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Chapter 173 – Oh Damn, Another One Fell In

Oh Damn, Another One Fell In

Feng Fen Dai was scared witless. She had originally wanted to push Chen Yu, but she did not think that when she reached out, the one she pushed in would be Xiang Rong.

Looking at Xiang Rong and how she almost could not be seen, her heart began racing. She repeatedly shouted at the eunuch in charge of the boat: “What are you still standing there for? Quickly go and save her! Did you not see a person fall in?”

The eunuch helplessly spread his hands: “Young miss, this servant does not know how to swim. Besides, even if this servant knew how to swim, it would be pointless. Jumping in to such a cold lake is death!’

Fen Dai’s face blanched with fear. Even if she had originally planned on pushing Chen Yu, she was still just a ten year old girl. How could she have thought of so many things. Whether or not the lake would be cold was not something she knew. She had thought even less that falling in would mean death. She had just wanted to have Chen Yu look like a fool; moreover, there were this many boats on the lake, and there were eunuchs. Once someone fell into the water, they should immediately rescue them. But why did this eunuch say he did not know how to swim at all?

“We have not taken care of these boats just once or twice. Over all these years, there has never been the case of a young miss being so unsafe that they would fall off the boat.” The eunuchs words dispelled her doubts. At the same time, it was a cutting remark that meant you were asking for it.

Fen Dai was extremely worried. Xiang Rong’s death was not something she cared too much about, but she definitely could not die at her hands. Feng Chen Yu was still standing there. So long as she spoke up as a witness, everyone would believe that she had pushed Xiang Rong into the water because it was what had happened.

She squatted at the edge of the boat and desperately shouted towards the lake: “Third sister! Third sister!”

The servant Xiang Rong had brought, Mei Xiang, was anxious to the point of snapping. She had even reached her hand into the water.

But how could they heard Xiang Rong’s reply. Not only was there no reply, even the ripples in the water from where Xiang Rong fell into the water gradually disappeared.

Feng Chen Yu stuck close to Fen Dai’s ear and softly said: “Fourth sister murdered third sister. What exactly did you do it for?”

Fen Dai had a brow of cold sweat. Both of her hands were clenched into tight fists. She then suddenly felt a determination to deal with Chen Yu. She turned her head and fiercely glared towards Chen Yu. Their noses touched and looked to be about to fight.

At this time, they heard a “plunk” sound as yet another person fell into the lake.

The two were very shocked and turned their heads to look.

At this time, the number of boats that came over increased. The faces of the madams and young misses on the boats drained of color. They all firmly grabbed the supports of the boat, completely afraid to even move.

The one who jumped in was a man and looked to be a bodyguard. After jumping in, he used his internal energy to rapidly sink in order to chase after Xiang Rong. He then put his hands up and successfully brought Xiang Rong to the surface.

Fen Dai let out a sigh of relief and wanted to say “At least she has been brought up” but when she looked again at Xiang Rong’s white face, she swallowed these words that had reached her mouth.

Could she be saved?

The bodyguard had brought her to the surface then immediately swam in a certain direction. Fen Dai anxiously shouted: “Our boat is over here!” But that person ignored her and brought Xiang Rong towards another larger boat.

Chen Yu squinted her eyes and looked towards the large boat. Only then did she notice that the boat was made of white jade. There were also parts with gold, which made it very beautiful.

At this time, outside the ship’s cabin, a person came over and looked anxiously at the two people who were swimming over.

Xuan Tian Hua?

Chen Yu’s brow furrowed, and when she saw that bodyguard bring Xiang Rong over to that boat, Xuan Tian Hua took the initiative in bending down and reaching out. He personally carried Xiang Rong onto the boat then placed her flat on the boat. Only then did he say something to the maidservant at his side.

After that, the maidservant took the initiative and went forward. She then began giving Xiang Rong compression and medicine. Not long later, the pale-faced Xiang Rong slowly began to wake up.

Chen Yu’s jealous heart immediately surged forth. Without even thinking, she suddenly leaned sideways and shrieked, as she suddenly fell towards the water.

Fen Dai was completely speechless. Was there some sort of party in the lake? Why had this Feng Chen Yu jumped in on her own? Since she herself wanted to fall in, then why did she just swap places with Xiang Rong?

She felt her mind was a little insufficient. At this time, she heard the eunuch in charge of the boat say: “His Highness the seventh prince really is kind-hearted.” Only then did she look over. Sure enough, the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, was half squatted on the boat and speaking with Xiang Rong.

Fen Dai immediately understood. It seemed that Feng Chen Yu felt jealous?

Hahaha! If this were not the palace, she would have begun laughing loudly. Feng Chen Yu, have you not grown any eyes and taken a look at what type of person the seventh prince is. Are you worthy of sullying him? Even if you could have that person, so long as the truth of your situation becomes known, without need for the seventh prince to take action, even the public outcry will be enough to drown you.

Feng Chen Yu’s fall into the water caused another wave of shock for everyone. Some young misses began to feel afraid and endlessly asked the eunuch: “Didn’t you say that it would be very steady and nothing would happen? Why have two people already fallen in?”

There were also some people with sharp eyes and saw how Chen Yu had fallen in, but they could not understand. Thus they asked: “Why did the Feng family’s eldest young miss jump into the lake on her own?”

Xuan Tian Hua naturally also saw this scene; however, he did not respond. He personally draped a cloak on Xiang Rong’s body then gently said to her: “Endure it a little longer. When we reach land, there will be someone to help you get changed.”

Xiang Rong, however, was staring at her wet clothes and began crying: “I’m sorry. I got the clothes you sent me wet! Wu, I’m so useless!” Once the little child began crying, she also became hard to describe. Through tears and snot, she could not keep up with proper manners of referring to people, instead simply using you and I.

Xuan Tian Hua, however, did not get angry. He only felt a little helpless as he watched this child: “Don’t cry. I don’t blame you. The clothes have become wet, but they will be fine after washing and drying them. If that doesn’t work, then I will send you another set.”

Xiang Rong looked at him with her big eyes and felt a surge of determination. She recalled the words An shi had said and remembered her own standing. She knew that regardless of how much she wanted to dive into the seventh prince’s arms at this very moment, she had to endure.

However, she did not know that for Xuan Tian Hua, she was just a child. She was simply a ten year old little girl who could not be considered a woman.

He originally did not have any concept of the Feng family’s children outside of Feng Yu Heng, much less any good impressions.

But Feng Yu Heng had previously always brought this girl around. Even this time, she specially request him to treat this girl well and had even prepared a beautiful set of Winter clothing.

He knew that it could not be sent using Feng Yu Heng’s name to the Feng manor, so he could only use his own name. Of course, doing it like this would provide certain people with plenty of guesses, but he did not care. He was Xuan Tian Hua. He had become known for being the most otherworldly man. He did not fear being mentioned by others, nor did he fear others guessing at his motives. Regardless of what he did, he would never feel regret, nor would he ever explain his actions.

The matter with this little girl was the same.

“Get up.” He reached out his hand to support Xiang Rong, “Go inside the cabin. It will be a little warmer.”

Xiang Rong was helped up. Although she trembled from the cold, her heart was warm. The shoulder that had been held by Xuan Tian Hua was also warm. Her cheeks were even hot.

Her little heart was racing, hoping that hand would not leave her shoulder. Unfortunately, the warmth very quickly dissipated.

“Your Highness, the one that fell in the water, do you want to save her?” The bodyguard who had saved Xiang Rong returned to Xuan Tian Hua’s side. His body was soaking wet, but he did not appear to shiver.

Xuan Tian Hua looked into the water once more. Feng Chen Yu was sinking even faster than Xiang Rong. After a while, he worried that she had also been frozen half solid.

“Go save her!” After that, he added: “After bringing her up, return her to her original boat. Leave the other matters to the eunuch.”

The bodyguard nodded then dove back into the water.

Not long later, Chen Yu was also brought up to the surface.

It had to be said that Feng Chen Yu fared a little better than Xiang Rong, as she did not faint. But once she saw that the bodyguard who saved her was taking her in the other direction, she felt unwilling and began forcefully push that person away. Even if she died, she did not want to return to the boat with Fen Dai.

On the boats in the lake, a very impolite taunt ran out, as the voice said: “Since she doesn’t want to get up, just let her stay in the water!”

Everyone followed the voice and saw a large boat coming over. The cabin on the boat had grey curtains. Inside the curtains, a man and a woman sat across from one another drinking tea.

The words just spoken had come from a man. This was immediately followed by a female’s laugh, “But how funny is it. On such a cold day, one after another, they fall into the water.”

Someone recognized the two and quietly whispered: “It’s the fourth prince and the Bu family’s young miss.”

As they spoke, that boat had already approached Xuan Tian Hua’s white jade boat. Xuan Tian Hua glanced around then took the initiative to say: “Fourth brother.”

Xuan Tian Yi nodded, “Seventh brother has a really good personality and even thinks to save people.”

Xuan Tian Hua faintly smiled and remained silent.

Bu Ni Shang stood up from Xuan Tian Yi’s side. Walking out from her cabin, she bowed to Xuan Tian Hua and said: “Ni Shang greets your Highness.”

Xuan Tian Hua raised his hand, “There is no need for courtesy.” His demeanor was calm but also extremely unfamiliar.

Bu Ni Shang recalled the previous banquet and how this prince had been close with Feng Yu Heng, calling her younger sister and appearing very familiar. But why did she receive entirely different treatment despite also being someone who was engaged to a prince?

Now that Feng Yu Heng had died, she turned her anger to the other children of the Feng family. Bu Ni Shang glanced at the timid Xiang Rong beside Xuan Tian Hua then glanced at Chen Yu, who was still in the water and about to be sacrificed. She coldly snorted: “The people of the Feng family really are inadequate.”

Xiang Rong could no longer endure listening to this and grieved: “Young miss Bu, how can you say such a thing?”

“What do you count as?” Bu Ni Shang’s eyes immediately lit up, “A daughter of a concubine still has the right to speak with me?”

“You…” Xiang Rong’s eyes became red with anger. At this time, she especially thought of how Feng Yu Heng had rejected such unpleasant words immediately. Despite trying her hardest to form this sentence, she could not understand it completely.

Instead, it was Xuan Tian Hua that spoke, saying: “Bu family’s daughter to the first wife? If this is your upbringing, it really is not suitable for marrying into my imperial family.”

Once he spoke, Xuan Tian Yi could no longer sit still. Although Xuan Tian Hua was his younger brother, the relations between the Emperor’s sons were varied. Xuan Tian Hua was raised by imperial concubine Yun and was loved by the Emperor. He and Xuan Tian Ming were similar.

“Seventh brother, do not get angry. Arguments between women are common things.” Xuan Tian Yi spoke up to end a predicament, but the words he said were not too pleasant.

Xuan Tian Hua, however, did not give any face at all and only shook his head: “Fourth brother, you must not blame father Emperor. At the time father Emperor arranged for this marriage, it was done because he had valued the Bu family’s intellect, so the young miss must be valuable. Who knew, however, that young miss Bu would be educated like this. This is truly not father Emperor’s original intention.”

What could Xuan Tian Yi say? He had always known that in reality, Xuan Tian Hua appeared to be like a deity, but he was in truth just a smiling king of hell. Whoever offended him, would perhaps, meet a fate worse than offending Xuan Tian Ming.

“How could that be, how could that be.” He complied while glaring at Bu Ni Shang, “Why do you not quickly apologize to young miss Feng!”