Do You Want to Be Ji An’s People or Da Shun’s People?

She and the sixth prince were just strangers that just happened to meet. Although there was that bit of a connection through Xuan Tian Ming, it was not to the point where Feng Yu Heng could have a prince personally lead 30 thousand troops to come and help her. Although if it really came to a battle, she was not afraid of the troops from Ji An Prefecture. It was a very guaranteed matter, but the other side was right. To win a battle with inferior numbers, even if the battle was won, there would be people that would get injured or die. The 100 troops that she controlled would be left for the future Ji An Prefecture. She was also thinking of training them properly after Ji An Prefecture was stabilized. Although it was impossible to train them as well as the Divine Intent Army, they would be a step above where they currently were. Protecting the fief would not be a problem.

“They’re going now to capture Ji An Prefecture.” Xuan Tian Feng spoke naturally. It was as if they were going to fetch something common, and he did not care about it at all. He was just a bit worried about the situation after Ji An Prefecture was taken back, as he told Feng Yu Heng: “The wealth that had been accumulated over the years by the Teng family is not just plentiful. Old eighth’s side will not remain quiet. You need to prepare yourself. But there’s no need to be too nervous. After all, he does not have any proper rights to any troops. The imperial guards definitely cannot be brought out of the palace. Seventh brother is still in the capital. Thinking about it, he will also help you out.”

“Will sixth brother be returning shortly?” She recalled that Xuan Tian Feng had come over here right before acting. He would definitely need to rush back. After all, the situation in the capital was not very stable. With 30 thousand troops hiding outside the city, she could feel a bit more at ease.

However, who knew that Xuan Tian Feng would shake his head, “The army will definitely need to return. I will have the deputy general take them back. As for me… younger sister-” He looked at Feng Yu Heng and spoke his true thoughts right as they entered the residence: “I want to stay in Ji An Prefecture to be a teacher.”

Feng Yu Heng was stunned and was a little unable to react, “Be a teacher? Why?” Instead of being a dignified prince, you came here to be a teacher?

Xuan Tian Feng nodded earnestly and said: “Having led soldiers in the Northeast for many years, I have become annoyed with that sort of life long ago. If younger sister does not dislike it, just keep me here as a teacher. You don’t know this, but this is the life that I desire.”

“But…” Feng Yu Heng was a bit helpless, “But if you stay here, what about the 30 thousand troops? The deputy general can bring them back to the capital, but what happens after? Are you not worried about the group being without a leader?” 30 thousand troops was not a small amount. Just being kept outside the capital like this, if something went wrong, it would be life-threatening to the capital. As for the country, the capital was the heart. If something happened to the heart, none of Da Shun could be preserved.

Xuan Tian Feng, however, had his own arrangements, “Don’t worry. When I came here, I already made arrangements with seventh brother. Once the 30 thousand troops return, he will immediately receive them at the capital. From that moment onward, the 30 thousand troops will be led by him. The capital will be protected all the same. With it being seventh brother, younger sister should feel at ease, right?!”

With him bringing up Xuan Tian Hua, Feng Yu Heng really did not have much to say. No matter who the 30 thousand troops were handed to, she would not feel at ease, even if it was the sixth prince, there was not too much interaction. She could not treat him the way she treated Xuan Tian Ming and Xuan Tian Hua. Feng Yu Heng thought that the sixth prince was very smart and would not fail to understand what she was thinking. Even if the 30 thousand troops were used as a bargaining chip to be traded for becoming a teacher in Ji An Prefecture, she would have no choice but to accept. Even if it was for the sake of the capital’s safety, she had no choice but to agree.

Forget it, she smiled, “I thought too much about it. Sixth brother just wants to have a normal identity and came to Ji An Prefecture to teach… This is not impossible.”

“Since younger sister has agreed, things will be set like this.” Xuan Tian Feng did not worry about what caused Feng Yu Heng to agree. To him, it was not important. He just wanted to be free of that sort of sickening environment and atmosphere. He just wanted to stay in this place to see what would become of Ji An Prefecture, which had been endangered by the Teng family for hundreds of years, under the management of the girl that he had placed his hopes in.

Every time that he saw Feng Yu Heng, Xuan Tian Feng would always think of the day that he stood behind that residence in the suburbs with her. The girl pointed toward the mountains and spoke of her plans to reclaim the wasteland and grow medicinal herbs. She spoke of how the residence that she had built up had provided for the nearby citizens. He was always able to remember Feng Yu Heng’s elated expression when speaking about those things, and he could also remember the citizens in the capital reminiscing about Hundred Herb Hall before he came to Yu Zhou.

For the sake of coming to Ji An Prefecture to become a teacher, he gave up his rights to command troops. Putting aside his dignity, he kneeled and pleaded in front of his Father Emperor for one day and one night. Finally, his father nodded, and he impatiently rushed over. He was feeling quite moved. This was the life that he, Xuan Tian Feng, had yearned for. A very simple life of teaching people.

The 30 thousand troops from the Northeast Army rushed into Ji An Prefecture. Without its private army, Ji An Prefecture was like a tiger without any teeth. Without needing to exert any effort, everyone in the Teng family was captured. Teng Ping had already regained consciousness; however, he had nearly died. Laying on the bed, he was on his last breath. The head madam and the nephew had also woken up. The elder madam made the decision and ordered for the head madam to be hung. Being watched by everyone, she was sent to the heavens. As for the nephew, in the end, he was still her grandson, and his life was spared. His crown jewels, however, had already been rendered useless by Feng Yu Heng.

The elder madam led the people in the manor to open the gates of the manor. Faced with the 30 thousand troops of the Northeast Army, the prefecture guard’s manor was surrendered; however, the location of the Teng family’s wealth that had been accumulated over many years was not revealed.

But this was not important. The deputy general ordered the soldiers to arrest all members of the Teng family and to ensure they did not commit suicide. When the sun came up, they would be sent back to the capital. Back in the residence in Yu Zhou, Xuan Tian Feng told Feng Yu Heng: “The minister of the Board of Punishments was removed from his position. The current Board of Punishments has been taken over by Xu Jing Yuan. To you, this should be a good thing.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “It is indeed good news.” She did not continue to think about this matter, turning and saying: “Starting from tomorrow, I will officially be receiving Ji An Prefecture. There will be many things to handle. When the time comes, I will trouble sixth brother with helping out. As for the school that you spoke of, how about rebuilding it. We would also need to calculate how many students there would be that would want to come to Ji An Prefecture to study.”

Xuan Tian Feng had been rushing along busily for many days. Feng Yu Heng also had not slept well for a few nights. It was only when the sun began to rise that they went to rest; however, they both got up at around 8:30 in the morning. After getting cleaned up, they headed toward Ji An Prefecture.

This time, Feng Yu Heng openly entered Ji An Prefecture and brought all of the people at her side. Carrying her imperial daughter insignia and the sixth prince, Xuan Tian Feng’s, prestige, they entered. Inside Ji An Prefecture, the people of the Teng family had already been placed inside prisoner transport carriages, this included the elder madam and the severely ill Teng Ping. Regardless of wealth, the people of Ji An Prefecture lined up along the street where the prisoner transport carriages were, and they threw the things that they held toward the carriages. There were even some that simply threw stones, which knocked out one of the Teng family’s servants.

The people thoroughly hated the Teng family, especially those that had been cheated into coming. They were even more resentful of Teng Ping. But there were also some that felt afraid of being found out. For example, those that were the same as Teng Ping and had come to Ji An Prefecture to run businesses that would charge the citizens exorbitant prices to scam them. With the Teng family falling, they realized that this land would soon have a new owner. Although their shops were built here, they did not have any deeds. If Imperial Daughter Ji An became unhappy, they would need to immediately pack up their things and leave. They had no room to reason. But the construction of these shops required quite a bit of money. Before they could earn it back, leaving just like this made them feel a bit unreconciled. The people felt conflicted and gathered to discuss what they should do.

The 30 thousand troops set out after receiving orders from Xuan Tian Feng. It was only after they left that the inside the prefecture became quiet. Everyone stood in the streets, including two- or three-year-old children that were standing around with the adults. They watched the keen girl sitting atop the large horse, and it was as though they were waiting for a verdict on their fate.

At the same time, Feng Yu Heng was sizing up these citizens. Whether they were treacherous or good, she could tell at a glance.

She smiled and asked: “Are you Da Shun’s people or Ji An’s people?”

Everyone was stunned. Da Shun’s people or Ji An’s people? How should they respond to this question? To the people that lived in Ji An Prefecture, they were Ji An’s people because their families had been forced into Ji An Prefecture by the Teng family many generations earlier. As for those that had their businesses snatched by the Teng family many months earlier and had no choice but to move into Ji An Prefecture, their families had been Da Shun’s people for many generations. Now that they had fallen to this point, it was a result of being harmed by the Teng family.

The people were very helpless against this question. Someone with a bit of courage asked: “Does Imperial Daughter want us to be Da Shun’s people or Ji An’s people?”

Feng Yu Heng continued to smile and pondered carefully; however, her smile also concealed a murderous intent. Nobody could guess what exactly this smile hid; however, they could also understand that Imperial Daughter Ji An was not very happy. Although she had reclaimed Ji An Prefecture, although the Teng family had already been punished, there were too many questions about the maintenance of Ji An Prefecture. For example, how should these citizens be handled?

“It’s not like this imperial daughter is hoping for you to be from a certain place. You are from where you are from.” Feng Yu Heng’s voice eased up a bit, as she told them: “Instead, it’s where do you hope to be from? What sort of person do you want to be? How much attachment do you feel to the Teng family, and how much attachment do you feel for Da Shun? I know that this is a very difficult choice, and I know that this is a problem handed down by history. It can’t be blamed on anyone, but since this fief has already been conferred by the Emperor of Da Shun to me, I have absolute power of this land. Including the houses and deeds, including the grass and trees and also the families.”

While she spoke, she pulled out the imperial decree that she had received from the Emperor at the time. She then handed it to the prefect of Yu Zhou, Qian Feng Shou, who had also come along. Qian Feng Shou very reliably read the imperial decree to everyone. Fearing that the words would be too difficult to understand, he explained in layman terms: “This fief has belonged to Da Shun since ancient times, and it was a plot of land that was prepared to be rewarded to someone that contributed significantly. As for the former Teng family, they were prefecture guards and were just taking care of this place for Da Shun. To Ji An Prefecture, they were just people that were to be gatekeepers for this place, but their ideas became too grand. After many generations, they gradually forgot about their own identities and position. They ended up viewing themselves as the master of this place. Punishing the nine generations of those people would not be an exaggeration. On the other hand, Imperial Daughter Ji An, who was personally conferred Ji An Prefecture, is the proper owner. She is the proper ruler of this land. The houses that you live in and the shops that you opened, only Imperial Daughter Ji An has the right to give you deeds that would be acknowledged by the courts of Da Shun. Do you understand?”