Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 460 – Lower-Class Person, Why Are You Speaking to This County Princess?
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 460 – Lower-Class Person, Why Are You Speaking to This County Princess?

Lower-Class Person, Why Are You Speaking to This County Princess?

Feng Jin Yuan had shouted with a great deal of force, and his voice even became hoarse. The foot that Feng Yu Heng had just raised missed the step leading up to the carriage because she had been startled. She patted her chest and asked: “Are they being chased out by a wolf?”

Huang Quan had a look of disdain and said: “Why is it like Chen shi from back then? Shouting abuse like a shrill housewife?”

This description of shouting abuse like a shrill housewife aroused Feng Yu Heng’s love for gossip. She tugged at Huang Quan’s sleeve, “Go, let’s go take a look.”

Ban Zou was very speechless, as he watched the two girls walk off. He hated this so much that the roots of his teeth itched, but he was still a little curious as to why Feng Jin Yuan had let out such a shout. Thus he quickly got off the carriage and handed the carriage to the imperial guards at the entrance before chasing after Feng Yu Heng.

When Feng Yu Heng arrived at the Feng manor’s entrance, there was a group of people being chased out. It was not just people, as they gifts that they had brought were also being thrown out. She looked down, ha! There were people that sent pastries, tea leaves, eggs, and there was even one that brought lettuce. Looking again at the people that had been thrown out, although they were wearing clean clothes, they could not even remotely be considered exquisite. Although there were some that wore official’s clothes, they were also lowly officials below standard fifth rank. In fact, some were just people that had been sent by those officials to represent them. She immediately noticed some of the governor’s aides. That person had picked up a box of tea leaves that had been thrown out and loudly said: “The elder madam of Official Feng’s family has passed away, thus we came to pay respects. If you don’t accept our feelings, that’s fine, yet you actually threw out the things we presented and chased us from the manor. This is truly lacking in courtesy!”

Once these words were said, another person began to shout: “This is him looking down on the gifts we brought for being shabby, but we also sent a bit of money. Right, I only brought ten taels, which is not a large amount, but I am just a standard eighth rank official. My monthly salary is only 20 taels, and the tea was a gift that I had received. Just how much do you want?”

“Right!” Another voice spoke up: “I am just a ninth rank official. Although I only brought eight taels, I only have two taels left for the month. There is still a family of elderly and children waiting to eat, yet you think that it’s too little?”

An older madam spoke with a trembling voice: “Old pal Feng, it was your manor that sent the invitations. To put it plainly, our families do not live lavishly. We came today to puff ourselves up no matter the cost. If we had not received the invitation, we would not have come at all.”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

More and more people agreed before Feng Jin Yuan shouted once more from inside the manor: “Who is your old pal? Who are you familiar enough with to call a pal? The Feng family does not welcome you. Scram! All of you, scram!”

Finally, under his forceful insistence, all of the people that had come to apologize for his loss had left the Feng manor. While leaving, they unhappily said: “What rubbish! Does he still think of himself as being the prime minister? If it was not for county princess Ji An supporting him, just based on Qian Zhou attempting to kill the Emperor, the entire Feng family would have been exterminated.”

Just as they were saying this, someone managed to react, “Hold on! We can’t just leave like this. Feng Jin Yuan took our money then chased us out. We came here out of goodwill to light some incense for the elder madam, yet we were cursed. For what? Even if we are to leave, we must get our money back!”

“Right! We must get our money back!”

With this reminder, everyone immediately reacted and turned back toward the Feng manor and loudly shouted: “Return our money! Feng Jin Yuan, give us our money back!”

Huang Quan laughed at this sight, “This Feng Jin Yuan really is something. If money is sent, he will take it and accept it. Either way, aside from this group of lower officials, nobody else of higher standing will be coming. It would be better to give them some face.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “Right now, he must be flying into a rage from the shame. How could he think of such a thing. That is why it’s said to be easy to go from frugality to extravagance but difficult to go from extravagance to frugality. He had been demoted from standard first rank all the way to a lowly fifth rank all at once. To not be able to adapt is quite normal.”

The two stood not too far from the entrance and watched the servants of the Feng family return the gifts according to the gift receipts. The small basket that had been filled with great difficulty was emptied once more. Feng Jin Yuan’s expression became even more ugly.

Finally, the group dispersed, and the entrance of the Feng manor fell quiet once more.

Feng Yu Heng had no intention to continue watching. Just as she was about to leave, Feng Jin Yuan saw her and loudly shouted: “Evil creature! Stop right there!”

Feng Yu Heng stopped and turned to ask him: “Beast, you dare to insult me when you call me?”

Feng Jin Yuan nearly slapped his own mouth. Why did he have no memory and end up calling this girl a bastard? He had already eaten a loss last time. What she had said was right. If he insulted her by calling her a bastard, was that not the same as calling himself a beast?

He walked over with a purple face and did not argue over the insult that had been returned. He just pointed at Feng Yu Heng’s nose and asked: “Was it you that told the housekeeper to send those invitations to those lower-class people?”

Feng Yu Heng looked at the person in front of her in disbelief. She really wanted to measure just how thick the skin on Feng Jin Yuan’s face was. Lower-class people? Very well, “Standard fifth ranked lower-class person, who was it that gave you the courage to speak to this county princess?” She raised an eyebrow and immediately let out an oppressive aura.

Feng Jin Yuan was startled, as his eyes widened. He pointed at her and said: “I am your father!”

“What of it?” Her eyes were filled with contempt, “I am just using father’s own logic to speak with you. In your eyes, any person of a lower-rank than you is a lower-class person. If that’s the case, I am standard second rank county princess, and you are just a standard fifth rank official. What right do you have to speak with me?” After saying this, she continued without waiting for Feng Jin Yuan to react: “Don’t say that I got this title of county princess for nothing. I, Feng Yu Heng, have trained troops for Da Shun. I have produced steel for Da Shun. Just based on these two points alone, the rank of standard second class county princess is mistreating me. Let’s not mention how I risked my life to go out of the city to take care of the refugees during the disaster. Lower-class person, what right do you have to criticize me!”

Feng Jin Yuan was unable to understand this reasoning, “Even if you became the Empress, I would still be your father!”

“Oh!” Feng Yu Heng immediately laughed, “It seems that father Emperor lowering your rank to standard fifth rank was the right choice. Having been the prime minister for so many years, you actually seem to have no idea how the rules work. For the imperial concubines in the palace, does father believe that they still need to bow down when they visit their maternal families? No matter which official, no matter how high their rank, as long as their daughter gets sent into the palace, would they not need to kneel to greet them? Feng Jin Yuan, what sort of thoughts are you harboring?”

Word by word, Feng Jin Yuan was rendered speechless because everything that his daughter had said was correct.

Feng Yu Heng then asked: “When you were still the prime minister, when the lower ranking officials sent invitations, have you ever gone?”

These words caused Feng Jin Yuan to become even more speechless. The matters of reincarnation, after everything was summarised, this was all retribution. this was all retribution!

He laughed a couple times then turned and returned to the manor. When he passed through the entrance, he told He Zhong: “No matter who comes, treat them with courtesy.”

He Zhong nodded with a bitter expression. Only after Feng Jin Yuan walked away did he helplessly shake his head and quietly say: “With such a big scene occurring in the morning, how could any more people come!”

Feng Yu Heng returned to the imperial carriage, and Ban Zou personally drove the carriage toward the Jing Palace. Feng Yu heng, however, recalled another important matter and asked Huang Quan: “No matter what is said, I am currently in deep mourning. Would it be alright for me to just go and visit? Will there be any rules against it? How about we go into the palace first. We will visit when the elder madam’s funeral is concluded!”

When she thought of this, the imperial carriage was almost as the Jing Palace’s entrance. Ban Zou, who was outside and had sharp hearing, heard this and loudly said: “It’s too late to ask. Lift the curtain and take a look. His Highness Prince Jing is already waiting for you outside the palace!”

Feng Yu Heng was startled and quickly stood up to walk outside the carriage. Huang Quan lifted the curtain. Sure enough, they saw Xuan Tian Qi was happily standing at the Jing Palace’s entrance.

The imperial carriage moved faster and stopped in front of the palace. Before she could speak, she heard Xuan Tian Qi speak up: “Younger sister! This prince has waited here for a long time.” As he said this, he personally stepped forward and reached out, “Come, allow eldest brother to help you out of the carriage.”

Feng Yu Heng was a little embarrassed, “Eldest brother, there is no need for this much courtesy.” But she still extended her hand and had him help her out; however, she still did not move toward the palace, “Just now I was asking my maidservant. The Feng manor is currently in deep mourning. I fear that me coming out to visit is not good. If it spreads any bad luck, it would be bad. Eldest brother, how about I come back after a few more days!”

“Hah!” Xuan Tian Qi waved his hand, “How could there be so much to talk about. My Jing Palace does not have that sort of rule. Moreover, who are you! You are this prince’s benefactor. What sort of place could you not go? Come, come, come, quickly follow eldest brother into the palace.”

With the eldest prince saying this sort of thing, Feng Yu Heng would have seemed too argumentative if she did not follow, thus she did not continue to mention the funeral. Either way, she did not have a filial belt on. She just wore plain clothes, and it was not very clear.

Xuan Tian Qi led her over to the main hall of the Jing Palace. as the eldest imperial son of Da Shun, this was the largest and best palace compared to the other princes. In addition to this, Xuan Tian Qi was someone that was skilled in business. The entire palace was filled with nice things. Anything that was casually taken from the wall would be of value. Feng Yu Heng was very astonished by this sight, and she could not help but lament: “Eldest brother, you’re really rich!”

Xuan Tian Qi was indeed very rich, and he was so rich that he practically did not need to care about anything. What imperial throne, he did not value that. He just hoped that after the Emperor passed away, a reliable brother would ascend the throne. That way, the country would be stable. With the country prospering and the people living in peace, he could continue with his businesses and continue earning money. His current secondary princess was pregnant. Regardless of whether it was a son or a daughter, he had something to strive for. At the very least, the money that he had earned would have someone to spend it. What could be better than this?

Xuan Tian Qi beaming with joy at Feng Yu Heng. He very magnanimously said: “Younger sister, if you like, not to mention money, even if you wanted this Jing Palace, this prince will not blink once.”

She facepalmed, “Eldest brother, in your eyes, just how greedy am I?”

Xuan Tian Qi laughed and waved his hand, “How could that be. Younger sister is a divine doctor. Even if eldest brother gave you the best things, that would not be enough to make up for your grace.” His tone was sincere, and this caused Feng Yu Heng to feel emotional.

“The things that were sent yesterday were already enough for A-Heng to marvel at.” She smiled bitterly and shook her head, “Perhaps such nice things cannot even be found in Da Shun’s national treasury.”

Xuan Tian Qi laughed and did not say much. He just waved his hand to her: “Go quickly and bring the three secondary princesses in.” After saying this, he quickly explained to Feng Yu Heng: “I listened to your advice. The two new concubines that were brought in have also become pregnant. This prince has promoted them to secondary princesses. This is also imperial concubine mother’s intention.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “This is something that should be done.” She then picked up a cup of tea and began drinking.

Who knew what was in the Jing Palace’s tea. It was especially delicious. She downed two cups in one go before putting down the cup. At this time, eunuch Liu had brought the three secondary princesses into the hall.
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