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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 922

Wife Still Needs to Adjust!

Feng Fen Dai exited Jing Si Palace, and the fifth prince’s attendant was still waiting outside to escort her out of the palace. Seeing her come out with her maidservant, he quickly stepped forward and hurried her: “Fourth young miss has finally come out. This subordinate has been waiting here the entire time for you to come out.”

Feng Fen Dai rolled her eyes at him and said with great dissatisfaction: “Back in the Feng manor, my second sister and His Highness the ninth prince were also only engaged, but the people in the Yu Palace are extremely welcoming, calling her princess. Why is it that when it comes to the Li Palace, you only call me fourth young miss?”

The attendant heard these words and frowned. He felt quite unhappy internally, but he could not allow it to show. He just politely replied: “It’s not as young miss thinks. It’s just that fourth young miss and His Highness the fifth prince have not yet gotten married. To call you princess right now, I fear that it would ruin fourth young miss’ reputation. To speak of Imperial Daughter Ji An and His Highness the ninth prince, when Imperial Daughter Ji An was being called princess before getting married, it was not as though there were no outsiders criticizing it. His Highness the fifth prince does not hope for fourth young miss to suffer that sort of censure, thus he did not give the order to change how we address you. It’s also for fourth young miss’ benefit.”

The attendant was very good with words. Saying it like this, Fen Dai recalled that it was not just limited to outsiders. Even she herself had mocked Feng Yu Heng for this, thus she did not continue to argue. She just said to the attendant: “You were waiting here to keep an eye on me, right? Don’t worry, there’s no need to be so nervous. I won’t cause any trouble in the Imperial Palace. I still want to stay alive. I still need to enjoy my days to come. I will not be as foolish as that Feng Chen Yu.”

With her saying this sort of thing, the attendant did not say anything else and silently escorted her out of the palace. Watching her get in the Feng family’s carriage, he finally felt at ease.

Feng Fen Dai’s carriage did not travel quickly. The driver had already grasped her personality. Every time, she came out, she would do her best to linger outside for a little longer. She did not want to quickly return to that piece of land.

The carriage slowly traveled along on the street, and Dong Ying saw that Fen Dai was not in a very good mood. She just remained quiet and continued to sit to the side while taking care of the tea. Feng Fen Dai lifted the curtain while the carriage was passing through a lively area and looked outside. She felt as though the years had blended into just a few days time, and that there were plenty of people everywhere. There were constantly new shops being opened, and a new shop would appear nearly every month.

Everyone was able to remember when the Feng manor had plenty of people and numerous rules. The matriarch hated letting the girls frequently go out, keeping them all locked inside. In addition to this, Feng Chen Yu had to be hidden from the world to preserve an aura of mysteriousness about her. As for her and Xiang Rong, they were daughters of concubines, and the matriarch felt that daughters of concubines frequently going out for walks was shameful. Later on, the members of the Feng family began to disappear, and she could make her own decisions; however, she no longer had much desire to go out for walks.

Thinking about it, that was just how people were. The more one was refused permission to do something, the more one wanted to do it. The more someone fought with you over something, the more you would want to obtain it. But once the conflict was gone, everything lacked its original flavor. This was a bit of logic that Feng Fen Dai had never understood over the years; however, she had finally come to understand it.

She suddenly understood the feelings that caused Feng Jin Yuan to bring Yao shi and Fu Ya to the South to rebuild the family. Even if it was an empty family, it was a flourishing feeling that could numb himself. If possible, she hoped that the Feng family could return. She had grown up. They would compete with each other using their own abilities to see who could continue laughing until the end.

Just as the carriage was about to pass another intersection, Feng Fen Dai suddenly shouted: “Stop!” She then looked forward. Someone wearing purple and someone wearing white were riding horses in their direction. For some reason, she felt extremely flustered, as she quickly shouted to the driver: “Turn! Quickly turn! Take a right up ahead then take the back alley to get back!”

The driver did not understand the reasoning, but he did not argue, turning at the intersection. It was only after they had traveled quite a distance that Feng Fen Dai let out a long sigh.

Dong Ying was puzzled and asked: “Young miss, what is it?”

Feng Fen Dai did not reply; however, an image of that figure in purple continued to linger in her mind. She had pursued that person before, and she had done it with reckless abandon. At that time, she was still young, and who knew where she had found the courage, actually daring to offend that one. Also, that person had indeed been a ferocious person. She still recalled being deceived at the side of a pond and nearly drowning to death. If it was not for His Highness the seventh prince being present, she would have died long ago.

Feng Fen Dai closed her eyes. To say that the sixth prince liked Feng Yu Heng, that was something that she had made up. But if it was said that the seventh prince liked Feng Yu Heng, this was a bit more undeniable, right? But she did not have the ability to cause a disturbance, nor did she have a method to do it. The sixth prince had a muddle-headed birth mother; however, the seventh prince was alone in this world and did not have any burdens.

The Feng family’s carriage gradually drew further away. Xuan Tian Ming looked in that direction for a while then sneered: “The Feng family refuses to completely die off.”

At his side, Xuan Tian Hua helplessly said: “Why do you always think of wanting to completely eradicate that family? But in the past, you were not like this. Anyone that you did not like, you would just swing at them with your whip. Speaking of, it’s been a long time since I last saw you use a whip.”

“Some people require me to take action. Some people will be left to that girl to handle on her own; otherwise, she would not be able to enjoy herself, and I’ll end up getting bitten.” As Xuan Tian Ming spoke, he moved his shoulder. The previous night, he had been bitten by that girl, and it was currently still hurting. His wife was great in every respect, but there were some things that were lacking in enlightenment and required further adjustment!

At this time, Feng Yu Heng was spending time with Zi Rui in her imperial daughter’s manor. Ever since she had returned to the capital, this was her first time coming back. From the imperial guards protecting the manor to the servants inside, everyone in the manor was extremely happy. They remained gathered around her and did not disperse for a long time. Naturally, Feng Yu Heng did not forget to provide them with red envelopes, as everyone received large envelopes. Rather than items, they were all given banknotes. Even the male servants could get 50 taels. She had always been generous, and the servants in the manor had received quite a few benefits from her, but this time, she was too magnanimous. 50 taels would be enough for the male servants to marry good wives!

Everyone was smiling happily, while Qing Yu told Feng Yu Heng: “Young Miss, on the day of your wedding in the South, the Yao manor put on a grand banquet. There were so many people sending gifts that they could not be contained over there. Some were moved over to this side. This servant has already sorted them and placed them in the storage. In a moment, the list will be brought to Young Miss to take a look.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “I do need to take a look. I will need to send a return gift!” Speaking of return gifts, she recalled: “Does this side have that sort of rule. When they send a gift, we need to prepare some sort of celebratory confection?”

Qing Yu nodded: “There is. Young Miss, don’t worry. The Yao manor prepared these things on the day of the wedding. This servant also helped hand them out. Regardless of whether they were high-ranking officials or normal citizens, as long as they earnestly came to offer their congratulations, even if they did come with just a basket of eggs, we gave them nice return gifts.”

Only then did Feng Yu Heng calm down. She just thought to herself that the Yao family had really been thorough in their preparations. “I am preparing to return to the Yao family tomorrow. Go and tell them later on. After all, I am a newlywed wife. The first time going home, I need to bring along my husband. That’s why going over right now would not be good. Tell grandfather that there’s no need to prepare anything too grand. Just treat it as a family banquet. Just eating together would be good enough.”

Qing Yu nodded: “Then this servant will go immediately. Young Miss and Young Master should go inside to take a look.” After Qing Yu finished speaking, she quickly left. Feng Yu Heng felt that this girl was becoming more and more swift and decisive. She faintly had a feeling of a successful modern career woman. She did not even have a chance to give the red envelope that she had prepared before Qing Yu had already left.

Helplessly smiling, she led Zi Rui inside. While walking, she said: “Elder sister will be visiting grandfather tomorrow, and we will eat together. After that, you will return to Xiao Zhou.”

Zi Rui was very obedient and said: “Elder sister, don’t worry. I understand. It’s just that Zi Rui has already told teacher that I don’t want to participate in any imperial exams. Zi Rui wants to transfer to learning military arts and eventually lead soldiers into battle.” He opened his hand, and the missing finger was quite noticeable. Just looking at it still aroused feelings of guilt. “Ever since this finger was cut off, Zi Rui has resolutely decided to give up intellectual pursuits for a military career. I hope that elder sister will not stop me. Zi Rui will not disappoint elder sister.”

Feng Yu Heng always felt apologetic towards this child. Regardless of why this finger had been cut off, she had failed to protect him. Adding on the matter with Yao shi, this child had not enjoyed much familial love. For a young child to mature so early, it was quite a heartbreaking thing to see. She wrapped her arms around Zi Rui’s shoulders while passing by the courtyard where Yao shi had previously lived. While looking at this courtyard that Qing Yu had decided to turn into storage, she said to Zi Rui: “Elder sister will not stop you. As long as our Zi Rui likes this path, elder sister will definitely support you.”

While sister and brother were enjoying a sibling moment, a maidservant ran over from outside the courtyard. Arriving before her, she saluted and said: “Young Miss, there is someone that came to the manor to give you something. They said that it’s to congratulate you on your wedding.”

“Congratulate me on my wedding?” Feng Yu Heng was puzzled. How long had it been since her wedding? In the capital, the Yao family had put on a banquet for her. The congratulations should have concluded long ago. Why was there still some more? But after thinking a bit more, she figured that it was understandable. She had just returned to the capital, and everyone knew about it. Perhaps there was someone that wished to deliver it to her personally. This was also human nature. “Then invite them to the main hall in the front yard!” While she spoke, she led Zi Rui out. While walking, she asked the maidservant: “What sort of person is it?”

The maidservant said: “It’s an older sister, who looks to be around 17 or 18 years of age, but she had a steady personality. When speaking, she is methodical. It’s clear that she’s a maidservant trained by some large family.”

The description was very frank, and Feng Yu Heng nodded with satisfaction, heading to the main hall in a timely manner. Not long later, the person that had come to deliver the gift entered, being guided by the servant. Sure enough, it was as the maidservant had described. She looked like a maidservant trained by a large family, and even her footsteps were measured. They were neither rushed nor slow, and each step was the exact same distance. It was immediately clear that she had been strictly trained. She only needed a single glance to know that a maidservant with this sort of training could not be considered a maidservant. She should be considered a palace maid.

“This servant greets Princess Yu. Long live the princess!” The servant arrived in front of Feng Yu Heng and kneeled to greet her.

Feng Yu Heng smiled and called for her to rise. She then had that person sit before saying: “I wonder which palace the miss is from? Was it your master imperial concubine that had you come?”

The servant froze then said: “Princess has keen insight. This servant is indeed from the palace. My master can no longer be called imperial concubine. She is Noble Lady Li, who is currently residing in Jing Si Palace.”

“Noble Lady Li.” Feng Yu Heng had an impression of that person. She was the one that had done something bad at the hunting ground while in a muddled mental state, and she was the one that had protected her life, only having her demoted to the position of noble lady and being confined to Jing Si Palace. It was reported that Feng Fen Dai had also sought her out. Thinking about it, it was to seek the military rights that the sixth prince had, and it was to find an ally for the fifth prince. But in regards to this, Feng Yu Heng did not take it to heart. She did not even put much effort into remembering what she looked like. But the only impression that had truly remained in her mind was her other status: The sixth prince’s birth mother. Thus she smiled and said to the palace maid: “I’ve troubled noble lady with worrying about it. The sixth prince had mentioned many times that he truly misses noble lady.”

She had taken the initiative to mention the sixth prince; however, it caused the palace maid’s heart to go “thunk,” as she faintly felt flustered…

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