Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 254 – Murder!
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 254 – Murder!


It was a cloth bag, and something was bulging inside of it.

Fen Dai was only focused on Chen Yu and did not bother looking down.

But Feng Chen Yu saw it, and Yi Lin also saw it.

In that instant, both of their faces became pale, especially Yi Lin, who secretly moaned about the situation. Of course she knew what was inside the bag. The Chen family had cut ties with the Feng family, but it had continued to maintain a secret relationship with Chen Yu. Especially the third master, Chen Wan Liang, who would often help Chen Yu. Inside that cloth bag, was a letter that had recently been sent by Chen Wan Liang to Chen Yu. He had often advised Chen Yu to burn them, but Chen Yu never agreed, instead keeping and sticking them inside a vase.

Now that the vase had been smashed by the fourth young miss, how could this be a good thing.

Feng Fen Dai smashed the vase and waited for a while, but she saw that the master and servant did not react as she had hoped. Instead, they stared at the ground. Their gazes did not seem to be looking at the shattered vase, so she felt that it was odd. Looking down, she found that there was something hidden inside the vase.

“What is this?” Fen Dai was extremely pleased by this surprise. Being able to find something that had been secretly hidden meant that she would have control of Feng Chen Yu’s life!

Thinking like this, she immediately bent down and picked up the cloth bag. But she did not think that Chen Yu would also suddenly rush over. Forcefully pushing, she was pushed to the ground.

Fen Dai fell to ground sideways, and a piece of the broken red vase cut her face, immediately causing blood to flow.

Pei’er saw that Fen Dai’s face had been injured and immediately became flustered. Without any time to worry about fighting for the thing with Feng Chen Yu and her servant, she knelt down at Fen Dai’s side and repeatedly asked her: “Fourth young miss, were you hurt anywhere else? Does it hurt? Quickly remove your hand. Cuts must not be covered!”

And at this time, Feng Chen Yu gave Yi Lin a look. Yi Lin immediately understood what she meant. Picking up the cloth bag from the ground, she ran out.

Fen Dai went crazy and pushed Pei’er away, loudly shouting: “Don’t worry about me! Quickly go chase her down! I absolutely must have that thing!”


“No buts! Quickly go!”

Pei’er was helpless. Looking at Fen Dai, she stomped then turned to chase after Yi Lin.

Only then did she sit up on the ground and fiercely glare at Feng Chen Yu, loudly shouting: “You want to kill me?”

Chen Yu saw the the injury to Fen Dai’s face, but she was not panicked at all. Instead, she felt happy on the inside, but she kept a worried expression on her face, as she repeatedly asked: “Fourth sister, what are you doing? Breaking a vase, elder sister will not blame you for, but there is no need for this. Quickly get up, the floor is cold.” Saying this, she went to help Fen Dai up.

Fen Dai suddenly shouted “Scram!” Then quickly stood up from the ground. The blood still lingered on her cheeks, as her expression became frosty. “Feng Chen Yu, you hid something that can not be seen in a vase, and it was discovered by me, yet you still deny it? Not a chance! Today, I will definitely tell grandmother about it. I will have her properly tidy you up!”

“Fourth sister.” Chen Yu was extremely anxious, “What is happening with you? Did you hurt your head in the fall? How come you’re speaking nonsense? When did I hide anything in my vase? Where is this thing?”

“Stop pretending!” Fen Dai began shouting, “Feng Chen Yu, you have been pretending ever since you were young. Others say you are a Bodhisattva, but I know that you are nothing but a poisonous snake!”

With her screaming like this, the servants in the yard could no longer pretend that they could not hear it. Because Chen Yu usually only spoke to Yi Lin, the other servants did not need to take care of her, and they were not permitted to enter her bedroom. Thus the servants all worked far from this room. But now, Chen Yu’s room was rowdy to this degree, so it would be hard to explain if they did not go in now. Thus a few servants ran in. Upon entering, they saw the blood on Fen Dai’s face, as she pointed at Feng Chen Yu and cursed wildly.

A servant who had been closer to the door was fortunate enough to see Fen Dai deliberately break the vase. At that time, she became emotional and ran to gossip about it to the other servants, thus she did not see what had followed. Now that she saw her master suffering a loss, she felt that she had to express herself. Raising her voice, she said “Fourth young miss, you are too much of a bully! Not to mention breaking eldest young miss’ favorite red vase, you even curse at eldest young miss. She is your elder sister!”

Another servant that had heard about the fourth young miss breaking the vase also spoke up, saying: “That’s right. We all saw that you were the one that broke the vase.”

Feng Chen Yu felt that the servants of this courtyard were cute for the first time, thus she said with even more grief: “Fourth sister, this many pairs of eyes saw it. I do not blame you for breaking my vase, but you accidentally cutting your face needs a doctor to quickly be called!”

Feng Fen Dai understood her situation. She herself had been left in a wolf’s den. She would not be able to reason with this group of people at all, so she pushed her way out. While pushing, she looked to see if Pei’er had returned or not.

Chen Yu saw that she wanted to leave and quickly chased a couple steps, saying: “Where is younger sister going? Let eldest sister call a doctor for you! It would not be good if a scar were left on your face!”

Fen Dai was startled and suddenly pointed at Chen Yu: “Don’t you come over here! Don’t come over here! Feng Chen Yu, you are a murderer! If my face is ruined, I will definitely choke you to death!”

After saying this, she turned around and ran away. While running, she cried. While crying, she shouted: “Murder! Eldest sister murdered someone!”

Chen Yu looked at the person who ran away, and a layer of frost appeared to cover her face.

Feng Fen Dai, this was it meant to reap what you sow. It would be good if your face was ruined. With your face ruined, we’ll see how you plan to be arrogant. Even if Feng Yu Heng had the ability to fix it, you don’t have the money.

“Young miss.” A maidservant quietly spoke up, “What should we do now?”

Chen Yu glanced at the servant and recognized that it was the one who had identified Fen Dai as the one who broke the vase. Her name was Xing’er.

“Xing’er, come with me to see grandmother. Just repeat what you said earlier.” Xing’er was moved and immediately realized that she was going to be of use to the young miss. Happy, she repeatedly nodded, “Don’t worry, young miss. This servant knows what to say.”

“Un.” Chen Yu agreed while taking a few steps out. Looking in the direction Yi Lin had run towards, she felt a wave of anxiety: “Go look to see if Yi Lin has returned yet.”

“Yes.” Immediately, a servant ran in that direction. Not long later, she turned back, “Sister Yi Lin has returned!”

Sure enough, behind her was a pale-faced Yi Lin. Chen Yu saw that her hands were empty. When she looked behind her, she did not see Fen Dai’s servant, Pei’er. She could not help but begin to panic, as she anxiously asked “What happened? What happened to the person chasing you?” She really wanted to ask about the item, but there were many people around, so she was unable to ask.

Yi Lin, however, looked at her in confusion, “What person? Eldest young miss, this servant’s stomach was not feeling well. Just now I went to the latrine! Why would there be a person following this servant?” Saying this, she winked to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu immediately understood and backtracked, saying: “It’s nothing. I misspoke. I wanted to ask if your stomach was feeling better.”

Yi Lin bowed, “Many thanks young miss for the concern. This servant is much better.”

“Then come with me for a trip over to Shu Ya courtyard.” Taking a step, she headed towards the exit of the courtyard, “Just now, fourth sister’s hand slipped and smashed my vase. She then carelessly cut her own face. I truly feel apologetic. Although it is not my fault, she was hurt in my room. It would be best if I went to acknowledge my mistakes to grandmother.”

The two servants looked at each other and nodded, with Xing’er saying: “Fourth young miss is truly too careless. This servant personally saw her breaking eldest young miss’ vase. Sister Yi Lin also saw it, right?”

At the beginning, Yi Lin did not know why Xing’er would be following Chen Yu, but now that she heard this, she understood. She was clearly a witness.

Thus she nodded, “You are right. I also saw it. In a while, we need to tell elder madam about it clearly.”

The three moved quickly, rushing straight for Shu Ya courtyard. Just as they entered the courtyard, they heard a cry from a long distance away. It sounded miserable as though a relative had died, and the cries were practically wailing.

Chen Yu could not help but frown. Feng Fen Dai rushing here was truly a good plan.

Seeing that Chen Yu had come, one of Shu Ya courtyard’s servants quickly went over and said in a lively manner: “Fourth young miss ran inside crying, saying that eldest young miss cut her face.”

“Eldest young miss, quickly go in and take a look. She is presently in elder madam’s bedroom.”

Chen Yu nodded, “I will go in immediately, but how can fourth sister say that I cut her? She clearly cut herself when she fell!”

How could this servant know the truth. She only knew that the few young misses of the manor spent each day fighting. Fighting openly and secretly, perhaps there was another mess.

Feng Chen Yu brought the two servants and quickly entered the matriarch’s bedroom. The closer they got, the louder the cries became. When they entered the bedroom, they heard Fen Dai’s voice “Although granddaughter is a bit willful, and perhaps I said some things that may have offended eldest sister, they should not be worthy of the death penalty! Eldest sister wanted to kill me today, and that scared me to death. Grandmother, if granddaughter ran away any slower, I would have lost my life!”

At this time, the matriarch was seated cross-legged on her bed. Her head ached from Fen Dai’s cries. She already had trouble sleeping the previous night, so she wanted to catch up on some sleep. She had even put off the routine paying of respects, but she did not think that this girl would still come knocking.

“How could your eldest sister kill you?” The matriarch truly did not dare believe Fen Dai.

Fen Dai pointed at the wound on her face as evidence: “Grandmother! Look at Fen Dai’s injury! This was caused by eldest sister using a knife! If it were not for Fen Dai running quickly, her knife would have stabbed into my belly!”

Chen Yu was speechless from listening. This Feng Fen Dai was a little too good at lying. Where did a knife come from? When did she have a knife?

Yi Lin, however, laughed and quietly reminded her: “Fourth young miss has blocked off her own path of retreat. She has no witness nor material evidence. This can not be blamed on us.”

Chen Yu really wanted to ask where Pei’er had gone, but she knew that this was not the time for that question. She could only endure and take a few steps forward. Blinking a few times, she managed to squeeze out a couple tears “Fourth sister, how can you frame your sister like this? When did elder sister use a knife!”

Seeing Chen Yu arrive, the matriarch quickly said: “You came at just the right time. Quickly come tell me, what exactly happened?”

“Grandmother, save me!” Upon seeing Chen Yu, Fen Dai immediately stood up and tried to jump into the matriarch’s bed.

Granny Zhao quickly stopped her: “Fourth young miss, you absolutely must not! Elder madam’s illness has not completely healed and can not endure being rushed at!”

“But eldest sister wants to kill me! Grandmother, quickly save me! Fen Dai does not want to die!” Saying this, she began crying and screaming once more.

The matriarch looked at the blood that began flowing because of her cries. More and more came out, and it even reached her neck. She nearly called for a doctor out of fear, but at this time, she heard a scream even more extraordinary than Fen Dai’s “My daughter! If you died, how should I live on!”
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