Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 368 – There, Your Life Will Shine
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 368 – There, Your Life Will Shine

There, Your Life Will Shine

Feng Yu Heng sat next to Xuan Tian Ming, both her hands resting on the wheelchair’s armrest. With great enthusiasm, she said: “Just now, I was thinking about who was it that told Xuan Tian Ye about my mother wanting to eat concubine mother An’s pastries every day? Also, who revealed when Mei Xiang went and left as well as where her family lived? I really do not believe that it was a coincidence that Mei Xiang was nearly run over by the carriage with Xuan Tian Ye happening to be there to save her. It’s already good enough if that person doesn’t drive a carriage around running people over, so how could he go saving people?”

Xuan Tian Ming understood Xuan Tian Ye better than she did. He also nodded and said: “It is indeed impossible. This matter is too much of a coincidence. In truth, it’s someone else that had hoped to design things like this. This matter needs to be investigated from the Feng manor’s side. There is definitely someone helping from the inside.”

“Who could it be?” She furrowed her brow and began to think, “An shi? Xiang Rong?” She immediately shook her head, “It doesn’t seem like it. I have always been good at reading people. I have interacted a great deal with that mother and daughter pair. If they were hiding this sort of thing, I don’t trust that they could hide it from me.”

Xuan Tian Ming caressed her head, “There are some matters and some people that you should not trust too much. This includes your own intuition. I am not saying that they are the culprits, but right now, they indeed seem to be the most suspicious. You cannot lack vigilance.”

“Un.” She nodded, “I know.”

The two no longer spoke, as the carriage continued toward the county princess’ manor. When it passed by the Feng manor, it did not stop, causing housekeeper He Zhong to crane his neck.

Inside Tong Sheng pavilion, Xuan Tian Hua was there along with Xuan Tian Ge. The former was in the room with the imperial physician, inspecting Yao shi’s condition, as for Xuan Tian Ge, she had carried a chair into the middle of the yard and sat across from where Kang Yi stood.

When Feng Yu Heng returned, she happened to hear Xuan Tian Ge raise her voice in an arrogant tone and say: “Madam Feng, if you have time to come to the county princess’ manor, spend it taking care of the manor’s matters. Lady Yao was targetted with spirit-altering drug. Although it was found to be related to Prince Xiang, it was still a servant of the Feng family that collaborated with him. If such a leak can come from the Feng manor, as the head wife, you really need to wake up a little.”

It had to be said that Kang Yi was truly miserable from coming to Da Shun to get married. As the dignified eldest princess of Qian Zhou, she was the treasured eldest sister of Qian Zhou’s ruler. In her own country, she could have anything that she wanted. Where would there be anyone that dared to speak like this to her?

But after marrying in Da Shun and entering the Feng manor, all of the advantages that she had were discarded because this was the country that Qian Zhou paid tribute to. Her title as the eldest princess did not have much use here. Just about anyone that was brought forward had a better situation than her. For example, Xuan Tian Ge was just an imperial daughter; however, she could speak like this to her in the open, yet she could not retort in the slightest.

Kang Yi quietly suppressed the unhappiness in her heart, as she showed Xuan Tian Ge a calm expression and said: “I have also received elder madam’s orders to come and check up on Lady Yao. As for a traitorous servant appearing in the manor, this is something that is still being investigated. I trust that a satisfactory answer will be provided shortly to imperial daughter.”

Xuan Tian Ge waved her hand, “Why are you giving me an answer! You need to give A-Heng an answer.” Saying this, she stood up and welcomed Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming into the yard. “Ninth brother, A-Heng, you’ve returned!”

Kang Yi was startled and quickly turned around to look. Sure enough, it was Feng Yu Heng pushing Xuan Tian Ming’s wheelchair while walking into the yard. The two looked to be quite well, and they did not appear to be tired in the slightest. They were completely different from the disheveled Feng Jin Yuan that had returned during the day. She really wondered, had Feng Yu Heng really kneeled for an entire night at the imperial palace as Feng Jin Yuan had described? Why did it seem like Feng Jin Yuan was completely unable to walk, while she seemed completely fine and could even push a wheelchair?

While she was filled with doubts, this group of people passed by her side without even looking at her, going straight into the room.

Kang Yi was a little embarrassed and wanted to follow behind them. As a result, Xuan Tian Ge stopped her: “You said that you received orders from elder madam Feng to come and see madam?”

Kang Yi nodded: “Indeed, that is the case.”

“Tsk!” Xuan Tian Ge was very impolite and rolled her eyes, “Such a joke. What right does she have to send all these people over here? Not to mention the people being sent, even if she came herself, it’s unlikely that she could enter Tong Sheng pavilion. Alright, go back. The current wife visiting the former wife, as I see it, it’s you that is ill, right?” After saying this, she entered the room without looking back. She then closed the door from the inside.

Like this, Kang Yi was stopped outside. The refusal had been a huge slap to her face. Even if it was the eldest princess who had become accustomed to seeing this sort of scene, she still felt that she was about to have no dignity left.

The servant that had followed along with her, Xia Chan, advised her: “Madam, let’s go back. Elder madam knows what sort of temper this side has. Being unable to see them is fine. She will not blame madam.”

What could Kang Yi say? Even if the matriarch wanted to assign blame, she could only accept it. She turned and began to leave. While leaving, she said: “It’s not that I did not put in any effort. You also heard what imperial daughter Wu Yang said about elder madam. There is nothing the eldest princess of a foreign country can do.”

Of course, Xia Chan could understand what she meant. She wanted her to tell the matriarch about what imperial daughter Wu Yang had said to provoke the matriarch’s anger. Xia Chan helplessly said: “This servant will report it, but what can be done just by reporting it? Can elder madam come to fight with imperial daughter Wu Yang? Madam might not know, but not a single person in Da Shun’s imperial family is reasonable.”

Kang Yi had been sent away by Xuan Tian Ge. Back in Yao shi’s room, the imperial physician had used some unknown method, but Xuan Tian Hua told them: “Madam has already been awake for the entire day and has not had any episodes.”

Feng Yu Heng was a little pleasantly surprised and asked the imperial physician: “Do you have a strange trick for treating addiction to spirit-altering drug?”

The imperial physician had a bitter expression and shook his head, “How could there be a strange trick for dealing with spirit-altering drug! County princess is also someone that practices medicine, so this old doctor will not hide it from you. I only used some medicine to delay the time of madam’s next attack. This medicine is also one that Lord Yao left behind at that time. He said that it could be used three to fives times, but it could not be used any more than that. It would harm the body.”

Feng Yu Heng was disappointed. Sitting next to the bed, she grabbed Yao shi’s hand: “Mother, I’m sorry. It was A-Heng that failed to take care of you.”

Yao shi repeatedly shook her head, “How could this be blamed on you. A-Heng, you should not blame concubine mother An and Xiang Rong. This is unrelated to them. At first, they did not send pastries every day. It was because I wanted to eat them that I asked them to make some more. You must not…”

“Mother, don’t worry.” She patted the back of Yao shi’s hand, “I will thoroughly investigate this matter. I will not wrongly accuse anyone. You just take care of getting better. It’s not as though there is no way of treating spirit-altering drug. A-Heng naturally has a method for helping you get better.”

She took care of helping Yao shi lie down then watched her slowly fall asleep. Only then did she leave the room with everyone else.

The imperial physician left behind a bit of medicine then left. Xuan Tian Ge was anxious and rushed to ask her: “A-Heng, can you really treat it?”

She sighed and said to herself that it would be odd if she could treat it. Addiction was never something that relied on treatment. It could only rely on quitting then enduring. If Yao shi could endure, everything would be easy to handle. If she could not, it would all be pointless.

“It’s fine. I naturally have my methods.” She did not want to cause Xuan Tian Ge to worry, so she hurried them and said: “The sky is already dark. Quickly go back. When you get back, tell Aunty Lan that I can treat it. Don’t have her worry too.” After saying this, she turned to look at Xuan Tian Hua, “Seventh brother, please send her back.”

Xuan Tian Hua nodded, “Don’t worry.”

Only after sending those two off did the remaining Xuan Tian Ming say: “Heng Heng, I never believed that you were suited to remaining in the inner courtyard to engage in these roundabout battles with other girls. Come with me to the military camp. Only there can you return to the appearance that you should have.”

When had she not been thinking about this? When had she not thought about when she brought her Divine Intent army into the mountains to train before the end of the year?

Xuan Tian Ming said: “The Feng family is investigating the matter, and it is not something that can be thoroughly investigated in a day or two. Moreover, what large manor does not have a few souls that died unjustly? Which family does not have fights between wives and concubines? When you fight with them, when will you come out ahead? Previously, when I first saw you come back from the Northwest, you had a great deal of resentment, so I allowed you to get back the years that the Feng family owed you. Now, although you have not finished collecting this debt, you can ease up a little for now. For some things, the less you investigate, the more clues will begin to surface. When the truth is revealed, the entire net can be pulled up. This will also save you some effort. Also, it is time to review our Divine Intent army. Feng Yu Heng, in the military camp, your life will shine bright!”

The enthusiasm and expectation in her body had been ignited once more. She turned to look in the direction of the Feng manor. In an instant, she recalled all of the memories from the moment that she returned to the manor the previous year. It was like a movie from the 21st century with images and sounds. She could see Chen shi being acrimonious and deceitful. She could see the matriarch greed for profits. She could see Feng Chen Yu’s sinister personality, and she could see Feng Fen Dai’s willful obstinance. There was also Feng Zi Hao’s lustful face and Feng Jin Yuan’s weak feelings of familial love.

She had once hated this family. She had once promised the original owner to get revenge. Now, she did not know if this vengeance had been considered complete or not, but that Feng manor was still the same Feng manor as before. Under her immense pressure, many people had already received their retribution. In exchange for the life of the body’s original owner, it seemed to be enough.

“You are right.” She retracted her gaze and looked at Xuan Tian Ming, “I previously thought that before I turned 15, I feared that I would need to spend my time slowly enduring in this manor. But you gave me a different life. You gave me a place to look forward to. You are right. At the military camp, I will shine. Since I have decided to live a bright life, how could I spend my days quietly living in the large manor?”

When she spoke, her eyes lit up. Her lips also curled up into a beautiful arc. It was as though she had already seen an incredibly grand army, and it seemed as though she had witnessed the conquering of the world.

“Give me three days!” She said, “I need to arrange things with Tong Sheng pavilion then stabilize mother’s condition. Also… Xuan Tian Ming, I want to bring mother along with me. Is that okay?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Why not.”

“I heard… the army does not allow women to enter.”

He smiled and said: “The rule is that way, but in the Northwest Army, I am the rules.”

“Good!” She raised her small face and reached her hands toward Xuan Tian Ming. Seeing him also reach out his hand, she took the initiative to grab them and said: “I promise you. In three days, we will return to the military camp!”
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