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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 919

The Delayed Consummation of Marriage

That night was the first time that Feng Yu Heng had stayed overnight as the female master of the Yu Palace. She was not someone that could only sleep in a specific bed. Regardless of whether it was her previous life or her current life, they were both different, and she did not have a set living location, thus it was not as though she would be unable to fall asleep in a new environment.

But this night was a bit different. Her status had changed. She was no longer a guest. Instead, she was the master. Who knew what Lady Zhou was thinking. Having found out that she and Xuan Tian Ming had not yet consummated their marriage, she had specifically placed a white handkerchief on the bed. Feng Yu Heng looked at it and was completely speechless, and it just so happened that Xuan Tian Ming was hugging her from behind, saying: “Dear wife, the mourning period of 100 days has already passed. Isn’t it about time that we consummated this marriage?”

She counted the days on her fingers: “100 days, over three months, have passed that quickly?”

“Hm?” A certain person became unhappy, “Does dear wife mean that you were hoping that this day would not come so quickly? Do you still not wish to consummate this marriage with husband?”

“That’s not it…”

“Then you really want to consummate it with husband.”

Feng Yu Heng felt that she would always lose out when talking about this topic, thus she simply shut her mouth. But even if she did not want to talk about it, there was someone that really wanted to talk about it, and they did not just use their mouth to communicate. They also wanted to try it with their hands. Like the paws of a wolf, they were not at all obedient. Feng Yu Heng had just brushed them off of her hip when they reached for her chest. Just when they had been pushed away from her chest, they immediately went for her neck.

Feng Yu Heng was about to collapse! She was also a normal and healthy adult woman, alright. The term adult was just in terms of the ancient world, but she still had the soul that was from the modern era. This was a completely matured soul! This soul was stimulating her hormones! Xuan Tian Ming’s hands just could not be stopped. Now, they had even begun undoing her buttons!

She cried, would she hide? Would she not hide? It seemed that she could not escape, and… she did not have much grounds to hide. Who had ever heard of refusing to allow their husband to touch them many months after getting married; moreover, this was in the Yu Palace. If the two still did not consummate their marriage, the man would completely lose face, right? It was just that she… very well! It was not that she did not want to. It was just… hah, she just felt a little bit embarrassed, ok!

The usually heroic Imperial Daughter Ji An had become like a little kitten. With most of her clothes having already been undone, a large amount of skin was revealed. Under Xuan Tian Ming’s touch, the skin reacted instinctively, turning red and hot. Her breathing also became coarse, as a slight feeling of expectation began to fill her heart, hoping that those hands would take the next step.

Seeing his wife’s little face turn red like a red-hot branding iron, Xuan Tian Ming’s heart rejoiced! He had endured for three years! He could finally enjoy eating meat! Only a lamb that he had personally raised would be so savory! And be so reassuring!

A certain person became like a starving wolf. After removing the wool, he pushed her down, un, pushed her down onto the bed. First, he smelled her. Then he licked her. So fragrant, so sweet, it seemed like she would be very delicious.

Feng Yu Heng’s face was so red that it was about to begin bleeding, but her body quite welcomed it, while she awkwardly shouted through gritted teeth: “Xuan Tian Ming! You scoundrel! You lecherous wolf!”

But a certain person heard those words, and they became: “Husband, you’re the most amazing! Quickly come and eat me!” He nodded with satisfaction, “Don’t rush. Husband is coming!”

“You… where are you coming to?” The young wife on the bed had a tear-stained face. She really was extremely nervous. Having lived two lives, she was doing this for the first time! What should she do now? She had heard that she needed to appear reluctant? This would make her appear reserved, but would it really not push the man away? She had also heard that she needed to be fragile? This would make the husband be more sympathetic? In her past life, she had read some romance novels. There were female leads who cried, some who cried, some who were cooperative, and there were some who were passive and became aggressive… but she did not know how to do any of this!

Feng Yu Heng’s entire body trembled, while her small mouth grimaced. It looked as though she was about to cry. However, who knew that this sort of appearance would make a man feel moved. For her husband, his heart nearly leaped out of his chest.

“Dear wife, husband is truly very hungry and can’t wait.” Xuan Tian Ming’s voice was hoarse, and his fiery feelings had reached their apex. Before Feng Yu Heng could react, the heated scene of “a lamb being eaten” began.

The pitiful Feng Yu Heng had lived through two lives but had never experienced this sort of thing; however, in this one night, she was played with by her husband from sunset to sunrise. They worked their way from the head of the bed to the foot, and her small body had gone from the initial pain and discomfort to expectant and catering by the end. Finally, when the big, grey wolf put on a wicked smile and expressed his warm feelings, the little, white sheep was just thinking: would she get pregnant? A 15- or 16-year-old body giving birth would be very difficult. After thinking a bit and calculating it, her grandfather was also present. She could get a C-section, but she did not want to become a mother at such a young age. She still had many things that she needed to do! In this sort of chaotic and unstable environment, having a child would mean an additional concern. Would she be able to protect her own children?

Forget it, forget it, she silently made the decision. She would just take some medicine! It would be best if she could begin considering the matter of children when she was around 20 years old. It would give her a few years time to prepare herself, and it would give Da Shun a few years time to settle things down.

The matter was considered up to this point. The little white sheep had run out of energy and fell asleep in a daze. In her dream, it seemed as though someone was carefully carrying her to bed, resting her head on a pillow. The pillow was one that she had taken out of her space, and it was very soft. A person then gently covered her with a blanket, but it was lifted a little while after she had been covered. A warm towel gently wiped her thigh and was very careful with that area, fearing that touching it would hurt her. But she still felt pain, as her brow slightly furrowed. She wanted to get up, but she was so exhausted that she could not even open her eyes.

Very quickly, something else gently applied to that area, and her legs had been slightly parted. This caused her to feel extremely embarrassed. She seemed to realize what they were doing, as she might have gotten hurt during her first time, and the medicine that had been applied was very cool and very comfortable. She thought that it should be Wang Chuan or Huang Quan, right. She had heard that these things were all handled by the maidservants or grannies in the ancient era. She had never had a granny at her side, and she only had Wang Chuan and Huang Quan as personal servants. It should be the two girls that had come to help her. Moreover, she recalled that it was already getting bright outside before she had closed her eyes. Thinking about it, Xuan Tian Ming needed to get up early to attend court, thus the maidservants had been let inside.

She still had the idle time in her dream to analyze this, and she had even thought about Xuan Tian Ming also having stayed up all night. Just going like this to court, would he still have the strength? As she thought about it, she drowsily fell back asleep.

When she woke up once more, she rolled over and felt someone lying next to her. The breathing was familiar and reassuring, and made her unconsciously reach out to hug them while muttering: “Xuan Tian Ming, what time is it? Did you come back from morning court?”

The person at her side quietly laughed: “This prince was enjoying the first night with my wife. What court is there to attend?”

“Hm?” She frowned and forced her eyes open, but she was still sleepy and continued to yawn. Looking again at Xuan Tian Ming, his upper body was bare, and he was lying very freely at her side. One of his arms had even served as a pillow for her. With a lazy look on his face, it was clear that he had also just woken up. How did this have any resemblance to someone that had come back from court? She was puzzled: “You didn’t go to court?”

He nodded: “Of course, it was already said that this prince would be enjoying my first night. How could there be the idle time to attend court?”

“But…” She suddenly recalled that someone had applied medicine for her at dawn when she had fallen asleep. She tried to move her body and found that it was still a bit sore. The cool feeling from the medicine was still there, and it seemed that it was true. But if Xuan Tian Ming had not gone to court, it was impossible for Huang Quan and Wang Chuan to come into the bedchamber to take care of her, thus… the person that had applied the medicine was… “Xuan Tian Ming.” She looked up at him in a daze: “What did you do to me?”

A certain person burst out laughing, “All kinds of things.”

She was exasperated! Facepalming, “That’s not what I meant.”

“Then what did my dear wife mean?” A certain person’s face drew closer, as his hot breath hit her face. With that devilish expression, it made her want to look at the purple lotus on his forehead through her fingers. As a result, she heard this person continue: “This prince knows that dear wife did not enjoy it fully. In truth, this prince was indeed in the wrong! It’s just that dear wife was too weak, and it was the first time. This prince showed pity and did not overindulge. The injured area has already had medicine applied. After resting for another two days, husband will properly take care of you.”

Feng Yu Heng’s face turned blood red, fuck… “Who didn’t enjoy it fully?”

“Then dear wife means to say that you enjoyed it a great deal?”

“I…” Forget it, it was yet again something that could not be clearly expressed. She ducked her head under the covers. Really, she should have foreseen this. Someone that looked like they could bring calamity to the country and its people, how could they possibly have good intentions? They were filled with bad ideas! But after some thought, it was Xuan Tian Ming himself that had helped clean her up and applied medicine. Although it was completely embarrassing, it was a bit sweet! In this world, which man would do this sort of thing? Not to mention how the chauvinistic ancient world, but even in the modern world, this sort of behavior would be difficult to find.

When the young wife thought of this, she immediately became happy. She happily dozed off under the covers for a little while longer but heard her husband say: “If you still don’t get up, this prince will have someone go into the palace to send word to Father Emperor that paying respects will wait until tomorrow.”

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng was stunned, “Pay respects? Pay what respects?” She pondered for a bit then said: “Are you saying that I should go and greet Father Emperor for returning to the capital? But didn’t those officials gather together to request that I no longer be allowed into the palace?” She was very resentful.

Xuan Tian Ming laughed and picked her up from under the blankets, saying to her: “Those trifling old guys have already been taken care of by the two prime ministers with some difficult questions and sent packing. Going into the palace today is not because you returned to the capital and should go visit. Instead, it’s for our marriage. With Da Shun’s filial laws, we need to go and serve tea to Father Emperor and Her Highness the Empress. Of course, you also need to go and greet Imperial Concubine Mother with your new identity.”

When Feng Yu Heng heard this, she realized that she had been negligent. That was right, she had truly become their daughter-in-law. Going to visit the parents-in-law was something that needed to be done, thus she quickly sat up. This was met with some pain from below, reminding her that she was not wearing anything…

Xuan Tian Ming did not continue to tease her, as he went to help and bring her new clothes over; however, Feng Yu Heng felt that just putting clothes on like this was truly uncomfortable. To call for someone to prepare water for a bath now was too late, thus she entered her space in a flash.

This left Xuan Tian Ming helplessly watching as his young wife suddenly disappeared from the bed, and he could not help but bitterly smile. He really had married a deity!
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