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Doomsday Wonderland

Author:Beards And Tails

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Updates:Chapter 372: A New Form of Coercion

“I think… my boyfriend is trying to kill me,” Lin Sanjiu muttered. As she thought about that rich, handsome, and gentle boyfriend of hers, she could not help but tremble all over. At the present, someone close to her had personally raised the curtains to an apocalyptic hell, and slowly, it was creeping up to her. —- What if earth devolved into a apocalyptic hellhole? What if you found out you not only have to survive just one apocalyptic event but have to struggle through multiple worlds with different end-world scenarios? And you get to meet more superpowered crazies than you can imagine! Presenting the worst nightmare that your weird doomsday prepper neighbour with a bunker full of canned beans could have, Doomsday Wonderland is a novel filled with subverted tropes, non-OP characters and a female friendly label which offends all politically correct fanatics. As ‘lucky’ humans evolved to posthumans with abilities to adapt to the New World or mutate into disgusting duoluozhongs to survive, follow Lin Sanjiu as she struggle through the multiple challenges to just live one more day… and make sense of this New World that will no longer be the same. 末日乐园
《Doomsday Wonderland》 Text
Chapter 1: Cinderella’s Fear
Chapter 2: Blistering Hot Night with a Steak
Chapter 3: Card of Something, What Kind of Nonsense is That?
Chapter 4: The Ten minutes with Mom
Chapter 5: Incoming Crisis
Chapter 6: Outcome of the First Battle… Fled
Chapter 7: This New World
Chapter 8: Oh No! It’s Dawn.
Chapter 9: Everything in the Supermarket is Free on Doomsday
Chapter 10: Potential Growth Value and a Visitor
Chapter 11: The Person Behind the Door
Chapter 12: Living on with Wang Sisi?
Chapter 13: Yet Another Posthuman
Chapter 14: Corpse Looting
Chapter 15: Kong Yun
Chapter 16: We Found Your Husband
Chapter 17: Hot on the Heels
Chapter 18: A Happy Blessing for Lin Sanjiu
Chapter 19: Who Moved my Corpse Mountain?
Chapter 20: Lin Sanjiu’s Roundabout Tactics
Chapter 21: Welcome Back
Chapter 22: Starting a Journey!
Chapter 23: Gaining a New Member
Chapter 24: It's a Universal Law that the Main Character Must Die? (1)
Chapter 25: It's a Universal Law that the Main Character Must Die? (2)
Chapter 26: It's a Universal Law that the Main Character Must Die? (3)
Chapter 27: It Was Simply a Death Full of Grievances
Chapter 28: The Names of These Worlds Are Too Weird
Chapter 29: Discussing Pocket Dimensions and Wiping out the Other Team
Chapter 30: Luther Goes in for the Attack
Chapter 31: Sorry, I Lied.
Chapter 32: Kill Her or Spare Her?
Chapter 33: Chen Xiaoyuan’s Choice
Chapter 34: Scorched Earth Oasis
Chapter 35: Is This Really a Utopia?
Chapter 36: The Missing Walkie-Talkie
Chapter 37: I'm Just Taking a Walk
Chapter 38: An Unexpected Level-Up
Chapter 39: Neither These Cards nor People Allay My Worries
Chapter 40: The Level-Up Resulted in Another…
Chapter 41: Let's Get on with Proper Business
Chapter 42: The Mission and the Team Leader
Chapter 43: Up to Something Sneaky
Chapter 44: How Unfortunate That the Girl Refers to Me?
Chapter 45: I'll Bless and Protect You Even If I Become a Ghost
Chapter 46: Milady, You Are Really a Heroine
Chapter 47: How High Is Your Potential Growth Value Anyway!?
Chapter 48: When Septimus Was by himself
Chapter 49: Marcie’s Crisis
Chapter 50: Sorry, I Destroyed Those Buildings
Chapter 51: Do You Want to Work With Me?
Chapter 52: Hu Changzai Identifies a Problem With Her Companion
Chapter 53: Baffled
Chapter 54: My Ability Turned Weird After a Level Up
Chapter 55: The Reason He Shouldn't Be Killed
Chapter 56: Voley Clarifies the Series of Events
Chapter 57: Marcie’s Return!
Chapter 58: You Thought You Could Guess What Was Coming Next
Chapter 59: Oasis Bares Its Fangs in the Morning
Chapter 60: Broadcast
Chapter 61: I still can’t bear to leave
Chapter 62: Lin Sanjiu Might Have Poor Numeracy Skills
Chapter 63: Are You Ever Afraid?
Chapter 64: Mini Explosions & a Sob Story
Chapter 65: I'm Sorry for Having a Useless Ability
Chapter 66: You're an Idiot
Chapter 67: Good Evening! Dear Members!
Chapter 68: Death of the Utmost Consular Officer
Chapter 69: Destroying Oasis in 30 Seconds
Chapter 70: What Did You Say?
Chapter 71: Rules and Regulations of Red vs. White
Chapter 72: Your Fate Depends on Sugoroku (1)
Chapter 73: Your Fate Depends on Sugoroku (2)
Chapter 74: Your Fate Depends on Sugoroku (3)
Chapter 75: Your Fate Depends on Sugoroku (4)
Chapter 76: Your Fate Depends on Sugoroku (Revealed)
Chapter 77: Please Check Your Individual Prizes
Chapter 78: Meeting at the Crossroads(1)
Chapter 79: Meeting at the Crossroads (2)
Chapter 80: Meeting at the Crossroads (3)
Chapter 81: Meeting at the Crossroads (4)
Chapter 82: Lin Sanjiu’s Kills and Steals
Chapter 83: Mouse Maze: From Companion to Food
Chapter 84: Mouse Maze:The dead lead the way
Chapter 85: Who is it?
Chapter 86: Who Do You Suspect?
Chapter 87: The Voting Outcome
Chapter 88: What Happened After They Consumed Poison
Chapter 89: We Got out of That Pocket Dimension, so Let's Continue on Our Journey...huh?
Chapter 90: Back on the Road
Chapter 91: Dying a Second Time
Chapter 92: Did Mr. Dot Deceive us?
Chapter 93: The Earth Which Passed Away and Frozen
Chapter 94: Isn't That Body Figure a Little too Perfect?
Chapter 95: The Truth Behind the Beret Men
Chapter 96: The Puppeteer
Chapter 97: The Choice of a Growth-type Posthuman
Chapter 98: The Puppeteer's Secret
Chapter 99: Escaping and Entering the Deep Sea
Chapter 100: Mcdonald's
Chapter 101: Shen Lianqi and His Friends
Chapter 102: Meanwhile, on land...
Chapter 103: An Embarrassing Reunion
Chapter 104: Hurray for Friendship?
Chapter 105: Lin Sanjiu’s Contingency
Chapter 106: Connected, Finally
Chapter 107: Nearing Farewell
Chapter 108: The Second World
Chapter 109: Lin Sanjiu Doesn’t have Radiation Immunity
Chapter 110: Lin Sanjiu, the Widow
Chapter 111: Captured
Chapter 112: Where Will She Be Sent?
Chapter 113: Lunar New Year Festivities and It’s None of Your Business
Chapter 114: 97 Needs to be Taught a Lesson!
Chapter 115: You Will Regret This
Chapter 116: The Status of Women in Garden of Eden
Chapter 117: The Lunar New Year Tournament Begins
Chapter 118: I Will Remember All of This
Chapter 119: Night Security Guard
Chapter 120: A Dazzling Entrance
Chapter 121: Lin Sanjiu and the Chief of Police
Chapter 122: The Match Begins and Long Ahtao
Chapter 123: Sweet Revenge! But, Is Lin Sanjiu Crazy?
Chapter 124: A Slight Modification
Chapter 125: Losing the Ability to Move at a Critical Juncture
Chapter 126: Lin Sanjiu, the Saint
Chapter 127: Tonight's Confrontation
Chapter 128: I Want the Garden of Eden to Have the Same End
Chapter 129: The Hidden Oddities in the Garden of Eden
Chapter 130: The Dreaded Hero Complex
Chapter 131: Malice
Chapter 132: The Scenery Here Isn't Right.
Chapter 133: Neapolitan Cake
Chapter 134: Neapolitan Cake (2)
Chapter 135: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Chapter 136: Cinderella's Crystal Shoes
Chapter 137: Neapolitan Cake (3)
Chapter 138: Lila's Blood Stained Key
Chapter 139: A Killing Intent
Chapter 140: Cinderella's Happily Ever After
Chapter 141: It Isn't Easy to Kill Three Birds With One Stone
Chapter 142: The Messy Timeline
Chapter 143: So That Was You
Chapter 144: The Reveal
Chapter 145: What Are You Planning?
Chapter 146: Do You Need Help?
Chapter 147: Reunion After a Near Death Encounter
Chapter 148: Maniac
Chapter 149: St. Peter Brews Tieguanyin Tea
Chapter 150: St. Peter Isn't the only Sage
Chapter 151: That's the Legendary Crappy Teammate
Chapter 152: The Break of Dawn
Chapter 153: What Kind of Shitty Method Is That?
Chapter 154: Chicken Pie, Fruit Juice, Bread and Beer
Chapter 155: From Heaven Fell a Sister Lin[1]
Chapter 156: A Naming System When All Creative Juices Have Been Expended
Chapter 157: A Popup Surprise from the Soil
Chapter 158: General Knowledge About the Apocalyptic Worlds
Chapter 159: The Place Where the Lights Stop Blinking
Chapter 160: No Enemies
Chapter 161: Boundary Line
Chapter 162: The Great White Radish Harvest
Chapter 163: A Western Cowboy-Style Belt Pocket
Chapter 164: Let’s Talk About the Next Destination Later
Chapter 165: Eating Assorted Seafood Noodles Brings Hope
Chapter 166: The Prison Warden and The Tree Roots
Chapter 167: I’ve Actually Read Jin Yong’s Works
Chapter 168: Lin Sanjiu likes
Chapter 169: A Bitter Journey Through Culture
Chapter 170: The World Called Garden of Eden
Chapter 171: An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away
Chapter 172: The Joy of a Fruit Farmer
Chapter 173: The Secret Behind the Flesh Apple
Chapter 174: The Head of the Demolition Crew Had Been Possessed
Chapter 175: Returning from the Netherworld
Chapter 176: Gong Daoyi Would Be Very Disappointed
Chapter 177: School of Higher Consciousness
Chapter 178: Goodbye Forever, Garden of Eden!
Chapter 179: The Third World
Chapter 180: Kisaragi Station
Chapter 181: We Are Here To Bring You Home
Chapter 182: She Did a Sudden 180
Chapter 183: Bamboo Grove Mountains
Chapter 184: Why You Shouldn't Trespass onto Private Property
Chapter 185: Not Alone, Finally
Chapter 186: A Steaming Chicken Fried Rice
Chapter 187: The Reason Behind Kisaragi Station's Formation
Chapter 188: Robbing A Video Game Shop
Chapter 189: The Something Mrs. Manas Sensed
Chapter 190: Don't Go to Bamboo Grove Mountains Scenic Site (1)
Chapter 191: Don't Go to Bamboo Grove Mountains Scenic Site (2)
Chapter 192: With Much Anticipation, Lin Sanjiu has Died
Chapter 193: After the Horror of Death Settles
Chapter 194: You Shouldn't Stick Your Card in Your Brain!
Chapter 195: So What if You've Learned This?
Chapter 196: Are You Stupid?
Chapter 197: People Will Seek Our Autograph in Red Nautilus
Chapter 198: Who Would Have Known That Lin Sanjiu Was That Famous
Chapter 199: Common Etiquette? It Feels Like Eighth-grader Syndrome
Chapter 200: Residential Area
Chapter 201: If You Don't Heed the Advice of Your Elders
Chapter 202: Are You F*cking Kidding Me?
Chapter 203: The Chapter With Sounds
Chapter 204: She Quickly Familiarized Herself With the Transom Window
Chapter 205: It Gets Confusing Here
Chapter 206: They are Indeed Themselves
Chapter 207: The Other Me In This World. Is This Phrase Still Romantic?
Chapter 208: That's Not My Sister!!
Chapter 209: We Can Clear the Confusion With a Fight
Chapter 210: Damn it! We finally Got One!
Chapter 211: The Siblings Finally Reunite
Chapter 212: According to the Diary Card’s Hint…
Chapter 213: After All These Twists and Turns, Who’s Real?
Chapter 214: Let’s Take Turns Being Suspicious
Chapter 215: Falling off the 26th floor
Chapter 216: Escape
Chapter 217: Revelation Chapter 1
Chapter 218: Revelation Chapter 2
Chapter 219: Suspicious Mrs. Manas
Chapter 220: No Escaping a Topsy-turvy Fate
Chapter 221: 221
Chapter 222: Getting Others to Do Your Dirty Work
Chapter 223: You Have To Go To The Doctor If You're Sick
Chapter 224: Lin Sanjiu Is The Real Malicious Ghost
Chapter 225: The Person In The Tunnel
Chapter 226: That Fella
Chapter 227: A Woman Must Protect Her Waist
Chapter 228: An Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 229: Long-brewed Plan
Chapter 230: The So-called Cognitive Blind Spot
Chapter 231: Breathless
Chapter 232: 2 VS. 2
Chapter 233: Truth or Dare (1)
Chapter 234: Soaring Blue Sky Education Consultancy
Chapter 235: Truth or Dare 2
Chapter 236: House of Refinery 1
Chapter 237: Does Derik have an identity issue?
Chapter 238: House of Refinery (2)
Chapter 239: Let's Die Together
Chapter 240: Hinting at a Blind Man with Flirtatious Glances
Chapter 241: Mankind's Bane
Chapter 242: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind it
Chapter 243: What's With Those Numbers
Chapter 244: He Won't Steal Your Heart, He'll Just Steal Your Body: Don't Mess With a Cat Demon
Chapter 245: Dr. Hu's Consultation Fees
Chapter 246: Since You Asked So Earnestly, I'll Show You Pity And Answer You
Chapter 247: Cat Doctor's Instructions
Chapter 248: 30%
Chapter 249: Kisaragi Library
Chapter 250: The Five Books
Chapter 251: Sudden Vocalization
Chapter 252: North, South, East, West, and Central
Chapter 253: When a Book Falls on Your Head
Chapter 254: Exactly 4 Million Items
Chapter 255: A Progress Report from Siri
Chapter 256: The Information Lin Sanjiu Uncovered
Chapter 257: Silvan’s Discovery
Chapter 258: The Last Ten Seconds
Chapter 259: Getting the First Target Book!
Chapter 260: The Quiet Central Hall
Chapter 261: The... Pet in the North Wing?
Chapter 262: Why Wouldn’t You Let me Wear My Shoes?
Chapter 263: The Mary Sue Chapter
Chapter 264: The Pitch-Black South Wing Behind Her
Chapter 265: Don’t Offend Someone You Can’t Afford to Offend
Chapter 266: South Wing
Chapter 267: Lin Sanjiu’s Prophecy Came True
Chapter 268: The Twelve Worlds Centrum Is An Extraordinary Place
Chapter 269: The Fourth Book
Chapter 270: Time For The Decisive Fight
Chapter 271: Too Many Physical Fights And One Almost Forgets This Ability
Chapter 272: King Vs. King
Chapter 273: The Woman And The Mirror
Chapter 274: Broken Fragments
Chapter 275: Getting Some Powerful Items!!
Chapter 276: Fan Service For Cat Lovers
Chapter 277: A Small Problem
Chapter 278: Cells
Chapter 279: The Slightly Rugged Road to Revival
Chapter 280: The Sink and The Infected
Chapter 281: Patient Zero Is…
Chapter 282: Way Back Home 1
Chapter 283: Way Back Home 2
Chapter 284: Way Back Home 3
Chapter 285: The Last Day Of The Provincial Hospital
Chapter 286: Parting
Chapter 287: The Famous Red Nautilus
Chapter 288: The Day Before Leaving For A New World
Chapter 289: Lin Sanjiu’s Hyperostosis
Chapter 290: How To Buy A Bun In The Fourth World
Chapter 291: A Penny To Stifle Bone Growth
Chapter 292: It’s Yellow And Meaty, that’s just…
Chapter 293: It Isn’t Easy For Outsiders
Chapter 294: This Sack Of Flesh
Chapter 295: The Matter Regarding Work
Chapter 296: Time For Another Battle
Chapter 297: Oh, The Smell Of Your Body…
Chapter 298: Entering the Pocket Dimension
Chapter 299: This “Fetus”
Chapter 300: Superficial Transformation
Chapter 301: The Final Chapter of Doomsday Wonderland, This Is The Truth…
Chapter 302: After The End
Chapter 303: Lin Sanjiu Finds Herself In A Fleshy Cavity
Chapter 304: Heading To Free District
Chapter 305: Area R
Chapter 306: One Missing Person
Chapter 307: Too Many...
Chapter 308: The Mother Hen And The Pregnant Lady
Chapter 309: AYU And The Toilet
Chapter 310: 310
Chapter 311: A Baby Was Killed?
Chapter 312: Wiped
Chapter 313: The Distinct Differences Of Being The Souls Queen
Chapter 314: Resolution Comes With Old Age
Chapter 315: A Dangerous Dog
Chapter 316: Two Choices
Chapter 317: Free District, here I come!
Chapter 318: Smooth Sailing
Chapter 319: Returning to Seagral Square
Chapter 320: Wandering Around Seagral Square
Chapter 321: A Normal Working Day
Chapter 322: If Getting a Job Doesn’t Work Out, Go For Plan B
Chapter 323: The Journey To The Encyclopedic Forum 1
Chapter 324: Haha! There Isn’t a "The Journey To The Encyclopedic Forum 2"
Chapter 325: Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell
Chapter 326: Come, Make A Wish
Chapter 327: Missed Him by That Much
Chapter 328: Meowie Hu, The Cat That Everybody Loves
Chapter 329: The Unexpected Meeting Between A Victim And A Perpetrator
Chapter 330: Welcome to the Amusement Park
Chapter 331: Look Out! A Chapter Full Of Background Information
Chapter 332: Bumper Karts And A Second Round
Chapter 333: Let Me Show You The Power Of Popularity
Chapter 334: Meeting An Old Friend
Chapter 335: Lin Sanjiu Constructed A Toilet
Chapter 336: The Game Fraught with Danger
Chapter 337: The Way to Become a Mongrel
Chapter 338: Getting A Master
Chapter 339: Onward!
Chapter 340: Separated in Story of Chateau de Fontainebleau
Chapter 341: A Drawing in a Drawing
Chapter 342: Murderous Intents Fully Exposed
Chapter 343: Timely Rain Song Zeji
Chapter 344: Engage! Queen Margaret!
Chapter 345: I Promise This will be a Chapter with New Updates
Chapter 346: Aker's Plan
Chapter 347: You Can't See Me
Chapter 348: No Matter What Happens, We Won’t Meet
Chapter 349: Lin Sanjiu Joins a Group of Delinquents
Chapter 350: Please Don’t Knock on a Stranger’s Door
Chapter 351: The Second Occupant
Chapter 352: Separated by a Door
Chapter 353: Dual Rules?
Chapter 354: Two Routes that Lay Before Lin Sanjiu
Chapter 355: Neighborhood Meeting
Chapter 356: A Rare Sight
Chapter 357: Business is Business
Chapter 358: King Meets King?
Chapter 359: Destroying His Image Each Time
Chapter 360: I Can Be Friends with Anybody Whenever I Go
Chapter 361: You Can’t Wallow In Sensual Pleasures
Chapter 362: True Form
Chapter 363: The First Step of Cooperation
Chapter 364: Team Up! The Almighty Effect of PHOTOSHOP!
Chapter 365: Is This Going To Be A Consecutive Battle?
Chapter 366: The Unpredictability of Life; No One Can Fight God’s Will
Chapter 367: One Big Mess
Chapter 368: A Series To Ruin Your Childhood
Chapter 369: Three Choices
Chapter 370: Different Choices
Chapter 371: Lin Sanjiu the Tyrant
Chapter 372: A New Form of Coercion