Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 789 – It Can’t Be Called a Problem If It Can Be Resolved with Money
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 789 – It Can’t Be Called a Problem If It Can Be Resolved with Money

It Can’t Be Called a Problem If It Can Be Resolved with Money

Feng Yu Heng going tit for tat left the entire hall completely speechless for a little while. Even the eighth prince, Xuan Tian Mo, did not make a sound. It seemed that he was about to lose.

But Feng Yu Heng did not intend to let him off so easily. Damn, she used her own abilities to contribute to Da Shun, but it ended up causing her problems. Could she choose to not vent this anger? She looked at the eighth prince and snorted coldly: “Since Your Highness the eighth prince feels that the origin of my abilities is unclear, from this day forward, A-Heng will not bring it out for people to use. I will inform Hundred Herb Hall tomorrow to close its doors. In the future, we will not be treating anyone else. As for the steel that is being produced outside the capital, I will also have them stop and have the people disperse. In the future, steel will not be produced. Your Highness, what do you think of this? I really don’t understand. I used my own abilities to treat others and produce steel for Da Shun. Working for the country and contributing, why do you find it to be so troublesome? Why can’t you just look forward to seeing Da Shun improve? Chasing after me to ask about the origin of my abilities? What do you care where I learned them! What does it matter to you where I learned my abilities?! If I asked you what sorts of things your master taught you from childhood and where those things came from, would you talk about it? Or would your master talk about it? Which family doesn’t have some things that are handed down that can’t be spread? Have you ever heard of anyone publicizing their own family’s secrets everywhere or seen anyone tell people about where their family’s secrets came from and let them go learn them? At the very least, I make use of it in the open to provide contributions to Da Shun. Your Highness the eighth prince, do you dare tell me about your secret martial arts? Then spread it to everyone in Da Shun?”

Feng Yu Heng vented all of her frustrations in a single breath, and every sentence was an accusation. These accusations left the eighth prince completely speechless. He had underestimated Feng Yu Heng’s ability to argue. It seemed that this girl had been taught very well by old ninth, as she had perfectly learned the essentials! In regards to Feng Yu Heng’s questioning, Xuan Tian Mo did not have anything to say because it was as Feng Yu Heng had said. Every person had some secret abilities that were handed down that could not be spread to the others. Moreover, when he met these Persians, he had not thought about that sort of thing. Now that Feng Yu Heng brought it up, he had indeed neglected it. One was a medical practitioner and the other was a group of dancers. How could they represent Persia? Even an imperial physician from Persia could not represent Persian medicine. At the very least, Da Shun’s divine doctor Yao Xian had many techniques that others did not know about.

Seeing that he did not speak for a long time, the Emperor finally could not bear to continue watching. He was waiting to watch a show, and he had waited for a long time. Old eighth was just using this to mess with him? What A-Heng had said was right! Why should I tell everyone about my master’s abilities? Is it illegal? What is it, if you haven’t heard of it, I can’t know about it? Fucking hell, he even had a special way of snoring that he had discovered in the last three years. Aside from little Yuan, who else knew about it? His eyes bulged with anger, as he glared at Xuan Tian Mo and loudly said: “Impudence! As We see it, your head has become dumb after such a long time in the South, willing to just say anything you want in court! A-Heng is a child that has done all sorts of great things for Da Shun. She’s a spy? It would be best if more of this sort of spy is brought here for Us! It would be best if each country provided one. My Da Shun would flourish even more thanks to those spies!”

With the Emperor getting angry, Xuan Tian Mo had nothing else that he could say. He knew that he had done things improperly. Persians were truly too hard to come by. For just these dancers, apparently, the majority of their group had died while traversing the sea by boat on their way to Da Shun. At that time, his head had become hot, and he brought them back; however, he did not foresee this outcome.

Xuan Tian Mo had an area where he was strongest. He had the ability to act according to the circumstances. Once he realized that it was his mistake, he immediately stopped arguing and admitted his mistakes with a very good attitude. The people watched as he walked to the front of the hall and knelt, kowtowing to the Emperor and saying: “It was son’s mistake. Son has been stationed at the border for a long time, and my heart has been on edge the entire time. With even the slightest movement, I will bring people to investigate the border. With this, a sort of sensitivity was created. Father Emperor must forgive son. Son will not be so negligent in the future.” After saying this, he said to Feng Yu Heng: “It was eighth brother’s fault. Younger sister, could you forgive eighth brother? Eighth brother will send an apology gift. I guarantee that younger sister will be satisfied.”

Xuan Tian Ming shrugged and smiled, looking at Xuan Tian Hua and quietly saying: “See that. The moment a gift was mentioned, that girl’s eyes have gone straight.”

Xuan Tian Hua saw the shameful behavior of Feng Yu Heng from hearing about money and could not help but smile bitterly, “That girl.”

As for Xuan Tian Ming’s words, it was not just the seventh prince that heard them. On the other side, the sixth prince also heard them clearly, and he could not help but freeze. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, he felt that this money grubbing appearance could not be reconciled with the lively girl that he had met at the residence outside the capital. But she did not lose her cuteness, which caused him to say: “Eighth brother needs to properly give ninth sister a good apology gift.”

The sixth prince’s words caused everyone in the hall to be given a fright because the sixth prince had always been different from the seventh prince. The seventh prince was a deity, but he was a deity that took sides. Who did not know that he was on the same side as the ninth prince, thus if it was the seventh prince that said it, although people would feel a bit of pressure, they would not be too surprised. But the sixth prince was a scholar who only focused on studying. When he had not yet left the capital, he hated that he could not spend all of his time in the library. When had he ever participated in these things? Could it be that the sixth prince was also pulled over to the ninth prince’s side?

It had to be said that the person that was most sensitive to this was naturally Feng Fen Dai! She had already spoken with Noble Lady Li. On this trip back to the capital, Noble Lady Li would do all that she could to convince the sixth prince to stand on the fifth prince’s side. He had to stand on the right side. But with him suddenly speaking up for Feng Yu Heng, when had the two begun working together? But Feng Fen Dai was indeed surprised, but she was not too stupid. She knew that the current battle in court was between the eighth prince and the ninth prince, especially the eighth prince, who had come in very ferociously and had slightly suppressed the ninth prince. To Feng Fen Dai, she would rather have the ninth prince win than see the eighth prince have any advantage. She was too unfamiliar with the eighth prince. He was so unfamiliar that she could not even understand him in the slightest. With this sort of person as an opponent, how frightening a prospect was that? In an instant, she temporarily set aside her own plans. No matter what, she could not help the eighth prince. She would either just watch the excitement or… help Feng Yu Heng.

In an instant, each person had their own thoughts and plans, while the eighth prince, Xuan Tian Mo, continued to remain kneeling while waiting for the Emperor and Feng Yu Heng to speak. But the two just looked at each other, neither wanting to speak first, especially Feng Yu Heng. Spreading her hands, she bowed to the Emperor: “Everything will be decided by Father Emperor.”

The Emperor angrily rolled his eyes. The difficult problem had been handed off to him again! Forget it, today was the new year. His eighth son and ninth daughter-in-law had caused a fuss. In the end, it was a family matter. What was there that he could say? The old emperor was not foolish, and his heart was not that hard. He was not a father that would let one son die to protect another son. To him, old eighth was different from old third from back then. Old third was a bastard, while old eighth was his own son! Even if he showed favoritism for Feng Yu Heng, he could not bring himself to be so fierce toward his son. Fortunately, the eighth prince had expressed that he would present Feng Yu Heng with an apology gift, thus he happily said: “It was all just a misunderstanding. A-Heng, do not be angry. Old eighth, you also need to keep your word. Send the gift to the imperial daughter’s manor tomorrow. You must not use some shoddy things to fool them. We quite favor A-Heng. Normally, your Mother Empress and I reward her quite a bit. If you bring out some things that she does not like, that would be no good.” After he finished speaking, he said to Feng Yu Heng: “If you see something good, take it. If the things that he presents are no good, just throw them out and have him resend it!”

These words did not offend either side, and it made one thing clear to the people: Things that could be resolved with money could not be called a problem.

Feng Yu Heng expressed that she accepted it. After all, she could not truly call for a life and death struggle with a prince. The eighth prince could not trip her up, and she could not kill the eighth prince. In the end, the two could not really oppose each other during this banquet. Some other methods would be required. But… Feng Yu Heng squinted her eyes. She did not intend to continue tearing down plots as they appeared. When it came to this prince, she would need to take the initiative to cause him some unhappiness.

The commotion with the Persians had temporarily been brought to an end. When those people had been dismissed, the Empress happily spoke up: “Mo’er, quickly get up. A-Heng should also get up. Today is the first day of the new year. We won’t speak about such things on such a great day.” She then watched them stand up before saying: “Mo’er has not returned to the capital for a long time. There should have been a joyous matter to tell you about, and you must have heard about it too. Noble Lady Yuan favored the daughter of the first wife of the left prime minister’s manor, Young Miss Lu Yan. She even wrote a letter to you about this matter, and you even brought back a number of gifts to the capital for her. This was originally a good thing, and your Father Emperor was thinking of using today’s banquet to sanction your marriage. Unfortunately, I heard that the Lu family’s young miss fell ill, and it was quite severe. As this One sees it, you should find some time to go to the Lu manor to pay a visit. Who knows what sort of illness has afflicted the Lu family’s young miss. Of course, only go after you’ve inquired about it. You must not get sick.”

Xuan Tian Mo quickly stood up and expressed his thanks to the Empress. He then cast an unnoticed glance to Noble Lady Yuan and saw that she slightly nodded to him. He understood and sat back down.

The music and dancing continued, and the joyous atmosphere rose once more. The earlier incident was quickly cast to the back of everyone’s mind. After all, today was the first day of the new year. Nobody wanted to go into the palace and end up unhappy. That would be a most unfortunate thing. There were quite a few people that began to complain about Xuan Tian Mo internally. You want to look for trouble, you can do that at any time, yet you had to do it on this sort of day. Everyone says that the only way to have a good year was to have a satisfactory first day. What sort of thing was this?

There were even some that quietly discussed: “Imperial Daughter Ji An saying that she would close Hundred Herb Hall was just something to be said, right? She won’t really have it closed, right?”

These words were heard by Feng Yu Heng, and it caused her lips to curl into a strange smile…
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