Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 200 – Making a Massive Profit
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 200 – Making a Massive Profit

Making a Massive Profit

“Absolutely not!” Feng Jin Yuan immediately lost his temper, “After this much discussion, you’ve actually set your eyes on the Feng manor? Have you ever thought of how many people are living there? If you take the Feng manor, what will happen to them? Your grandmother dotes on you so much, so why do you never think a bit about her?”

Feng Yu Heng looked at the irritated father, whose neck had turned red in anger. She asked him with extreme confusion: “So father had no intention of paying back that one million?”

“How could I not repay it? When have I said I will not repay it?”

“Since you will repay the money, what are you worried about the Feng manor for? When the time comes and father has repaid the money, I will return the deed. This is a clear matter, what is there to dispute?”

“This…” Feng Jin Yuan was rendered speechless. Thinking more carefully, this logic was sound. But no matter what was said, using the Feng manor as collateral was not something he could accept. “Change the condition. The deed really can not be used.”

Feng Yu Heng lightly sighed and said: “It seems father does not have the ability to repay the money, otherwise there would not be this much of a dispute. Grandmother dotes on A-Heng so much, so how could A-Heng leave her without a residence to live in? But I do worry about what if there comes a day when his Highness the ninth prince comes to ask. I will need to give him an explanation.”

Feng Jin Yuan stopped talking and looked in the direction of the Feng manor. He then began to ponder.

One million was not a small amount. Although the Chen family had previously given much larger amounts of money, Feng Yu Heng could not be compared to the Chen family. The Chen family was a merchant family, so they were originally wealthy. As for Feng Yu Heng’s money, it was as she said. It all came from the Yu Palace, so she would indeed find it hard to give an explanation. Moreover, if the situation reached such a point, he could not say that he had borrowed one million taels to give to the third prince, right?

Thinking like this, he became resolute and nodded, saying: “Alright, father agrees with you, but you must promise that you will return the deed on the day that the money is repaid.”

“It’s settled then!” Feng Yu Heng said with a smiling face, “If father does not feel at ease, you can bring the agreement to the government to have it certified.”

“No need.” Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand then turned and returned to the room, “Father will write up the agreement for you. The deed is in Pine courtyard. In a moment, father will return to bring it over, and you can give the bank notes to me.”

“Naturally.” Feng Yu Heng looked at the agreement written by Feng Jin Yuan then applied her fingerprint. Only then did she nod, “Then daughter will wait for father to bring back the deed.”

Feng Jin Yuan did not say anything else, but he did safely store the agreement. Bringing along his personal servant, he quickly departed.

Seeing the two walk further away, Wang Chuan finally praised in admiration: “This servant really is amazed by young miss. The one million taels being used to deal with the disaster came from Feng Chen Yu. Now, another one million taels has been lent to Prime minister Feng, and it still came from Feng Chen Yu. That having been said, young miss, not only have you not spent a single cent, you’ve profited?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Correct, I have profited.”

“Then what does young miss want this much money for?” Wang Chuan was confused. Tong Sheng pavilion did not lack money. The Yu Palace lacked money even less?

Feng Yu Heng helplessly gave a wry smile, “Because the Emperor conferred me a piece of land, I inquired seventh brother about it, but Ji An county is extremely poor. Unless I have no intention of ever paying any attention to that piece of land, I can only use a large amount of money to handle the problems.” As she spoke, she recalled something, “About the mine given by his Highness the third prince, we will need to arrange for people to go take a look. I don’t know anything about those matters. When Xuan Tian Ming returns, remember to remind me to talk about it with him. Have him send people to manage it.”

Wang Chuan nodded, “This servant has remembered it. In truth, there is no need for young miss to worry about that jade mine. His Highness the third prince has run it for so many years, so it has already reached a certain degree of autonomy. Even if nobody managed it, so long as the salary continues to be paid, there will be workers that continue to work.”

Only then did Feng Yu Heng feel at ease.

Two hours later, Feng Jin Yuan once again returned and personally handed over the deed and the agreement to Feng Yu Heng. Feng Yu Heng also handed over the one million in bank notes to him.

The two agreed to make the exchange back on the day Feng Yu Heng reached the age of marriage.

The next day, Qing Shuang stood in Feng Yu Heng’s door early in the morning and said to her: “Someone came from the Feng manor’s side, inviting young miss to Shu Ya courtyard. They said it was Lord Feng who called for everyone to go over with something to discuss.”

Wang Chuan quickly fetched a cloak and put it on her, “The days are getting colder and colder. Young miss, you absolutely must not catch a cold.”

The two left Tong Sheng pavilion, with one in front and one behind. Because Tong Sheng pavilion was quite far away, they originally thought they should be the last to arrive. They did not, however, expect Han shi and Fen Dai to arrive even later than they had by five minutes.

The Feng matriarch was already able to sit in a chair, but she still needed support from granny Zhao and two harder cushions behind her back.

The matriarch found none of her granddaughters, aside from Feng Yu Heng, to be pleasing to the eye. She could still handle seeing Xiang Rong, but she revealed a disdainful expression to Chen Yu and Fen Dai. Even though Chen Yu was pouring her tea to ingratiate herself, she turned her head away to avoid looking at her. Others did not find it unusual, but when Chen Qing saw it, his heart filled with indignation.

He did not think that his cousin would be living under such circumstances in the Feng family. The Chen family had said that Chen Yu was the Feng family’s hope, and the Feng family would treat her well no matter what. Now, it seemed that it was not the case at all.

“Ah! Mother-in-law is able to get out of bed? It seems that second young miss returning to the manor really helped assuage the pain!” Han shi began speaking in an emotional tone the instant she set foot into the hall. She then looked at the grief-filled face of Chen Yu and joyfully smiled and pushed Fen Dai to sit next to Chen Yu. “Previously, eldest young miss always felt too high above us, so it was hard to reach you. Now that eldest young miss is once again the daughter of a concubine, you feel much closer than before.”

While Han shi spoke, a smile hung on her face. It looked like she was trying to worm herself into becoming Chen Yu’s friend, but no matter how one listened, the words left everyone with an uncomfortable feeling.

Chen Yu angrily twisted her handkerchief, doing her utmost to avoid starting a conflict with Han shi. She knew that she could not make another mistake before the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan. She had to return to being the former Feng Chen Yu. Only like this could people gradually begin to forget.

The matriarch did not like hearing Han shi speak. Seeing the mother and daughter did not pay respects upon entering the room, with one going to sit next to Chen Yu and the other chattering endlessly, she could not help but feel irritated. She silently snorted then scolded: “You have not the slightest understanding of the rules. I really do not know on what grounds a person like you was allowed to enter my Feng family’s gates! Jin Yuan!” She glared at Feng Jin Yuan: “She is your concubine. You need to do something about her.”

Feng Jin Yuan looked at the matriarch and nodded. He then looked towards Han shi, and his expression became dark. Where was there any trace of the doting love he had once felt?

“Han shi, you were allowed to enter my Feng family. Not only do you not show gratitude, you act so provocatively. Do you truly believe that I will always tolerate you?” Feng Jin Yuan looked towards Fen Dai when he spoke then continued: “The rules of our manor are relatively lax, as the children of concubines were not taken away to the head wife’s side to be raised. But, take a look. What have you raised Fen Dai to become?”

Han shi was scolded by Feng Jin Yuan for a while and felt dejected, but she did not dare speak back. Instead, she bowed to the matriarch and said: “This concubine pays respects to mother-in-law.” She then went and took a seat for herself.

Fen Dai was young and had high aspirations. She was unhappy with Fen Jin Yuan’s words, but she did not dare rebuke him too brazenly. She only muttered: “Fortunately, I was not given to the head wife to be raised. Take a look, what became of the two she did raise?”

These words were not heard by anyone, but Feng Chen Yu, who sat at her side, heard it perfectly clearly. The encounter she had at Feng Tong county once again came to mind, which caused her teeth to chatter in anger.

Chen Qing stood respectfully next to Feng Jin Yuan. He did not even sit down. He had originally come as a guest to greet the matriarch and see the people of the manor a bit more. The grievances Chen Yu had suffered this morning he had seen clearly. He was frantic on the inside, but faced with a room full of women, he did not get a chance to speak.

Feng Yu Heng looked at Chen Yu’s appearance. Thinking about it, she was quite pitiful. She lost her mother at such a young age, and her brother had done such a thing. In such a family, where everyone was trying to come up with plans, it was possible that she would one day die without knowing who had taken action against her.

But she definitely would not pity Chen Yu. There must be a reason for a pitiful person to be despised. If she had not committed so many sins, how could she be in her current situation? Moreover… Feng Yu Heng definitely did not believe Chen Yu would peacefully live her life. She was merely waiting for her to regain her purity before she would begin anew. When that time came, the first arrow would perhaps be aimed at her.

The matriarch looked at everyone from the younger generation down below. Each of them had their own considerations, and each of them concealed daggers in their gazes. No matter who looked at whom, they all found one another to be an eyesore.

Her heart was tight. They were all grandchildren of the Feng family, and they were all related by blood, so why did they all seem to treat each other like enemies?

Jin Zhen sat the furthest away. Seeing the matriarch’s expression and seeing Feng Jin Yuan’s furious expression, she felt it was time for her to speak. Thus, she quietly sighed and said: “Thanks to second young miss taking the lead in handling this year’s Winter disaster, husband received praised from the Emperor in court. Husband was also appointed the imperial envoy and will be going North to personally oversee the handling of the relief efforts. This is a glorious matter, so we should be praising husband.”

The matriarch finally heard some words that were reasonable and quickly nodded: “Jin Zhen is correct. This time, our manor has indeed received praise from the Emperor. Jin Yuan was specially permitted by his Majesty to not attend court today, so he can fully concern himself with going North. If we are speaking of work put in, we must thank A-Heng!”

The matriarch happily looked towards Feng Yu Heng. She liked her no matter how she looked at her. Not only did this granddaughter have good medical skills, she had good basic principles. The capital endured a Winter storm, yet she actually took her out own money to help the citizens. This was truly the most direct way of sharing the Emperor’s burdens through this disaster. She had heard that the Emperor had praised Feng Jin Yuan in court for giving birth to such a good daughter. The matriarch felt that this was what the daughter to the first wife of the Feng family should be like.

She could not help but glance at Chen Yu and could not hold back: “You have also been the daughter of the first wife for a few years. Take a look, how has your second sister done recently? This is what the daughter of the first wife should be like!”

The anger in Chen Yu’s chest surged forth. The expression on her face had also changed. At her side, Yi Lin quickly prodded her arm and gave her a look. Only then did Chen Yu wake up slightly and quickly said: “Grandmother’s lecture is correct. In the past, it was Chen Yu that lacked understanding.”

In truth, Feng Chen Yu had spoken in this was for many years, but ever since Feng Yu Heng returned to the capital, her mood had been unmanageable, and she would often reveal her true colors before a group of people. Adding on the happenings at Feng Tong county, the matriarch nearly forgot her original Bodhisattva face. Now that she saw her suddenly return to that face, she could not help but be stunned.

Not only was the matriarch stunned, Feng Fen Dai also glanced curiously at Chen Yu. She wondered to herself, had her eldest sister taken the wrong medicine? Were these words admitting defeat to Feng Yu Heng?

Chen Yu lowered her head and fell silent. Yi Lin’s reminder was correct. She could not act as she had before and be forced into desperate situations like in the past. She had to avoid losing her temper with Feng Yu Heng at this critical juncture even more. She had to endure for the coming month. So long as matters were taken care of, she would not be afraid of anyone.

At this time, Jin Zhen took the lead and stood up. Facing Feng Jin Yuan, she respectfully bowed: “This concubine congratulates husband for receiving this glory and hope that husband’s next venture will go well and can return with honor.”

The others also followed along and stood up. Speaking in unison, they wished Feng Jin Yuan to be successful. This caused the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan to finally smile.

Feng Yu Heng slightly raised her head and looked towards Feng Jin Yuan. She only felt that there was something hidden behind his smile. The feeling of a conspiracy she had felt the prior day became even stronger.
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