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Chapter 799 – Who Is Truly Rich

Who Is Truly Rich

The inside of the space was a void that existed in space and time to the outside world. Even for those hidden guards that had seen something, they could not find the slightest bit trace of anything. Feng Yu Heng stood in her space in a daze, and her eyes were opened wide. She practically did not dare to breathe too loudly. Although she clearly knew that the other side could not drag her out of her space, she could not free herself of this nervous feeling.

After a long time, she finally heard voices come from the outside: “Indeed, there was a person’s figure. They wore black clothes, and I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.”

“You’re certain? With so many people watching, not to mention a person, but even if a bird flew past, we could catch it. Why is it that we have not found anything until this point?”

“Who else saw the figure?”

“I also saw it, but I can’t be certain that it was a person.”

“Search a little longer.”

The hidden guards outside began speculating on their own, and Feng Yu Heng felt extremely shocked. It seemed that mid-air was within their area of observation. Fortunately, not only had she worn a black mask, but she had also used a black cloth to wrap up her hair. In addition to this, she did not put on any perfume. She had also bound her chest tightly to hide her feminine features. Only like this was she able to prevent them from figuring anything out.

She stood in her space nervously and listened to the people outside search for a while. They even went under the mountain to search. After making sure that there was nobody there, they returned to their original positions. But the sounds of a discussion continued, as someone said: “If there really is someone that broke into this place, they are definitely searching for riches. His Highness has 30 guards in his courtyard and will definitely be fine. We just need to stay on guard here. The one that wants the riches will definitely need to come out.”

“I fear that the opposition may be too quick, and we won’t be able to catch them.”

“Even still, it’s fine. Either way, it’s just one person. There are no banknotes inside. It’s all gold, silver and gems. How much could a single person move?”

With someone saying this, the other people outside no longer took the threat seriously. Indeed, to them, a single person coming in to steal things, how much could they take away? At most, they could take a few bundles, and the Sheng Palace was large. How could they miss a few bundles of gold? They really wanted to see what sort of person was so bold as to dare to come to the Sheng Palace. At the same time, they secretly admired it. To be able to reach this point, they had to be an expert amongst experts.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng had already entered the mountain. She had also heard what the hidden guards outside had said; however, she sneered internally. How much could be taken away? Just wait and see. This grandaunty will empty out this underground treasury to let you see the power of a single person. Of course, after taking everything, she could not leave the way she had come. She would wrap around the back and pass directly through the back wall to return home.

There were no people inside the treasury. This was something that Feng Yu Heng could be certain of; however, there was a great deal of water. Not only were there puddles on the ground, but there was also water dripping from the ceiling. The puddles were not deep and did not reach the surface of her shoes, but after a few steps, her shoes were still completely soaked.

She felt irritated and simply brought out a pair of modern rainboots from her space. Walking through puddles like this was far better than walking through them in cloth shoes.

Although there were no people standing guard inside this treasury, she could not make too much noise. After carefully walking a short distance, the area ahead became illuminated. The end of the short hallway led to an open area. It was a room that was 30 square meters in size that had been dug out, and it had been filled with wooden chests. There were large ones and small ones, and they were all filled. In the middle, there was a path wide enough for three people, and there were chests piled everywhere. In fact, there was not enough space to place all of them, and some were stacked on top of each other, creating a full three levels.

She stepped forward and opened up a chest. Unsurprisingly, it was filled to the brim.

Feng Yu Heng was dazed. She had always thought that she herself was already rich. The riches in the imperial daughter’s manor would occasionally cause her eyes to spin. Later on, when she had gone to the Yu Palace and taken a look at the treasure vault that Xuan Tian Ming protected, she found that she herself had less than a third of what he had. Now that she saw the Sheng Palace, precisely who was rich could immediately be seen.

Feng Yu Heng wiped away some sweat and did not delay any further. Moving her consciousness, she moved the counters in her space to the side and opened up some room. She then began to move the chests in the underground vault to her space. Looking inside the space, very well, the first floor no longer had any room to stand. Thus she copied the Sheng Palace and began stacking up the chests. Like this, it did not appear too messy.

She was unable to estimate the exact value of the things that had been taken from the vault, nor could she estimate if this would be enough for Xuan Tian Ming’s military supplies. After all, she was not the one that usually took care of buying things for daily use. Everything from food to clothes was taken care of by the manor. If she could get a grasp on the price of things, she could prepare herself very well.

But through this experience, Feng Yu Heng understood one thing. It was no wonder so many people liked to steal things because stealing things brought money in really fast! In just a few moments, the entire treasury had been emptied. Of course, this was an ability that she alone had. A normal criminal could not possibly steal this much.

Feng Yu Heng left the palace using a different route, passing directly through the mountain and leaving through the back. The hidden guards that were in front of the mountain stood guard until daybreak and never again saw the figure in black clothes.

When Feng Yu Heng returned to the imperial daughter’s manor, it was after 4 AM. Just as she reached the entrance, she had been snatched out of mid-air by Ban Zou, who had been waiting there. He then brought her directly back to her courtyard. Suddenly being caught caused her to break into a cold sweat all over her body in shock, but after discovering that it was Ban Zou, she accepted her fate and obediently allowed him to drag her back by her collar. She was like a chick being carried back to her yard.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were both pacing back and forth in the courtyard with anxious looks on their faces. Upon seeing Feng Yu Heng return, they both surrounded her and wanted to ask her a few questions; however, they heard her say: “This imperial daughter is very tired and wants to sleep.”

Huang Quan stomped her foot: “Hah, Young Miss!”

However, she was stopped by Wang Chuan, “Young Miss is already very tired. If you have anything, wait until tomorrow to ask.”

Huang Quan accepted it very quickly and followed Wang Chuan to quickly prepare water for Feng Yu Heng to get washed up. This left Ban Zou standing alone in the yard, as he angrily gritted his teeth. But there was nothing that he could do. After all, that was their master. Also, she had returned without a single scratch. What did this mean? It meant that in terms of physical qinggong, his master was indeed stronger than him. Also, she was not just a bit stronger, she was far stronger. She was strong to the point that he could not even find her. Since he was inferior to her, what was there that he could say? Ban Zou angrily returned to his own room and went to sleep. He would be going on strike tonight!

The two servants finally took care of getting Feng Yu Heng to bed and also left. Exchanging a glance, they helplessly shook their heads and returned to their own rooms to sleep. Feng Yu Heng did not like having someone keep watch overnight; moreover, they were not accustomed to doing it. Was there not Ban Zou hiding in the shadows? It was fine. However, who knew that as Ban Zou was throwing his tantrum, he remembered that he ought to report to the Yu Palace, thus he quickly got up and headed toward the Yu Palace.

But there was nobody keeping watch on her. To Feng Yu Heng, this had no effect, and she preferred having nobody keep an eye on her. Like this, she could enter her space without any concerns. She had just obtained a great deal of wealth, and she needed to take a look. She would not waste that trip spent on tenterhooks.

She entered her space and did not appear to be tired. She opened up all of the chests, and even the ones that had been stacked up were moved around with the use of her consciousness. Fortunately, she could still use her consciousness inside the space, thus she would not need to act personally, allowing her to save a great deal of energy.

It had to be said that there was not much of a feeling of shock from the wooden chests. With them being opened up, especially when all of the chests were opened at the same time, even Feng Yu Heng felt a little short of breath. It even caused her to feel a little dizzy. Of course, she knew that this dizziness was not because there was poison in the chests. Instead, she… was a country bumpkin that had entered the city! This was too fucking eye-opening! Entire chests were filled with gold and silver. Entire chests were filled with extremely valuable gems. They glimmered with light that nearly blinded her!

Laying on the chests filled with treasures in a slovenly manner, Feng Yu Heng repeatedly sighed: “Too rich! Really too rich!” This was still just the Sheng Palace located in the capital. The eighth prince had lived in the South for so many years. The small court that had been built there was equivalent to his residence in the South. There should be even more hidden there, right? Should she secretly head South and also clean out that treasury? Just thinking about it was fun. Stealing things was too invigorating. Especially when it was this sort of thing, it was even more invigorating! Teach you to sell your country, teach you to do evil and teach you to dream of usurping the throne! This grandaunty took liberties with your den. This grandaunty cleaned out your treasure vault, so you can just cough up blood!

From the time she got back to daybreak, Feng Yu Heng stayed inside her space. Laying on the pile of gems, she fell asleep until she heard the sound of Huang Quan knocking on the door. Only then did she drowsily reply and react to the fact that she was inside her space. Quickly coming out, she quickly changed into her pajamas then dove under her blanket. She then called out: “Come in!”

Huang Quan pushed the door and entered: “Young Miss, it’s time to get up. You said that you would go to the Lu manor today.”

Feng Yu Heng held her head in pain. She had not slept enough.

Huang Quan called another two times. Seeing that she would not get up, she walked over and pushed the curtain aside. Seeing that her young miss was sleeping peacefully, she did not continue to call her to get up. Either way, the Lu manor was not a major issue. Lu Yan getting poisoned was fine. Who cared if she died. Her young miss getting enough sleep was most important. Thus the servant left and went to find Wang Chuan and Ban Zou to analyze what exactly their young miss had done the previous night.

Feng Yu Heng slept all the way until noon, and it was hunger that woke her up. When she sat up, she muttered to herself: “Going out at night makes it easy to get hungry!” She then called her maidservants in to help her get washed up.

The person that entered was Huang Quan once more. While watching her brush her teeth, she said to her: “The people from the Lu manor really are impatient. They came at 9 AM and said something like imperial daughter promised our madam that she would come to our manor today, and this servant came to pick up imperial daughter. Tsk! What are they! They begged us to visit and are anxious to that extent. This servant just told her to wait. Whenever imperial daughter gets up, it will be discussed at that time. The servant anxiously paced around the front yard for the entire morning and has cried multiple times.”

The people of the imperial daughter’s manor did not have much of a good impression of the Lu family. Feng Yu Heng agreed because she wanted to see why Lu Yan would end up getting poisoned at this critical juncture. She had definitely been plotted against, and she needed to know the culprit to prepare her defenses.

But she was in no rush. After washing up, she ate a good breakfast before changing her clothes and left the manor with her two maidservants. The Lu family’s maidservant also followed them out while crying. Seeing Feng Yu Heng climb into her imperial carriage, she climbed into the Lu family’s carriage and followed closely behind.

When Feng Yu Heng arrived at the Lu manor, she could smell a large amount of medicine upon setting foot inside the front yard. Madam Lu, Ge shi, personally stood at the entrance to receive her, and her forehead was soaked with sweat. She did not have a good appearance, and it was clear that she had been waiting for a long time. Upon seeing Feng Yu Heng’s imperial carriage arrive, she immediately kneeled on the ground and loudly cried: “This wife welcomes imperial daughter!”