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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 1081

Ah-Heng and Old Ninth Are Really Geniuses!

Dong Ying insisted that Xiao Bao did not resemble Feng Jinyuan, and Fendai was a little dazed, mumbling a question: “He really doesn’t?”

Dong Ying nodded, “No, he doesn’t bear any resemblance at all.”

“Then I might have thought too much.” Fendai mumbled and leaned back on the chair again lazily, giving off a lonely aura, to the point that Dong Ying did not really understand. Were Feng Fendai’s feelings of hatred towards to Feng family reignited because of Xiao Bao or was Fendai slightly disappointed because she said that Xiao Bao did not resemble Feng Jinyuan.

Dong Ying was still kneeling on the ground, watching Fendai, feeling some pity. This Fourth Young Miss from the Feng family! She was too exaggerated, actually her life should be considered rather good. Though the Feng family was no more, she had the engagement to the Fifth Prince and the Fifth Prince treated her very well. If she was willing to behave, with her being fourteen years old now, she should be managing her dowry and marriage. But Feng Fendai was really unappreciative of her current circumstances and always wanted to go further. But she did not know, with this dissatisfaction, she grew unhappier each day and gloomier each day. When she was young in the past, it could be said that she was stubborn and obstinate, but now she was like a woman filled with hatred. Even the servants in the manor avoided her as much as possible and the Fifth Prince was not that willing to visit anymore.

She was Feng Fendai’s personal maid. Honestly, she had thought of leaving many times. Unfortunately, the servant contract was in Fendai’s hands, and where could she go as well? She was just afraid that with this master, she would be worked to death one day, right? Dong Ying thought, she still had to advise Fendai more. The Sixth Prince was ruling the court now. That was a more forgiving prince, as long as Fendai did not instigate any incidents, she could still live good days in the future.

Therefore, Dong Ying gathered up her courage, taking the risk that Feng Fendai would hit her again with her unnatural mood swings, saying: “Young Miss, the Fifth Prince just came, and after standing at the corridor for a while, he left.”

“Un.” Fendai eyes were half-closed and only replied with an ‘Un’, not showing any further reactions. Half a beat later, she mumbled again: “He can come and leave when he wants. The legs belong to him, I cannot manage it. But I do not want to see him. When he comes next time, stop him!”

“Young Miss!” Dong Ying said: “Young Miss, if you feel happy, just lose your temper at the servants, but you cannot reject meeting the Fifth Prince! The mansion we are living in now was also given by the Fifth Prince, it’s considered…… living under another’s roof! The Fifth Prince treats you well, you cannot reject him completely.”

Fendai finally opened her eyes again, looking at Dong Ying for a while, speaking again: “All of you don’t need to worry. If there is a day when I have nothing and even lost the Fifth Prince, I will give all of you enough silver and return all your contracts, allowing all of you to leave and live a good life. I will not allow all of you to go to Hell with me.”

Dong Ying shuddered in fright, kowtowing quickly: “This was not what This Servant meant, Young Miss, please do not misunderstand, This Servant only hopes for Young Miss to be happier.”

“Happy?” Fendai smiled coldly, “Aren’t people living for the sake of money and power? Only with these two things can people truly be happy. Look at the Feng manor in the past, Feng Jinyuan was already Prime Minister, but he still wanted to go further, wanted to give Chenyu to a prince who could inherit the rule of Da Shun, then become a senior statesman. Feng Manor did not realise this dream, so all of them are unhappy. I did not achieve this dream, so, I am also unhappy.”

What else could Dong Ying say? Achieving something great, surpassing everyone in the Feng family, placing herself above everyone in this world, this has become obsessions in Fendai’s life which came close to the level of perversion. There was no benefit to her saying more, and she could only retreat to the side quietly, praying that the Fifth Prince could tolerate Fendai more.

After the treatment from Yao Xian and Feng Yuheng, the Emperor’s injury improved by the day. Although that area was not as nimble as before and the nerves in some areas have already died, it did not affect the outer appearance and did not affect his daily metabolism functions, so it was considered a successful operation.

But the Emperor was not that lively. If he was not in a daze the whole day, he would say some negative things. Regardless of how Zhang Yuan tried to advise or placate him, he did not cheer up. The good thing was that the court was being supported by the Sixth Prince Xuan Tianfeng now, so the old Emperor being like this did not affect the development of the nation.

Today, the Emperor could finally leave his bed and walk around. He tried to shuffle a few steps in the inner hall. Even though it still hurt a little, that pain was in a bearable range and did not affect him. Zhang Yuan was happy that the injury could recover to this point, praising excitedly: “Princess Yu and Divine Doctor Yao are too god-like! They are really too god-like!” After saying this, he even spoke in a teasing manner: “Your Majesty, do you think it is still possible to connect This Servant’s precious one?”

With this, the Emperor became amused by this Eunuch’s comment, raising his hand and smacking Zhang Yuan’s head lightly, scolding him lightly with a smile: “What are you thinking? That thing of yours was cut off more than a decade ago. If you connect it again, isn’t it no different from a zombie? Wont’ you feel disgusted seeing it?”

“It’s my precious one, I won’t feel disgusted seeing it.” Zhang Yuan rubbed his head, feeling happy. The fact that the Emperor still had the energy to slap him meant that his spirits were not completely gone. Although he was gloomy, it was not unsalvageable. He said: “Why don’t Your Majesty give This Servant a decree and let This Servant head to the place where the precious one was placed? What if it can be saved?”

“What? You don’t wish to serve Us anymore?” The Emperor looked at this Eunuch, frowning, “Being so eager to connect your precious one, do you wish to abandon Us and leave the imperial palace or something?”

“Of course not! Oh my, I was just trying to amuse you! That thing has been cut off almost twenty years ago, This Servant has long stopped thinking about it, I have stopped thinking about it already.” He waved his hand in dismissed, saying this in a relaxed tone. But in reality, which man does not think about their own precious one? It was just that if they had this precious one, they would be unable to work in the imperial palace. If he wanted to stay by the old Emperor’s side, he definitely could not have that thing. He compared like this and felt that between his precious one and the old Emperor, he placed more importance on the old Emperor. So he added: “Given a choice, This Servant will also choose you, do not worry!”

“Hmph!” The Emperor rolled his eyes, “When you’re happy, you would use respectful language, when you’re unhappy, you would drop all formalities, with you being at Our side, We have been scolded many times. If that thing of yours can really be connected back, you should leave as soon as possible!” Saying this, he wiped his face subconsciously and traces of loneliness appeared on his face, then he sighed deeply: “Sigh! If you leave as well, We really do not have any reason to live.”

“Wawawah!” What is Your Majesty saying?” Zhang Yuan was anxious, “Where will This Servant go! I was born to be part of the imperial palace and will be one of the imperial palace’s ghosts when I die. Didn’t we have an agreement, regardless of where Your Majesty goes, This Servant will follow? It is This Servant’s fault for saying so much, mentioning what precious one. Forget about whether it can be connected or not, even if it can be connected, This Servant will not want it. Later on, I will tell the person keeping watch over the precious ones of the male servants to destroy it, destroy it completely! Come, let’s change the topic.”

The Emperor was happy, this damned Eunuch was still rather stubborn. But this was good, he was really afraid that Xiao Yuan Zhi would leave without any signs just like Imperial Concubine Yun. Although he knew where she was, the loss in his heart would still act up occasionally, causing him to feel pained. “Change the topic huh……” The old Emperor thought for a while, suddenly saying: “Summon someone to carry Us to the death row prison to take a look! We heard that Old Eighth and Liu Shi were locked there, We want to take a look.”

Zhang Yuan was not that happy to take the Emperor to the death row prison, but he was also curious how those two were like when imprisoned in the death row prison. In addition, the Emperor added on: “They have harmed us this much, We will need to know if they are suffering more than Us. If Ming-er and Ah-Heng are too kind, then We will add more to the fire.”

Zhang Yuan thought, the Emperor could satisfy his hatred if he went, so he nodded, went outside to call for a jade palanquin and carried the Emperor to the death row prison.

The death row prison in the imperial palace always had very few people, because not many people had the right to be locked here. Normally, it would be the imperial household or the concubines in the imperial palace, and people like that would rarely commit huge sins. Therefore, guarding the death row prison was a very lonely task. For the wardens, they would frequently experience many years where they do not have anyone to guard and the death row prison had become an empty prison, but in the recent half year, it was busy on an unprecedented scale.

The Eighth Prince entered twice and left once and when he entered the second time, he even brought Imperial Concubine Yuan Gui together with him. In addition, the Ninth Prince and Princess Yu arranged for such an entertaining show. Listening to the Eighth Prince’s groans and howls every day, the people left that this death row prison had more signs of life. Not to mention that Liu Shi, for the sake of being more comfortable in prison, she actually used all her might to seduce the guards, and every single guard had been seduced by her before. Some of them even had their arm grabbed tightly, and their large hands forcefully pushed against her chest.

However, the guards were firm, they knew which people could be slept with and which people could not be slept with. Although this Liu Shi had fallen this far, she was still the Emperor’s woman, how could they dare to sleep with the Emperor’s woman? Even if the Emperor did not want her, it could not be done. Moreover, Liu Shi had been imprisoned for some days and was already not as fresh and bright. She had a foul smell, her clothes were shabby and her own excretions were stuck to her hair. They felt like throwing up after seeing her, who would think of being seduced.

When the Emperor arrived, he saw this scene. He even had to examine her very closely to be able to tell that this crazy woman was Imperial Concubine Yuan Gui in the past.

And opposite Liu Shi’s jail cell, the naked Eighth Prince Xuan Tianmo, his lower body was already completely rotten, the rot spreading to his thigh but the itchiness did not go away and even continued to spread. He was already close to going insane from those days of being unable to scratch with his hand and being unable to move his legs. The whole day he could only moan and groan without being aware of his surroundings. He did not even know that the Emperor came.

Although he did not know, Liu Shi knew, that woman lunged forward, colliding with the jail door. With both her arms outstretched, she tried to grab the Emperor. Unfortunately, she was too far away and could not grab anything. She shouted loudly: “Your Majesty! Your Majesty, This Concubine has repented, please forgive This Concubine! This Concubine has really repented! All of this was His Highness the Eighth Prince’s idea, he instructed This Concubine to do it! Your Majesty!”

She cried and shouted loudly, pushing all the blame onto Xuan Tianmo. Seeing these two people, the Emperor showed an obvious disgust, but he also felt satisfied at the same time. Especially seeing Xuan Tianmo being tied down tightly, he told Zhang Yuan happily: “Old Ninth and Ah-Heng are really geniuses! Being able to think of such a method, We are in awe!”
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