Is Difficult
Chapter 252: Enemies Met
Chapter 253: Take Care of It
Chapter 254: A Desperate Fight
Chapter 255: Life-Death Note
Chapter 256: Zhen-level
Chapter 257: Everyone on Alert
Chapter 258: The Boss in East Ocean City
Chapter 259: Recruiting Me into a Club?
Chapter 260: Hand Him Over!
Chapter 261: Sun Yun Martial Arts Dojo
Chapter 262: The Good Team
Chapter 263: Making a Stand
Chapter 264: It’s Not What It Looks…
Chapter 265: Beauty Pills?
Chapter 266: Grandma Had People to Depend On
Chapter 267: Trying to Mess with Grandma?
Chapter 268: Fell Right into the Trap
Chapter 269: Hit the Wrong Guy
Chapter 270: Lightning Cultivation!!
Chapter 271: The First Date
Chapter 272: The Sucker
Chapter 273: I Don't Even Mind
Chapter 274: Kicked an Iron Board
Chapter 275: A Big family
Chapter 276: Grandma Cherishes You!
Chapter 277: Tragedy…
Chapter 278: Who Is More Powerful?
Chapter 279: A Competition Across Time
Chapter 280: Little Beauty in Costume
Chapter 281: Potential Battle
Chapter 282: No Wonder Zi Wanted to Challenge Her
Chapter 283: The Dinner!
Chapter 284: Zi Can Cultivate?
Chapter 285: Frenemy
Chapter 286: Super Cute Beauty
Chapter 287: Making Beauty Pills!
Chapter 288: Making Elixirs with Notes
Chapter 289: Little White’s Boss
Chapter 290: The Head of Support!
Chapter 291: The Inauguration Ceremony
Chapter 292: Get Out of Here!
Chapter 293: Huge Promotion
Chapter 294: A Perfect Match?
Chapter 295: One Extra Person…
Chapter 296: Different Stance!
Chapter 297: Dependable!
Chapter 298: Breakthrough! Breakthrough!
Chapter 299: Hao Ren Is a Big Bad Guy
Chapter 300: Little White Is Back!
Chapter 301: The Taming…
Chapter 302: Gold and Silver Mountains Came With Him
Chapter 303: The Conch
Chapter 304: Flooding of the West Ocean Dragon Palace
Chapter 305: Plunder
Chapter 306: Too Late to Cry!
Chapter 307: Who Trespassed??
Chapter 308: Loot
Chapter 309: A Bold Idea
Chapter 310: It’s Too Late to Regret
Chapter 311: Zhen-level = Master?
Chapter 312: Outrage!!
Chapter 313: Stupid Uncle!
Chapter 314: Relocation!
Chapter 315: Is It My Turn?
Chapter 316: Real Combat
Chapter 317: Right, or Wrong?
Chapter 318: Envy, Jealousy and Hatred
Chapter 319: The Difficult Situation
Chapter 320: A Lean Camel Was Bigger Than a Horse
Chapter 321: The Hao Ren You Didn't Know...
Chapter 322: The Change of Identity?
Chapter 323: Time Together
Chapter 324: Damn Uncle
Chapter 325: Little White's Function
Chapter 326: A Small Pot of Land
Chapter 327: Who Do I Favor?
Chapter 328: Strength Speaks the Loudest
Chapter 329: Who’s the Big Bad Wolf?
Chapter 330: Cutting off??
Chapter 331: If Third Lord Was Here…
Chapter 332: This Is My Territory
Chapter 333: Match for Little Zi
Chapter 334: Daughter’s Concern
Chapter 335: Longing
Chapter 336: Am I a Senior?!
Chapter 337: Coming Back Home!
Chapter 338: One Big Family
Chapter 339: Hao Ren Is a Bad Guy!
Chapter 340: Farming! Elixir Making
Chapter 341: Sixth Heaven? Seventh Heaven?
Chapter 342: Difficult to Read a Woman's Mind
Chapter 343: The Beauty of Su Han
Chapter 344: The Most Powerful Inspector
Chapter 345: Take Whatever I Want
Chapter 346: Lightning Cultivation?
Chapter 347: Great Cultivator on Fifth Heaven
Chapter 348: You Still Have an Attitude? (2 in 1 Chapter)
Chapter 349: What? Not Zhao Yanzi?
Chapter 350: The Privilege of Inspectors!!
Chapter 351: Zhao Haoran!
Chapter 352: Old Dragon King!!
Chapter 353: Only I Can Kill My People!
Chapter 354: Fight Back!
Chapter 355: Natural Treasures of the Herb King Valley!
Chapter 356: Ultimate Force of Nature!!
Chapter 357: Life Is Precious~~
Chapter 358: Praising Zi
Chapter 359: High-End Banquet!
360 Zi’s Reappearance
361 What to Love and What to Hate
362 I’m Proud!
363 The Most Powerful Force!!
364 Losing His Temper!
365 The Soldiers and the General
366 Fury!
367 What Is Love…
368 Standard Rescue??
369 Progress Instead of Backslide
370 Dragon!!!
371 I“m not the Greatest Hero
372 Don't Come Near!
373 Different Objectives
374 We Are All Mortals~
375 Mordern Agriculture Techniques
376 Can Level 5 Be Arrogant?
377 Purple Green Treasure Sword! 2 in 1 Chapter
《Dragon King is Son-In-Law》 Volume 2
378 Chilling Frost Spreads on the Calm Lake at Nigh
379 Beat Them Until They Surrender
380 The Commanding General of East Ocean!
381 I Trust You!!
382 1,000 Years of Cultivation Strength!
383 Controlling the Dragon Palace's Lifeline
384 Big Zhumu, Little Zhumu 2 in 1 Chapter
385 Forming an Alliance?
386 Brothers Indeed!
387 Passion for Cooking and Planting!
388 Disciple of the Sec
389 Getting Looked at in a New Ligh
390 I Hand My Fate into Your Hands
391 No Match at All…
392 I’m Not Her Sister!
393 No Match for Su Han?
394 Great Helpers
395 Hang out in a Big City!!
396 Zhao Yanzi's Ambition...
397 You Can't Handle This
398 Personal Coach
399 Heavenly Dragon, Treasure!
400 Top-Tier Mystic Crystal!!!
401 Unprecedented!!! 2 in 1 Chapter
402 Robberies
403 Dragon God Shrine 1.5 in 1 Chapter
404 Identity or Strength!?
405 Main Examiner's Special Care
406 Strongest Support Team
407 Winning Streak?!
408 Number: Ren Yin 246!
409 Zhao Guang's Reason
410 Won't Go Easy On You!
411 Watch Uncle or Third Uncle?
412 Losing For Sure?!
413 Xun-level, Trump Card!
414 Spirit Beast: Do You Have One?
415 The One Inch Longer, One Bit Stronger!
416 Powerful Pill Goes with Powerful Person!
417 Don’t Want to See Anyone
418 10,000 Swords Are Equal to 10,000 Minds
419 You Land You Lose
420 Unexpected Apperance
421 Third Uncle, Please!
422 Battle!
423 More Experienced?!
424 Killing Tribulation!
425 Break Your Killing Tribulation!
426 Slaying the Dragon
427 Black Dragon Spike
428 What I Need......
429 Handsome Can't Feed Him
430 Hatred
431 Practice
432 Treating All!
433 Only Third Lord!
434 Majesty as the Commanding General 2 In 1 Chapters
435 Fuma, You Can't Do This
436 I'm Drunk!!
437 Who Dares to Bully Yujia!
438 Spells’ Origin Note Scroll
439 Girls All Around......
440 Are You Single?
441 Alliance~
442 Good Girl!
443 Winner Takes Hao Ren~
444 Girl, Come and Play When You Have Time
445 Sneaking into the Sky Mountain Sect?
446 Connected to Su Han
447 Herb King Valley, Bulletin Board!
448 The Sky Mountain Sect!!
449 Hmph! You Will Repay for What You Did!
450 Roar!!!
451 Cold War
452 Women's Minds Are Hard to Guess!
453 Elixir Master on Fifth Heaven~
454 Soul Formation Realm Master~
455 Third Uncle, This Is Called Youth!
456 I Don't Need Your Company!
457 Zhao Yanzi Is Mine!
458 A Tough Girl!
459 Little Gifts?!
460 The Request from a Dragon King
461 Can't Bully You No More......
462 Helping East Ocean!
463 Little White's Poop~
464 Super Fertilizer!! 2 in 1 Chapter
465 Entering Dragon God Shrine!
466 Dragon Tribe's Central Agency
467 Meeting an Acquaintance the Dungeon
468 Who Dares to Hurt My Family!!
469 Rare Beauty
470 Meeting Parents
471 Swimsuit Battle! 1.3 for 1 Chapter
472 Being Surrounded by Swimsuits!
473 Most Shameless… Little White!
474 Broke*ss?
475 Honeymoon~
476 A Big Blow~
477 I Just Like You~
478 Demon Sea
479 Top Ten Demon Kings
480 Failed Poison Pill Plan
481 Big Zhumu, Little Zhumu 1.3 for 1 Chapter
482 New York, Headquarters! 1.3 for 1 Chapter
483 Chinese Kungfu!
484 A Special Day~ 1.3 in 1 Chapter
485 Young People Should Be Proactive
486 The Trading Center on Fifth Heaven
487 Asking the Master for Elixir Pills
488 How Dare You?!
489 Destroy Kongtong!
490 It’s OK to Sleep Together~
491 Good Alliance!
492 Zhao Haoran's Mansion
493 Having Children~ 1.3 for 1 Chapter
494 An Item of the Immortals??
495 Special Training with Zi
496 Preparation Before Having Children!
497 Defeat Zhao Kuo!
498 Using the Mystic Crystal
499 The Magnificent Commanding General
500 Mind Battle!
501 The Taste of First Love~~
502 Jerk…
503 I Didn’t Let You Hold Me!
504 Mystic Water Sword Techniques - Power of 1,000-Year Cultivation Strength
505 Drastic Changes at West Ocean!
506 Half A Million Soldiers
507 Three Commanding Generals!
508 Everything Depends on Military Power!
509 Meeting Hao Ren's Friends!
510 Love the Person and Everything Around Him
511 Keep an Close Eye on the Fiance
512 She Is a Big Celebrity! 1.3 in 1 Chapter
513 Controlling the West Ocean Dragon Clan
514 Powerful Fuma 1.3 for 1 Chapter
515 Stronger Than Su Han?
516 Su Han, First Time Cooperating
517 Is That Demon Beast Your Relative?
518 Treasures!
519 Hundred of Flowers Blooming in the Herb King Valley
520 Demonic Bow
521 Welcome Master!
522 Firm Control
523 Zi Lives Across from Me 1.3 for 1 Chapter
524 Close Supervision
525 Fiancée, Fiancée!
526 Full Mark from Su Han
527 Brother Ren? 1.3 for 1 Chapter
528 Legendary Elixir Master! 1.3 for 1 Chapter
529 Duan Yao, Elixir Pill!
530 If I Don’t Kill You, My Last Name Isn’t Duan
531 Who Is More Vicious?
532 A Moving Treasure Vault!
533 Mechatronic Engineering Program, Full of Beauties? 1.3 for 1 Chapter
534 The Humble Peak Master
535 Demon King?!!
536 Outsider~~
537 Metal-Elemental Dragon~~
538 Tough Background?
539 I Am Xie Yujia!
540 Your Cousin Is Powerful?
541 Recruitmen
542 The Club!
543 Tiger's Anger
544 Watch a Good Show!
545 Who Dares to Bother Brother Hao…
546 Collect Protection Fee!
547 Money! 1.3 for 1 Chapter
548 A Club Full of Beauties... 1.3 for 1 Chapter
549 The Demon… Has Appeared?
550 Eternal Demon King
551 The Nine Dragon Palace Agreement!
552 Thunder Roc Tailbone
553 Use the Best Dharma Treasure
554 Restarting Lightning Cultivation!
555 A Little Demon Running into a Big Demon
556 Charming Won't Do You Any Good 1.3 for 1 Chapter
557 My Identity is... 1.3 for 1 Chapter
558 The Lu Sisters
559 Who Told You... I Haven't?
560 Ay, Uncle~
561 Very Sweet~
562 In Love!
563 Tricky Little Girl
564 Showcase of Power!!
565 Rooting For Brother Ren!
566 Little White, Transformation Scroll!
567 Battle of Dharma Treasures!
568 Supreme... Spiritual Treasure?!
569 Collecting Treasure!
570 Only the Strong and Intelligent Deserved Valuable Treasures
571 Status as the President~
572 Fight Again?!
573 Done For!