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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 860

Why Have You Come?

1000 soldiers were led by Han Gang in a rush overnight toward Yu Zhou City. News of this very quickly reached the ears of the elder madam inside the prefecture guard’s manor. The elder madam was not too foolish, but it was a pity that she was already old. Even if she was clear on the situation, she could not make any decisions. She could only sigh: “It will become a mess, it’s going to become a mess! I told Ping’er long ago that this fief does not belong to the Teng family, but nobody would listen to me. Now, retribution has come. Retribution has come!”

The inside of the prefecture guard’s manor was a mess, and inside Yu Zhou City, a spy that Feng Yu Heng had placed outside the city had come to report about the 1000 troops that were moving.

After Feng Yu Heng heard this, she quickly stood up and left three hidden guards to protect those that stayed behind. She then ordered Li Zhu to gather the troops before bringing Wang Chuan and Huang Quan to the government office. Qian Feng Shou also received a report and was anxiously waiting at the entrance of the manor. Seeing Feng Yu Heng arrive, he quickly stepped forward to await orders. Feng Yu Heng only said: “Normal officials should stay in the city to comfort the people. Gather the soldiers protecting the city and have them follow this imperial daughter to face the enemy!”

When she said this, the gates of Yu Zhou City had already been broken through by the enemy soldiers. Under Han Gang’s lead, they very arrogantly charged into the city. If they were going by their usual style, they would have begun smashing things and hitting people upon entering the city, but since this was late at night, there were no people outside. Even if they wanted to hit people, there were no people to hit and nothing to smash. Han Gang simply ordered everyone: “Preserve your strength to fight Imperial Daughter Ji An at full power.”

Finally, the two sides met on the streets of Yu Zhou City.

Compared to the thousand troops of the Teng family, the few people that Feng Yu Heng had looked very pitiful. Even if the 500 of Yu Zhou City’s soldiers were added in, it was not enough. In practically the instant that Han Gang saw Feng Yu Heng’s troops, he could not hold back his laughter. Extending his hand, he pointed at Feng Yu Heng’s side and laughed: “Imperial Daughter Ji An, did you really only prepare so few troops to face me? Hahahaha! You really are just a little girl that doesn’t know anything about the world. Just your small group of people isn’t even enough to fill the cracks between our teeth. You inexperienced little girl that’s still wet behind the ears, quickly scram back to the capital. Don’t be an eyesore here just to lose face!”

These crude words were said without any reservation, as the things said were uglier and uglier; however, Feng Yu Heng did not get angry because she knew that with the opposition saying such a thing, he would need to pay for it. Also, this payment would not be lenient. It would need to be paid immediately.

Sure enough, just after Han Gang stopped talking, blood suddenly appeared from the mouth that did not yet have time to close. Teeth were knocked out by the hidden weapon, and they all fell down his throat. Along with the blood, it was swallowed into his stomach. As for the person that acted, it was none other than Ban Zou, who hated hearing others speaking poorly of his master.

Han Gang had suddenly been knocked over, but he did not know who it was that hit him. With his teeth having been swallowed, he was both in pain and nauseous. There was even one tooth that was stuck in his throat that left him coughing.

Feng Yu Heng giggled with delight, “I’m truly sorry. My subordinate does not like seeing this imperial daughter get bullied. This time, you could be considered lucky and only lost your teeth. Normally speaking, they will go straight for the person’s life. But you also saw it. Although we have few people, when it comes to fighting a battle, victory is not determined by numbers. Strong troops will not lose to ineffective troops. One of the Teng family, have you prepared your coffins? If you haven’t, we can only throw you all into a mass grave when it comes time to clear up the battlefield.”

She spoke with a smile; however, every word that she said was shocking. The foreheads of the troops began to sweat upon hearing this. Looking at how Han Gang had lost a mouthful of teeth in an instant, they suddenly felt that rushing into Yu Zhou was truly a bit rash. A feeling of horror of never returning began to fill their hearts, and many people wanted to retreat.

Han Gang had lost his teeth, but this was not life-threatening. He just sounded a bit like an old lady when he spoke. No matter how one listened, it was quite strange. He pointed at Feng Yu Heng and cried: “Impudent little girl, you dare to touch your grandaddy Han. Today, grandaddy Han will have your head fall to the ground and leave it to your people to clean up your corpse!”

He spouted these frightening things, but it did not frighten Feng Yu Heng. Instead, it caused Feng Yu Heng to say: “You’ll have my head hit the ground? Then you will need to ask my future husband the ninth prince if he is willing to or not!”

Han Gang became enraged, and his mind went hot. How could he possibly care about something like the ninth prince. He did not even notice the bit of dread in his troops. He just continued to shout: “Bring the horse over! Come and fight with grandaddy Han to the death!”

Following Han Gang’s shout, the two sides stood in formation. Li Zhu had even brought his troops to advance a few steps; however, it was at this time that chaos broke out among the Teng family’s personal troops. One soldier quickly rushed forward and reported to Han Gang: “General Han, it’s not good. We’ve been surrounded!”

Han Gang was stunned: “What do you mean surrounded? The opposition only has a few hundred people. Could they possibly surround us?”

“No, that’s not it!” The soldier reported: “It’s not just a few hundred people. There are tens of thousands of troops! They have already surrounded Yu Zhou City. Their leader has already entered the city and is heading in this direction!”

“Tens of thousands?” Han Gang heard this and was a bit dazed. He did not take a few hundred troops seriously, and he could fight off a few thousand, but tens of thousands created a gap that was too large! The Teng family’s reports had never said that Imperial Daughter Ji An still had a supporter. He had never heard that tens of thousands of people had also come. What should be done? “Are you certain?” He asked the person, “Since it’s tens of thousands, they will definitely be flying a flag. Where did these troops come from? What did the flags say?”

That person scratched their head, “It seemed that there was a character for Wind written! I don’t know which side those people are from, but they are definitely not helping us because they killed the comrades that were left to defend the gates!”

“Hiss!” Han Gang inhaled sharply and finally realized that the situation was not good. But to retreat at this time was too late. Seeing that Yu Zhou was completely surrounded, everyone was squeezed onto this street. The banner that read “Feng” was very noticeable at night, and its appearance caused him more pain than his mouth. But Han Gang still did not understand. What did the character “Wind” mean?

At this time, Feng Yu Heng had also noticed the soldiers that had suddenly entered Yu Zhou City. The character for “Wind” also entered her view; however, her mind shifted. Although she felt that it was not too possible, among the people in Da Shun that could lead troops, the only one that was worthy of the character for “Wind”. Aside from that person, there was nobody else. But why would that person come to Yu Zhou City? And with 30 thousand soldiers?

For a while, both sides were puzzled, but it was at this time that someone riding a horse from the army flying the “Wind” banner came out. Stopping in front of the army, the person was in grey robes and had a thick aura of a scholar. He did not at all match with the army behind him. But when he spoke, the words caused Han Gang to feel despair along with the other soldiers, as he said: “Ji An Prefecture Guard Teng Ping has rebelled and caused chaos. This prince has come today with soldiers to quell the chaos on Father Emperor’s behalf!” After saying this, he waved his hand, and 30 thousand troops from the Northeast charged forward. In the blink of an eye, the Teng family’s army was completely erased without a trace.

With such a large army pressing forward, it was fortunate that it had happened at night; otherwise, the citizens of Yu Zhou City would have been frightened to death. But the army under the “Wind” banner moved quickly and did not delay. Very quickly, the one thousand personal troops were completely eradicated.

Blood flowed in the streets, and the entire street was dyed red by the blood. The faint sounds of soldiers that had not been completely killed could be heard; however, they were quickly killed off without any pity.

Yu Zhou’s prefect, Qian Feng Shou, was an official. Although his son had become a deputy general, he had never seen any blood on a battlefield. At this time, seeing the blood that had already flowed to his feet and smelling the bloody air, he nearly vomited. But the assistant at his side supported him and quietly said: “My Lord, you must endure! You are the prefect. If you faint or vomit at this time, it would be a bit too disgraceful.”

Qian Feng Shou also understood this reasoning. Moreover, he had already recognized the person leading the 30 thousand troops into Yu Zhou, and a cold sweat appeared on his brow. Who knew what sort of wind was blowing in Yu Zhou that would attract these important people!

He quickly brought his people forward. Without any concern for the streets being covered in blood, he began to kowtow to the young man. At the same time, he exclaimed: “This official greets Your Highness Prince Xian. Long Live Your Highness Prince Xian!”

The person that had come was none other than the sixth prince, Prince Xian, Xuan Tian Feng.

He glanced at Qian Feng Shou, and his expression still carried a faint aura of a scholar. He just slightly raised his hand and said: “Lord Qian, please rise.”

Qian Feng Shou stood up, and his body was soaked in blood. He also swayed a bit and looked very weak.

Xuan Tian Feng did not pay much attention to him. Instead, he urged his horse to head toward Feng Yu Heng’s side. They were across from each other, as Xuan Tian Feng peacefully smiled, “Younger sister, sixth brother did not come too late, right?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and replied: “Not late, not late, but sixth brother, why have you come?”

As the two began to speak, Qian Feng Shou felt very awkward standing there, thus he found some work for himself. He directed the soldiers of Yu Zhou City to begin cleaning up the battlefield. Behind Feng Yu Heng, Li Zhu also arranged for the troops to leave and return to where they had been living. The Northeast Army of 30 thousand, however, did not continue to linger. Under the leadership of a deputy general, they headed toward Ji An Prefecture. Even Wang Chuan and Huang Quan followed Li Zhu’s group. In the blink of an eye, aside from the soldiers tidying up the battlefield, only Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Feng were left, along with their hidden guards.

Xuan Tian Feng had no desire to look at such a bloody scene and subconsciously averted his gaze; however, he could not avoid it. Feng Yu Heng took the initiative to suggest that they head to the residence where she was temporarily living. Naturally, Xuan Tian Feng had no objections. The two turned their horses around and departed. Along the way, Xuan Tian Feng said to her: “In truth, a little more than two months before the new year, the Northeast Army had received a secret order from Father Emperor to return. The army moved separately and did not alert anyone. Originally, they were supposed to hide in the area around the capital, but there was fear that there would be some sudden movements inside the capital. Father Emperor and ninth brother’s side would be unable to manage; however, I was worried about the situation here. I privately spoke with Father Emperor and brought the troops to this side to provide you with assistance.” Seeing that Feng Yu Heng’s expression changed, he could not bear to see her with some sort of burden, thus he added: “This was all permitted by Father Emperor. I was moving under orders. If you wish to give thanks, just wait until you return to the capital to thank Father Emperor.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded but still said: “No matter what, A-Heng will definitely remember sixth brother’s grace!”
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