Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 301 – You Really Are Lower Than Low
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 301 – You Really Are Lower Than Low

You Really Are Lower Than Low

To the side, Kang Yi was a little shocked. She had heard that the Feng family’s second young miss was fierce, but she never thought that she would be able to force Feng Jin Yuan back like this.

“Father, listen. If someone wants to kill A-Heng, A-Heng is fine with not relying on the family to take action. I can get revenge for myself. But if someone dares to harm Zi Rui, even if it’s the king of heaven, the Feng family must take action and tear off their head for me. This is the most basic principle of being a father. Allowing villains to harm your family then ignoring it out of common interests, that is something that even wolves, swine and dogs can’t do. Father, think it over carefully.”

Feng Jin Yuan was both furious and afraid. Feng Yu Heng was blatantly saying that he was lower than low, but how could he distinguish it? If he were to change, then he would have to completely eradicate the Chen family. If he did not change, then he would be admitting that he did not even care in the slightest about his own son. He truly would be lower than low.

In an instant, Feng Jin Yuan’s forehead became covered in cold sweat.

But at this time, something tightened around his wrist. It was a woman’s hand that had a bit of warmth and kindness, and it was also resolute.

He turned his head and saw that it was Kang Yi.

“Protecting one’s children is human nature. As a parent, when a child runs into danger, they should rush into the fire without regard for their own safety. They also must save their children from that danger. Moreover, something as trivial as relatives, Lord Feng-” She slightly shook her head and said: “Do not fear.”

The words “Do not fear” were like a promise to Feng Jin Yuan, as his heart was suddenly filled with a bit of hope.

The Chen family was a family that he found very difficult to completely stamp out. At this time, compared to a promise from Kang Yi, it was already insignificant.

He nodded then said: “You are correct.” He then turned to Feng Yu Heng and straightened his body, saying with confidence- “As a parent, protecting my children is natural. Regardless of whether it’s your or Zi Rui, if someone dares to harm you, they are my, Feng Jin Yuan’s, enemy.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at the father that had become excited by Kang Yi and suddenly realized that Kang Yi would be even harder to deal with than expected. A woman that was able to help her younger brother ascend the throne, who knew how much trouble she would bring to the Feng family.

“Good.” She stared at Feng Jin Yuan fiercely and said: “I hope that father will remember what you said today. If the children of the Feng family are harmed again, I hope that father will be able to do as you said and will seek justice for us.”

“Naturally.” Feng Jin Yuan was no longer afraid, but he did not want to look at Chen Yu, as he asked Xu Jing Yuan: “Lord Xu, this prime minister definitely will not tolerate the person that harmed the children of the Feng family! Regardless of whether they are relatives, would Lord Xu conduct business as usual! Punish them without leniency!”

Xu Jing Yuan nodded, “Sure enough, Prime minister Feng truly hates evil. Being able to be the daughter of the Feng family is really fortunate!” These words a slap to the face, and Feng Jin Yuan felt a little guilty; however, he heard Xu Jing Yuan add: “Since this case involves the court’s standard first rank official and county princess Ji An, this lowly official does not dare neglect it. Once the case was solved, the report was sent directly into the palace to the Emperor. Just last night, the Emperor has already ordered for the Chen family’s properties to be seized. Everyone within nine generations of relation to the Chen family has become wanted criminals.”

“What did you say?” Chen Yu was finally unable to hold it in. Taking a step forward, she firmly grabbed Xu Jing Yuan’s arm: “Say it again. What is the Emperor going to do with the Chen family?”

Feng Jin Yuan became furious- “Impudent! This is improper. Quickly let go!”

Chen Yu was startled and subconsciously moved her hand, but she still anxiously asked: “Quickly speak. What happened to the Chen family?”

Xu Jing Yuan’s expression remained the same, as he repeated himself clearly for her: “His Majesty handed down an order. The Chen family plotted to harm county princess Ji An, plotted to harm his Majesty’s junior disciple and injured the eldest daughter of the court’s prime minister. Their properties are to be confiscated and nine generations of the family exterminated.”


Chen Yu dropped the ground in fear.

Nine generations of the family exterminated! At this time, she began to wonder, did she count as part of the nine generations?

Feng Yu Heng understood Chen Yu too well. Seeing the horror on her face, how could she be pitying the Chen family. She was clearly wondering about herself, thus she opened her mouth and said in a cold voice: “Eldest sister, don’t worry. You are part of the Feng family tree. You don’t have any relation to the Chen family in the slightest.”

Upon hearing her, Chen Yu clearly let out a sigh of relief. Only then did she begin to cry over the Chen family.

Seeing her sit on the ground and cry, Xu Jing Yuan was very puzzled, “Eldest young miss Feng, please forgive this lowly one for asking something improper. Even if that Chen family is related to you, since they had intended to bring harm to you, there is no need for eldest young miss to worry about this relationship. The Emperor also said it. Once the people of the Chen family are found, there is no need to capture them then send them to the capital. They can be punished on the spot. Only the head needs to be brought to the capital to report the completion of the order.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s heart was filled with shock. The Emperor had actually become so angry. This…

He turned his head to Feng Yu Heng and immediately understood. This was to protect Feng Yu Heng. Although the Chen family had tried many times to deal with Feng Yu Heng, they had not succeeded once; however, to the imperial family, it was still a pest. Now that Feng Yu Heng was equivalent to a national treasure, whoever she did not get along with, the entirety of Da Shun would not get along with. In this sort of situation, he had to stand firm. Regardless of whether or not he had Kang Yi’s support, he could not protect the Chen family.

Thinking this point through, Feng Jin Yuan immediately made his position clear: “The Emperor has declared it! The Chen family should be put to death!”

When Xu Jing Yuan left, it was Feng Yu Heng that personally sent him out. As a high-ranking official, it would not be appropriate for him to go along. There was even less reason for Kang Yi to go send him off. The matriarch was an elder, so only Feng Yu Heng was suited for this situation.

The two arrived at the manor’s gates, and Xu Jing Yuan received his horsewhip from a male servant. In no rush to climb onto his horse, he turned around and saluted Feng Yu Heng: “For this one named Xu to have a day like today is thanks to county princess and his Highness the seventh prince. County princess, please do not worry. This one named Xu will definitely do my best to protect the peace of the citizens in the capital along with the peace of county princess.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Many thanks Lord Xu. The matter with the Chen family will require a little more attention from Lord Xu. Without mentioning the others, the head of the third eldest Chen, Chen Wan Liang, is one this county princess absolutely must have.” Saying this, she pulled out a bank note that had been folded into a small square from her sleeve then handed it over, “Lord Xu, find a way. His Highness the seventh prince and his Highness the ninth prince definitely will not neglect you.”

Xu Jing Yuan was not modest, as he received the banknote then said: “It’s the new year. This one named Xu thanks county princess for the grand gift. It’s cold and windy outside. County princess should return quickly. This one named Xu will take care of those matters properly.” After saying this, he turned and climbed onto his horse then left.

When Feng Yu Heng returned, the people of the Feng family had already returned to the hall. Chen Yu was helped back and sat next to Kang Yi. Ru Jia stood to the side and said with some irritation: “You think of him as an uncle, but he tried to kill you. Say, who are you crying for?”

Kang Yi scolded her: “Shut your mouth.”

“I am not wrong.” Ru Jia became unhappy, “If uncle emperor wanted to kill me, then he would deserve to die. Ru Jia would not cry for him! Anyone that wants to kill me is not a good person!”

Clap, clap, clap! The sound of three claps rang out, as Feng Yu Heng walked in and said: “Princess Ru Jia’s true temperament is truly admirable.”

She was sincerely praising Ru Jia. Although what she said sounded a little willful, that was how the logic worked. A person’s life had more value than the heavens. No person had the right to take another’s life. Once anyone dared to take a loved one’s life, not only were they not good people, they deserved to die.

Nobody disagreed with what these two said. The Feng family already hated the Chen family to the core, but the Chen family has previously held the Feng family’s weak spot. In the most crucial moments, they would slam down a pile of money, and they would hit the mark every time.

But now, Feng Jin Yuan seemed to be looking for an even larger mountain to lean on. In the face of that even better support, the Chen family had become a worthless piece. That was why he agreed with Ru Jia’s basic points. He even said to Chen Yu: “Remember, you are the Feng family’s daughter. From this day onward, there is no longer a trace of any relations between the Feng family and the Chen family.”

Chen Yu did not respond. She did not shake her head, nor did she nod, as she continued to cry.

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “It seems eldest sister’s disposition is like father’s and is very righteous. But eldest sister, please remember. You are a daughter of a concubine, and Chen shi is a concubine of the Feng family. The maternal family of a concubine cannot even be considered relatives. If you are going to weep for and pity the Chen family, are you willing to give up your status as the daughter of a concubine of the Feng family to share the burden of the Chen family? That burden is having your property taken and being exterminated. You must think carefully.”

Feng Chen Yu immediately understood, as she immediately stopped sobbing. The idea of having her property taken and being exterminated caused her face to turn pale white. The tears that had surged up were held in her eyes. Gritting her teeth, she forcefully held them back.

That’s right. She could not cry. The Chen family had run into a dead end. In this sort of situation, she definitely could not become related to the Chen family at all.

After thinking it through, she immediately set aside her tears and quickly said to Feng Jin Yuan: “It was just daughter’s wound hurting a little earlier. I was crying because of the pain and not because of anything related to the Chen family.” She thought a little more and decided to burn her means of retreat by adding: “Daughter knows about a few of the Chen family’s third master’s hiding spots. When the family feast has concluded, I will personally pay a visit to the government office and report to the governor. It will be considered… me expressing my attitude towards the Feng family.”

Feng Jin Yuan repeatedly nodded upon hearing this. Even the matriarch was unable to stop herself from praising her: “This is considered being sensible.”

Seeing that Chen Yu no longer cried, Feng Jin Yuan quickly urged everyone to continue eating. With two incidents occurring back to back, nobody aside from Feng Yu Heng, who had eaten without a care in the world, had been able to eat much.

The matriarch was a little embarrassed, “The dishes have already gone cold. Have the chef remake them!”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, and just as he was about to inform a servant, Kang Yi stopped him: “No need. Qian Zhou is many times colder than Da Shun. After the dishes are brought out, they will all become cold within a few bites. We are already accustomed to it. There is no need to trouble the servants any further. First, it’s already no easy for anyone. Second, it would truly be too much of a waste to bring new dishes up. The Feng manor is large, and so is the family. Although you may not care about this table of food, diligence is something that is slowly built up. Otherwise, no matter how strong a family’s foundation is, there will always come a day when that wealth is spent up.”

The more the matriarch heard, the more she felt the eldest princess of Qian Zhou was too great. She was dignified with her speech, and she was very clear in what she said. She also honest and amiable. How could she possibly find any problems with her?

As for Feng Jin Yuan, he did not listen to any of this. His mind was focused on the hand that had been placed on his arm. Although this was through thick Winter clothing, he was still able to feel Kang Yi’s warmth. He felt his heart begin to race. This sort of feeling, regardless of when he married Yao shi, Chen shi, An shi, Han shi or Jin Zhen, it was one that he had never felt before.

In this life, Feng Jin Yuan had two official wives. One named Yao and one named Chen. One was for power and one was for wealth, and the concubines were for his lust. Now, he suddenly found that power, wealth and desire all lay in the pinnacle that was Kang Yi, who had appeared before him. The heart that he had never truly devoted to anyone suddenly began to revive itself…
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