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11 Adult Division - Part 2

I was curious so I decided to speak to Shin telepathically.

"(It is an honour to be in your presence, Supreme Kai.)"

"(Please call me Shin. I am surprised you know of me, I guess the Yardrats knew more about me than I thought.)"

"(May I ask why you would come to a place like this personally.)"

"(You shall know in time but for now keep my identity a secret.)"

"(Yes sir.)"

"Aurora...hey buddy...are you okay?" Gohan shouted trying to get my attention.

"Yeah whats up?" I asked.

"You became quiet all of a sudden is something wrong?"

"No nothing at all, lets just watch the next match."

It is now time for the match between Spopovich and the other big' mysterious guy we met before, Kibito. They started off very slow but Spopovich got irritated and attacked Kibito with a barrage of punches. Kibito looked surprised like he didnt know what he was doing, then all of a sudden he was sent out of the ring by Spopovich who had his hands raised in victory.

When Kibito walked past me I asked, "Why did you throw the match?"

Everyone looked at him waiting for an answer but he just returned to where Shin was standing.

"Finally a fairly entertaining match will start." I said snapping out of my boredom.

I was fairly certain Goten was one of the people behind the mask of Mighty Mask since I recognize that hidden strength he has(Super Saiyan).

The match started with Mighty Mask fast on the attack knowing how strong his opponent is. Mighty mask punched Gohan into the air knocking his disguise off. They kept on the attack, not letting up, Leaving Gohan no time to rest. They were now fighting in the air exchanging punch after punch. Then in order for Gohan to go on the attack he fired a ki blast and said "Masenko". Mighty Mask was sent flying to the stage from the impact of the ki blast. When landing Mighty Mask made a big crater in the ground and we were unable to see what happened to them. Then they suddenly came flying at Gohan ready to fight but this time it seemed like it was a whole different fighter. Gohan didnt seem faxed by this and his movements became faster. Mighty Mask was unable to counter his attack and was sent out the ring, revealing the two boys under the mask.

"Goten and Trunks get up here, what do you boys think your doing. Sit here and be quiet!" Bulma and Chichi said.

Goten and Trunks flew away disappointed that they git found out while Gohan returned to the waiting area.

"Well done son, that was great." Goku said.

The next match started right after Gohan returned with myself and Vegeta on the stage ready to fight.

"Let's go Yardrat." Vegeta said eager to fight me.

"Same to you Saiyan."

Vegeta came rushing towards me impatient to fight but dodged him using my Time Stream technique in conjunction with weightless in order to effectively dodge without any trouble.

"So you got some skill, have you?" Vegeta said amused.

He tried harder and harder to lay a blow on me but to no avail. He increased his speed and power but it was still not enough to make me even try which made Vegeta annoyed. He had enough playing around and went all out on me. I didn't have enough time to process what had happened to me and before I knew it I was almost off the stage but stopped just before the edge. Even if I could see his movements before he actually moves using Time Stream, I still can't keep up with his speed. He forced me to use God Speed to finally start dodging like I was before. He then did a complex maneuver and caught me by surprise when he fired a ki blast saying "Final Flash". It hit me dead on and I couldn't dodge and had to hold it back but while sending it flying in the sky. It burnt my hands and arms making me unable to use it. Vegeta saw this as an opportunity to attack caching me off guard but by using God Speed I managed to escape for now but I couldn't keep up with his speed forever. It took some time to heal my arms and hands using Ki Manipulation but my arms and hands are 80% healed. I then found and hit his pressure points using my Acupuncture technique to paralyze him making him unable to continue fighting. Being as stubborn as he is he broke out of my paralysis but not before the ref's count was finished.

"Told you he was strong." Gohan said.

"No this cannot be happening, me lose to him. I have sullied the Saiyan name." Vegeta rambled on.

"Relax Vegeta. You enjoyed it right so that's all that matters? That was some great fighting Aurora, I hope you make it to the final so I can fight you next." Goku said.

"Thanks, it means alot."

"Who knew you weren't bark with no bite." Skylar said while Videl remains speechless.


Next up was Videl and Skyla who were already on stage fighting. I couldn't wait to see this match but Videl and Skylar had similar fighting styles since they fought together for so long. But ultimately Skylar came up on top becuase of her originality and unpredictability.

The match between Mr. Satan and Jewel was basically a match for Mr. Satan to show off since he beat Jewel before , he beat him again quicker this time.

Now it was time for the next round of matches, the results are as follows:

1.Goku VS Shin

2.Number 18 VS Spopovich

3.Gohan VS Aurora

4.Skyla VS Mr Satan