Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 243 – Unexpected Confession
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 243 – Unexpected Confession

Unexpected Confession

“It isn’t?” The old doctor was stunned, “But this lowly one has practiced medicine for many years, and these people have very similar symptoms to those who have been poisoned by a zhen!”

Feng Yu Heng smiled wryly, “The zhen is a type of bird that is rare and abnormal. I previously only heard about it through rumors but have never seen one. As for the poison of a zhen, it is something that was even more of a rumor passed down by others. What exactly is the poison like, and who can say for certain? Moreover, if the data is true, then the poison from a zhen is extremely poisonous, so how could it leave us so much time to save them. Once a person comes in contact with it, they would die.”

The old doctor also began to ponder upon hearing this. After thinking about it, he came to an understanding. The so-called poison from a zhen was truly just something of a rumor. He had lived for half a lifetime, but he had never seen anyone bring out a bottle of poison from a zhen.

But there was still something that puzzled him: “If it was not poison from a zhen, what could it be?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “I don’t know either. I have not studied too much about poisons.” Even if she had studied them thoroughly, what could she do? When the people of the ancient era were bored, they happily fiddled with these things. Most of the time, they mixed different poisons together. Some of the plants that were used no longer existed in the later eras. How could she understand all of them. “But it does not matter what it is because if I am to resolve this situation, I only know a few ways to deal with poison.”

She had more or less recovered, so she climbed off of Xuan Tian Ming then ordered Qian Li: “Bring some people along to look around. There might still be some people who were more heavily poisoned and did not wake up even after vomiting. Bring those people to the entrance of my tent.”

“Yes.” Qian Li complied and left with a group of people.

The doctor asked Feng Yu Heg: “What about the others? Will this detoxify them?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Just doing this is not enough to clear out the remaining poison. In a while, I will prepare another medicine. You guys should go fetch more river water. Only after taking the medicine can we feel at ease. All that will remain is observation. Once someone has relapsed, come and find me.”

After she finished speaking, she pushed Xuan Tian Ming towards her tent. Huang Quan’s group of three also followed. Having experienced giving intramuscular injections this time, they already thought that they were indispensable assistants to Feng Yu Heng. Even Ban Zou was very interested in the usage of this new hidden weapon.

After returning to the tent, she once again began to take things from her sleeve.

Xuan Tian Ming ordered the other three to turn around, as Feng Yu Heng pulled out even more things than she did earlier. Also, she continued to pull things out until they were nearly drowning in boxes of medicine. Only then did she stop.

The pharmacy only had so much medicine. Looking at the pile of medicine helplessly, she knew that there definitely was not enough for twenty thousand soldiers. Fortunately, once a soldier ingested the medicine, the pharmacy would automatically replenish it. So long as she continuously sent them out, it would be fine.

But… Feng Yu Heng felt that the pair of eyes that were revealed by Xuan Tian Ming’s golden mask viewed her as some sort of monster. Not to mention the ancient people, even if she did this in front of people from the 21st century, they would treat her as a little white lab mouse, right?

Everyone admired Doraemon’s obtaining bag, but if Doraemon truly did suddenly appear, would he really be able to peacefully coexist with everyone like in the anime?

“Don’t go thinking about trivial matters.” Xuan Tian Ming could see the absent-mindedness on the girl’s face. Even just guessing, he could guess what she was thinking, “You saved all of the soldiers from the camp, so you are their benefactor. You are also my benefactor. Heng Heng, you will be living with me for a lifetime. No matter what you are like, I will want you.”

She was choked with emotion and lowered her head. Hiding her head behind some boxes, she did not want him to see her eyes turn slightly red.

Fortunately, with his back to this scene, Ban Zou said in a timely manner: “Are you ready?”

Only then did Feng Yu Heng have something to say “It’s done, it’s done.” Seeing the three turn around, she then said: “You guys will go and hand out these medicines. Each person needs to take two pills, and take them with water. After you have handed them out, come back here for more.”

Each of the three carried a pile and set out. Feng Yu Heng waited for a while. Estimating that a good number of people had already ingested the medicines, she continued to pull out more from her sleeve.

And at this time, the soldiers who had been more seriously poisoned were lined up on the ground in a row outside the tent. When she went out to take a look, she felt her head swell once more.

After the vomit-inducing intramuscular injection, there were still a few hundred soldiers that did not wake up. This was truly enough to cause a headache for anyone.

There was nothing she could do. She could only take care of personally setting up infusions for these soldiers. As for the infusions, they were goods specifically used to deal with a variety of illnesses taken from the military. Even if it was the 21st century, it was not sold to the public, only being used internally by the military.

After handling the mess, they worked until noon the next day. Now that all of the soldiers were waking up, Feng Yu Heng advised Qian Li to give the soldiers medicine once every two hours, and each time they should be given two pills. This would continue until they completely recovered.

Xuan Tian Ming also ordered for everyone to go eat breakfast next to the river, where the river water could be used. The six wells in the camp were sealed and no longer used.

Finally able to rest, Feng Yu Heng slept for two days and two nights. She also suffered from wild dreams for those two days and two nights. Her dream went from her time in the military in the 21st century to the military camp in Da Shun Country. For a while, she dreamed of the small apartment she purchased, and another she dreamed of the open and hidden struggle within the Feng manor.

Just like this, she slept in a daze. When she woke up, she felt as though something was lightly pressing down on the area between her eyebrows.

She opened her eyes and saw Xuan Tian Ming sitting next to her bed, his right index finger on between her eyebrows, repeatedly massaging it.

Seeing her wake up, Xuan Tian Ming revealed a smile, “If you continued to sleep, I would have called a doctor to examine you.”

Feng Yu Heng asked him in a daze: “What are you doing?”

He said: “I saw that you were not sleeping well due to some dreams, and your brows were tightly furrowed. I just wanted to relieve that tightness. But I do not know precisely how many things you are thinking about. I sat here for two hours, but it was still no good.”

She was a little panicked. This man had sat here to massage the area between her eyebrows, and he had done it for two hours?

“Are you stupid?” She sniffled then sat up, “The state of a person’s dream can not be changed by external factors. Even if you give me a massage, if I am having a nightmare, it would not help relieve it.”

“Then what sort of nightmare did you have?” He wanted to get to the root of the matter.

Feng Yu Heng was slightly startled then quickly recalled how she had been in the helicopter right before she woke up. The chopper had been flying steadily until she suddenly heard a clanking sound. Before she could search for the source of the sound, an explosion that could not be protected against occurred.

“It was a messy dream, and I can not quite remember anything.” She told a lie. The explosion of the helicopter in her previous life was a mental burden for her. That clanking sound was clearly an explosive, but what sort of person wanted to cause her death? Who exactly hated her that much?

There were some things that she did not want to think about because she knew that even if she discovered the truth, she could no longer return. Since that was the case, rather than finding the enemy, it would be better not to know.

“Get up and eat some food.” Xuan Tian Ming directly pulled her from the bed and picked her up, “You slept for two days and two nights. Even just sitting at your side, I could hear your belly grumbling.”

She giggled and hugged him around his neck, as she stared straight at the purple lotus flower before her eyes. She liked it no matter how she looked at it. Swaying, she brought her pinky finger up and poked it through the hole in the mask. Just like how he gently massaged her brow, she also pressed against that lotus, as some words escaped her mouth “Xuan Tian Ming, I like you.”

Out of nowhere, she confessed.

Xuan Tian Ming was still holding this girl in his hands, and the two were very close. He could feel her body heat, and she could feel his heartbeat.

She said: “Xuan Tian Ming, I like you. Ever since I saw you for the first time, I came to like you. At that time, I had nobody to rely on, and you gave me 20 taels of silver. Relying on that 20 taels, I returned to the capital. Before I even entered the capital, I saw you once again. Tell me, could it be that we were brought together by fate?”

He also said: “Feng Yu Heng, I also like you. Ever since I saw you for the first time, I came to like you. At that time, I was in a dire situation, and you gave me a bottle of medicine. Relying on that bottle of medicine to suppress the pain, I escaped that mountain and returned to the capital. Before I even entered the capital, I saw you once again. Tell me, could it be that we are also involved?”

She laughed, and he also laughed. Only after Huang Quan gently coughed outside did they reluctantly separate.

Huang Quan entered with food, and Bai Ze carried water. Xuan Tian Ming pinched her cheeks: “Get up, wash and eat a bit. The soldiers are still waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me?” Feng Yu Heng was puzzled, “Why are they waiting for me? It’s been two days and two nights. It’s not possible for them to not have gotten better.”

She had faith in the medicine that she provided. Normally, symptoms would gradually dissipate after 24 hours, so there was no reason for them to still not have gotten well.

“No good, I will go out and take a look first.” Saying this, she got out of bed to put on her shoes, but she was stopped by Huang Quan.

“My dear young miss! The soldiers have been well for a long time. They are just waiting to kowtow to you and thank you for your grace.”

Bai Ze also said: “When we came in, Qian Li already gathered them together. They are just waiting for you to go out after you finish eating.”

Feng Yu Heng was a little embarrassed, tugging at Xuan Tian Ming’s sleeve: “There’s no need for this, right? I am a doctor. Treating illnesses and saving people is my duty!”

Xuan Tian Ming helplessly said, “You always say that you are a doctor, but who exactly conferred you the title of doctor? You are clearly just a noble young miss. When did you become a doctor? Quickly wash up and eat. You saved the lives of all the soldiers in the camp. Not just them, even I must say thank you.”

Feng Yu Heng repeatedly waved her hands, “There is no need for this. If we go back and forth thanking each other, we will become distant.”

“Alright.” He nodded, “Then I won’t say it. I will let them say it themselves.”

She no longer argued, as she got out of bed and allowed Huang Quan to take care of washing her. She did not rush to eat, as she pushed Xuan Tian Ming and exited the tent first.

Unexpectedly, she was startled upon exiting the tent, as a full thirty thousand soldiers stood uniformly before her. Each of them looked at her with gratitude.

Qian Li was at the front. Taking a step forward, he arrived before Feng Yu Heng and loudly said: “County Princess Ji An is like the historical Hua Tuo, saving the soldiers of my military camp. This servant thanks county princess for the grace of saving their lives!”

After saying this, he dropped to the ground with a “thump” in front of Feng Yu Heng.

With him leading the way, the thirty thousand soldiers behind him also knelt on the ground. Looking at Feng Yu Heng with great energy, causing her fine hairs to stand on end.

This sort of shock was unprecedented. Starting from her previous life, she had never experienced anything like this before. Feng Yu Heng suddenly understood why everyone wanted to become the Emperor, especially when thirty thousand people cheered in unison.

“County princess Ji An is Hua Tuo reincarnate, this servant thanks county princess for the grace of saving my life! Thank you county princess Ji An for the grace of saving my life!”

TN: Here’s some information on Hua Tuo. He was a pretty interesting guy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hua_Tuo
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