Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 199 – Father, You Have Made a Mistake on This Account
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 199 – Father, You Have Made a Mistake on This Account

Father, You Have Made a Mistake on This Account

Chen Yu sent the two million to Feng Yu Heng but did not linger at Tong Sheng pavilion. She did not even have Feng Yu Heng write up an agreement. It was not because she trusted her but because she heard one of Tong Sheng pavilion’s servants report: “Master is currently on his way over.”

She did not know why Feng Jin Yuan was coming over, but Chen Yu definitely did not want her father to know that she had asked the Chen family for money to take care of her own problems. Feng Jin Yuan still needed one million taels. If he found out about this money, he would definitely ask for it immediately.

“Having given second sister the two million taels as a deposit, our matter should be considered agreed upon, right?” Chen Yu hastily stood up and asked Feng Yu Heng.

“It has been agreed upon.” Feng YuHeng nodded then reminded her: “But if the time comes and you do not pay the remaining three million, I will not treat you, and even the deposit will not be returned.”

Feng Chen Yu gritted her teeth and only said: “Don’t worry. I will not be short on money.” She then looked at the path she took to get here and helplessly said: “Do you have any other path I can take?”

Feng Yu Heng shot a glance towards Huang Quan, and Huang Quan took a couple steps forward to say: “Eldest young miss, follow this servant. This servant will take you through the front gate.”

Not long after they left, Qing Shuang came to make a report: “Master Feng is currently in the front hall waiting for you. Madam is also there.”

Feng Yu Heng did not wait any longer. Bringing along Wang Chuan, she quickly went to the front yard.

When they arrived, Feng Jin Yuan was sitting on a guest chair in the front hall, holding a cup of tea and complaining to Yao shi: “Although we have already divorced, for better or worse, we were married for that many years. Mother is also ill, but you really are something. How many days has it been since you went to pay respects?”

Yao shi looked at Feng Jin Yuan and felt that this person was was too unreasonable. He had already said that they were divorced, so who had ever heard of two people who had gotten divorced then spent time together for no reason? Who had ever heard of a divorced woman needing to go pay respects to her former mother-in-law?

Seeing Yao shi’s disdainful expression, Feng Jin Yuan was extremely furious: “What sort of attitude is this?”

Yao shi finally lost her temper “I just do not wish to see you. Lord prime minister, there is already no relation between you and me. You came here today, and I provided you a chair to sit in and very kindly provided you with tea to drink. If it were not because you had come to see A-Heng, you would not be allowed to come in at all!”

Previously, Yao shi would never have spoken in such a way to others; however, after spending a long time at Feng Yu Heng’s side, she learned a few things. Adding on how she saw Feng Jin Yuan do more and more shameless things since she came back to the capital, Yao shi felt that she had truly been blind back then. Her father, old man Yao, had always been smart, but the biggest mistake he had made was betrothing his darling daughter to Feng Jin Yuan!

Yao shi’s words made Feng Jin Yuan feel ashamed. He was scoffed at by a woman, yet why was he still able to sit there and endure it?

Thinking of this, he suddenly stood up and heavily put down his cup fo tea. Turning around, he walked towards the exit.

Yao shi did not stop him at all. In fact, she even said: “I won’t see you off.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s lungs nearly exploded from the anger he felt, as he wanted to quickly leave Tong Sheng pavilion. He could not bear to spend another second in this damn place.

But before he could pass through the door, he saw Feng Yu Heng casually approach with her maidservant. Now that this girl was about to turn 13, this daughter had become even more beautiful, especially her eyes, which revealed a bit of cleverness that caused people to want to look at her.

He suddenly recalled the reason he had come today, as his feet suddenly stopped moving.

Feng Yu Heng naturally heard the conversation between the two. Now that she saw Feng Jin Yuan was no longer wanting to leave, she could not help but ask curiously: “Father, were you not wanting to leave? A-Heng happened to have something to say with mother, so I will not see you off. Father, take care.”

Feng Jin Yuan was in a position where he could not stay, but he did not want to leave. For a while, he stood in place, not knowing what he should do.

Yao shi was a sensible person and naturally could tell that this person definitely had a matter to discuss with Feng Yu Heng, thus she stood up and said: “I am also tired. A-Heng, you take care of this. So long as he does not stay for dinner, it’s fine if he wants to stay a little while longer. Mother will go rest now.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled. She really wanted to praise Yao shi. She winked cleverly to Yao shi then said with a smile: “Mother, don’t worry. We have already finished eating dinner. There aren’t even any dishes remaining in the kitchen.”

Yao shi nodded then left with her servant without even looking at Feng Jin Yuan.

Only then did Feng Yu Heng step into the hall and sit at the main seat. She then gave an inviting gesture to Feng Jin Yuan: “Father, don’t keep standing there. Take a seat.”

Feng Jin Yuan was extremely unaccustomed to this method of communication, especially seeing that Feng Yu Heng was sitting in the head seat, while he would be sitting to the side. This caused him to feel even more uncomfortable.

But he had no standing to say anything or change it. Forget that he had come to borrow money, even if he had not come to borrow money, she was still a county princess, and this was still the county’s main office. What right did he have to request the main seat?

Helplessly sighing internally, he picked up the cup of tea and took another sip. In regards to the words he was about to say, he found them harder and harder to say.

Feng Yu Heng did not know why her lord father had come, but based on his demeanor, it appeared that he had a request to make; otherwise, he would not be in such a difficult expression.

She did not ask. She only sat around and waited. Feng Jin Yuan finished his tea and called for a servant to bring some more. Only after his cup had been refilled a third time did Feng Jin Yuan finally speak: “Father… has come to borrow money.”

“What?” Feng Yu Heng immediately began laughing. Feng Jin Yuan had come looking to borrow money?

“What sort of reaction is that?” Feng Jin Yuan was a little unhappy. He had set aside his dignity, but why did this daughter of his not give him any face at all? “Father truly needs some money to spend and only came to you because there was no other option. If you do not want to lend it, just say so.”

Feng Yu Heng forcefully held down her laughter and asked Feng Jin Yuan: “Father, how much do you want to borrow? What are you borrowing the money for? As a creditor, I have a right to know, right?”


Feng Jin Yuan truly wanted to disappear from this place.

But he had already spoken those words, so there was no giving up halfway. He looked at Feng Yu Heng then said: “Father naturally has something that must be done with the borrowed money, but there is no need for you to know about it. As for the amount… it is one million taels.”

After he finished speaking, he carefully observed Feng Yu Heng’s reaction. At this moment, Feng Jin Yuan was very worried that Feng Yu Heng would say she did not have money. No money were the two words he could not bear to hear! Now, this girl was the wealthiest person in the Feng family. If he could not even get one million here, then the third prince will truly be at a loss for words.

Fortunately, Feng Yu Heng did not let him down. She even told him very clearly: “Daughter does have the money, but father also knows that all of daughter’s money has come from his Highness Prince Yu. In the future, it will be used for my own dowry. Since father has asked, daughter will find it difficult to say no. But since it is a loan, father, when do you plan to return it?”

Feng Jin Yuan rejoiced. So long as she agreed to lend it, everything else was easy to deal with.

“In just a year or two. Before you turn 15, father will definitely repay it all.”

Feng Yu Heng was stunned, “Father, you’ve made a mistake on this account, right?”

“Hm?” Feng Jin Yuan was also stunned, “What’s incorrect?”

“Look!” She used her fingers to help show her calculations to Feng Jin Yuan, “Daughter currently has one million taels. If I put store that money in a private bank, it will earn monthly interest. With just that interest, it will be roughly enough to pay for the servant’s daily expenses at Tong Sheng pavilion. But now I will take this money out to lend to father until I am of marriageable age. I will hand lent you one million, and you will return one million. Like this, would this not be equivalent to me losing months of interest? No, I can’t do it. If it is like this, daughter will not lend the money.”

Feng Jin Yuan nearly vomited blood in anger, as he wanted to say how could a landlord like you worry about such a small amount of money?

But, before he could say anything, he heard Feng Yu Heng faintly say: “The amount of surplus is not very high, so that also needs to be taken into consideration!”

“Alright.” He did his best to suppress his anger and asked Feng Yu Heng, “Then how much do you want?”

“Just the same rate as given by the private bank.” Feng Yu Heng had a businesslike expression, “Also, for such a large amount of money, father can not take it just after saying it. How about writing up an agreement.”

“That is ok.” This was something Feng Jin Yuan could accept. Speaking with this daughter was like discussing business, so it went smoothly. “Have someone prepare the ink!”

Feng Yu Heng waved to Wang Chuan, and Wang Chuan nodded then left. When she returned, she brought back some ink.

Feng Jin Yuan stood up and walked over to the table where the ink was placed and was about to begin writing; however, he heard Feng Yu Heng say: “Hold on.”

“What matters are there now?” Feng Jin Yuan was afraid when she spoke. Now that the one million was almost at hand, he hoped that nothing had changed her mind.

Feng Yu Heng stood up and walked forward until she arrived at Feng Jin Yuan’s side. Frowning, she pondered for a while then said: “One million is truly too much.”

“The words you have said, like water that has been spilled, is this something a dignified county princess like you is wanting to take back?” He was a little anxious. He could not allow this chance to escape.

Finally seeing Feng Yu Heng shake her head, he heard her say: “That is not the case. I have said I will lend father money, so I will lend father money. When has daughter ever failed to stick to her word? But one million is truly too much, given how it will be lent to a dire financial situation, how can I feel at ease?”

Feng Jin Yuan was helpless, “I am the dignified prime minister, and I am your father. How could I steal away daughter’s money?”

“Father naturally will not.” She said with a smile: “But A-Heng is just a young girl and has some small considerations to make. Based on these considerations, I had to carefully think about father’s integrity. I am truly ashamed. But there is always a what if. What if, when the time comes, father is unable to repay the money. What should A-Heng do? His Highness Prince Yu has already stated this before. When daughter reaches the age of marriage, he will ask the Emperor to reside over our wedding. If this money can not be taken back in, it will be very embarrassing.”

Feng Jin Yuan put down the brush and was left without any options, “Then what do you say should be done?”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a bit, “Normally speaking, when a large amount of money is lent, something of equal value is used as collateral. Like this, the person lending the money can be at ease. Father, do you agree?”

“If you say that is the case.” Feng Jin Yuan had run out of patience, but thinking a little more, he did not seem to have anything worth one million?

“Then what does father plan to use as collateral?” Feng Yu Heng’s eyes lit up, as her lips curled into her signature devious smile.

Feng Jin Yuan felt his head hurt upon seeing her smile. He felt that this girl had spent too long with the ninth prince. The two were truly becoming more and more similar. Their manner of speaking was similar, and even their facial expressions were exactly the same.

He took half a step back and avoided the formless pressure exerted by Feng Yu Heng. He replied with a question: “What do you want?”

Feng Yu Heng did not speak, instead she began walking towards the door. Feng Jin Yuan did not understand and quickly followed behind her. The two stood in the yard, as her eyes looked in the direction of the Feng manor.

Feng Jin Yuan felt his heart tighten, as he heard his daughter say: “How about using the Feng manor as collateral!”
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