Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 755 – Dying Sooner, Dying Later, All Will Die
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 755 – Dying Sooner, Dying Later, All Will Die

Dying Sooner, Dying Later, All Will Die

After meeting with Imperial Concubine Li, Fen Dai slowly returned to the banquet, but before she could get close, she saw the fifth prince waiting for her around the corner. Fen Dai snorted to herself and increased her pace, walking over to the fifth prince.

Xuan Tian Yan watched this girl and really wanted to knock her unconscious with a slap and carry her back. He very nearly shattered his teeth from gritting them so hard. Seeing Fen Dai draw near, he fiercely grabbed her wrist and forcefully pulled her over. He used a bit too much strength, and Fen Dai fell into his embrace. The two bumped head on, and their chins bumped into each other.

Fen Dai angrily glared at Xuan Tian Yan and rolled her eyes to say: “You drank too much haven’t you? With so many pairs of eyes watching, what sort of look is it to hug me like this?” Although she said this, she did not leave Xuan Tian Yan’s embrace. Although she was young, she was very precocious, and she was also very good at knowing how to make Xuan Tian Yan happy.

Sure enough, when this beauty acted spoiled, Xuan Tian Yan lost his will. Although Feng Fen Dai did not have the exceptional beauty that the late Feng Chen Yu had, she was still Feng Jin Yuan’s daughter. Thinking of the younger Feng Jin Yuan, he was a famously beautiful man. In addition to this, her mother was Han shi. A woman that had come from a brothel, how could she look bad? Fen Dai did not look like much when she was younger, but as she grew older, she began to look better and better. She already faintly showed signs of becoming a beauty.

Xuan Tian Yan had been extremely angry, but the majority of that anger had already dissipated. Helpless against Fen Dai, he looked like he was coaxing a child while gently patting Fen Dai’s back. He patiently said: “You really just are not tranquil. I know that your father was incompetent and dragged the Feng family into its current situation, while you are proud. It’s natural that you would feel unreconciled. But Fen Dai, sooner or later, you will grow up and you will get married. When you marry me, everything that the Li palace can give you will be far more than what the Feng family could ever give you. You are a daughter of a concubine in the Feng family, but you will be the official princess in the Li Palace. Isn’t that good? Why bother meddling with all of this?”

Feng Fen Dai pushed him away, and the two separated. Fen Dai then put on a long face and said with an unhappy tone: “Meddling? What am I meddling for? If you could be a little more competent, would I need to meddle? Xuan Tian Yan, you can be incompetent, but don’t block my way.”

“Can I not block your way?” Xuan Tian Yan became a little anxious, but he did not dare speak in a loud voice. He could only awkwardly speak in a quiet voice: “Don’t think that I don’t know! You went to find Imperial Concubine Li for the sake of Old Sixth! And you doing this is for no other reason than to push me down that path, but have you ever asked if I want to? You went ahead and decided things for yourself, but have you ever wondered what I thought? Is that spot really that important to you?”

“Of course!” Feng Fen Dai’s eyes became fierce, and her attitude became resolute, “In the past, everyone said that the Feng family would produce an empress. At that time, they said that Feng Chen Yu had the aspect of the phoenix, but Feng Chen Yu died! As for Feng Yu Heng, she is no longer of the Feng family, and it’s completely impossible for Feng Xiang Rong. That’s why you should think about it, if the Feng family will definitely produce an empress, that could only be me. Xuan Tian Yan, I am currently your wife that has not yet gotten married. In the future, if I become the empress, you would need to be the emperor. Xuan Tian Yan, that position is just that important to me. If I can’t get it, I will have regrets when I die.”

After saying this, she pushed away the fifth prince, who still wanted to step forward. She headed back in the direction of the banquet, leaving the fifth prince alone to watch her parting figure. Who knew if his heart should feel hot or cold.

At this time inside Imperial Concubine Li’s tent, she sat on her bed while holding a newly-made figure that had been stabbed. While writing Feng Yu Heng’s name on the figure, her hands trembled so much that she could not hold the brush; however, she was resolute and did not allow the servant take it away. She endured and finished writing the three characters. The large characters were easy to write, but the smaller characters on the back were impossible for her, thus she could only hand it to her servant and order: “Write quickly. Not a single word can be missing. Feng Yu Heng’s eight characters must all be written down for this One. Quickly!”

The servant was very helpless and was unwilling to write for a while, advising Imperial Concubine Li: “Imperial Concubine, you can’t continue like this! This servant isn’t speaking for Imperial Daughter Ji An. This servant is worried about your health. With you being nervous like this at all times, your vitality has worsened with each day. You also aren’t willing to have an imperial physician take a look. If this continues, sooner or later, you will…”

“Sooner or later, I will die, right?” Imperial Concubine Li coldly spat out these words then sneered, “Who in this world won’t die! Dying sooner or dying later, either way, we will all die. What’s there to fear?” After saying this, she looked at the palace servant and hurried her: “Hurry up and write her eight characters for this One!”

The servant helplessly obeyed and seriously wrote down Feng Yu Heng’s eight characters on the back of the little figure. She then handed the little figure back to Imperial Concubine Li, and Imperial Concubine Li pick up the figure and raise needles in her right hand to stab into the figure. While stabbing, she muttered: “I’ll stab you to death, you bearer of bad luck! Stab you to death! Stab you to death!”

The servant truly could not bear to continue watching and had to say something impartial: “Imperial Concubine, if you must stab it, you should not be stabbing Imperial Daughter Ji An. You should be stabbing the Feng family’s young miss! She is truly the one that’s doing evil. She threatened imperial concubine, which is what caused imperial concubine to be so hurt. So as this servant sees it, it should be her that gets stabbed! Imperial Concubine, this servant will go and ask about that Feng family’s young miss’ eight characters. After that has been inquired about, we can stab at it then. It would be best if she got stabbed to death. That way, she won’t harm anyone else in the future. That Feng family’s young miss does not look like a good person. Her eyes are constantly turning, and her innards are colorful. Who knows what she will do if she accomplishes her goal…”

“Don’t think so much.” Imperial Concubine Li told her, “This One has already decided to work with Feng Fen Dai. This matter has already been decided. In the future, nobody is permitted to say anything about it. The only one that this One wishes to stab to death is Feng Yu Heng. It would be best if she could be stabbed to death on this very night. I’ll see just how she’ll harm anyone or how she’ll help her man steal this country!”

Imperial Concubine Li looked as if she had gone crazy, stabbing needle after needle into the small figure. Even the servant could not bear to continue watching. Who knew if this really had any effect. If it really had an effect, would Imperial Daughter Ji An not die from the pain?

Just as she was thinking this, a stir came from outside the tent, as the sound of a large number of people walking entered the tent. Very quickly, the opening of the tent was lifted, and a few imperial guards charged inside. Following behind them was the second prince, Xuan Tian Ling, and the eldest prince, Xuan Tian Qi.

The servant was extremely frightened and quickly went to snatch the thing from Imperial Concubine Li’s hands, but Imperial Concubine Li held onto it tightly. How could she let it be snatched it away? With her doing this, not only did she fail to take it away, she was even pricked by the needles, causing her to cry out in pain. Imperial Concubine Li had already become completely immersed in the fantasy of stabbing Feng Yu Heng to death. She did not even notice the two princes enter the tent. There was nothing that the servant could do and could only kneel toward the two princes. With tears flowing down her cheeks, she did not dare say a single word.

The second prince snorted coldly and gestured for his subordinates to snatch the thing from Imperial Concubine Li’s hands. No matter how much strength Imperial Concubine Li put into holding it, she was not stronger than a man. The imperial guard walked over and snatched the little figure away. Handing it over to the second prince, the little figure had nearly been completely filled with needles; however, the three characters “Feng Yu Heng” were still very clear. Even the eight characters on the back were perfectly clear.

Xuan Tian Ling looked at Imperial Concubine Li and shook his head, “Imperial Concubine Mother Li, using witchcraft to curse Imperial Daughter Ji An is a serious crime. Although this is not the palace, this is a tent belonging to the imperial family. You are an imperial concubine, and you must follow the rules as if it was the palace. Moreover, Imperial Daughter Ji An is someone that has performed great deeds for Da Shun. She is also someone that cannot be missing from the future of Da Shun. With you cursing her like this, I figure that it could not be explained to Father Emperor. Imperial Concubine Mother Li is no longer worthy. Guards, take her away!”

With Xuan Tian Ling’s words, the imperial guards stepped forward and dragged Imperial Concubine Li from the bed without a single word. They did not even put her shoes on, as they practically dragged her away. The servant was also dragged out along with the servants that were outside the tent. Everyone that was taking care of Imperial Concubine Li was taken away. The servant repeatedly shouted: “You can’t treat Imperial Concubine like this. Please allow this servant to get Imperial Concubine dressed!” But who would listen to her? In addition to this, Imperial Concubine Li did not care. Her mind was in a trance, and it was as though the little person that had been stabbed was not Feng Yu Heng. Instead, it was herself. There was nothing wrong with Feng Yu Heng, but it was as though Imperial Concubine Li had gone crazy.

The banquet outside had already concluded at some point, and the second prince brought the person directly to the imperial tent, where the Emperor was. Although it was late in the day, the Emperor did not sleep. Instead, he was dressed very properly and seated in the outer room with a solemn expression. Feng Yu Heng also sat to the side. It was as if she was waiting for someone. Inside the tent, Wang Chuan was watching the imperial grandson sleep and would occasionally prod the fire. Seeing that the temperature in the tent was roughly good enough, she pulled out the charcoal and gradually put it out.

Not long later, the second prince brought Imperial Concubine Li’s large group into the tent. He first saluted to the Emperor then brought Imperial Concubine Li forward. At the same time, he handed the little figure in his hand to Zhang Yuan: “Father Emperor, son received a report that said that Imperial Concubine Li began performing witchcraft once again. When entering her tent, sure enough, I saw Imperial Concubine using a needle to stab this little figure, and the little figure has a name written on it belonging to Imperial Daughter Ji An.”

The Emperor looked at the thing that Zhang Yuan held in his hand, and anger began to well up inside him. When he looked again at Imperial Concubine Li, it was as though he was looking at something that he absolutely despised. Imperial Concubine Li had her head lowered, and nobody knew what she was thinking. The more that the Emperor looked at her, the angrier he became. He simply picked up the little figure and threw it at Imperial Concubine Li’s face. The impact caused Imperial Concubine Li to become startled and begin to tremble in fear.

“Vile woman!” The Emperor was furious, pointing at Imperial Concubine Li and cursing: “You did this witchcraft thing over two decades ago. At that time, We thought of you being pregnant with the sixth child, thus I did not follow up on that matter too much. After giving birth to Feng’er, I even conferred you the position of imperial concubine. You repay Us like this? Cursing an imperial daughter and cursing the one that produced steel for my Da Shun, speak! Who gave you the courage?”

The Emperor became furious, and Imperial Concubine Li nearly fainted. Earlier, she had been in a daze, and she finally sobered up at this moment. She then looked all around. Looking at the Emperor and then at Feng Yu Heng, she was suddenly given a start!

Oh no!
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