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Chapter 122 – The Emperor’s Young Grandson

The Emperor’s Young Grandson

Feng Yu Heng was surprised: “Why will not the Yao family not come?”

Imperial concubine Yun patted the back of her hand: “You will know in the future.” These words caused a bit of annoyance in Feng Yu Heng. “That’s right, since you have come to the palace’s Mid-Autumn Banquet this year, you will naturally need to meet with Bu Bai Ping’s niece.”

“Bu Ni Shang?”

“Correct.” Imperial concubine Yun nodded, the corners of her mouth curling up into a lazy smile, “That girl has learned martial arts with her brother ever since she was young. She really looks down upon everyone. Thinking about it, even if you don’t initiate a conflict, she will seek you out for a competition. This is the highlight of the banquet every year.”

Leaving Winter Moon Palace, Feng Yu Heng could not help but ask Huang Quan: “The highlight of the banquet is a martial arts competition?”

Huang Quan told her: “It’s not just a martial arts competition. There are competitions for everything. The so-called banquet is just an opportunity for the madams, young misses and young masters of each family to get to know one another. The younger generation displays its talents, so the older generation can choose daughter-in-laws and son-in-laws.”

She blinked a few times, “Then I shouldn’t need to do anything, right? I am already engaged!” She finally felt that being engaged was truly a good thing.

Huang Quan sighed: “Just hope that nobody gets provoked! Those young misses and young masters may appear to be people, but they are all incredibly short-tempered.”

As they walked along, Feng Yu Heng suddenly stopped. Huang Quan was startled, as she heard something slight. She then suddenly looked up and to the left.

Both of them heard movement from that direction and looked over. They originally thought it was someone with ill intentions, but who knew that when they looked over, there would be a child hanging from a tree just off the path. It was a boy around four or five years of age. He was round, chubby and a pure white. He had been born very cute. At this time, he was hanging from a branch, swinging back and forth, seemingly on the verge of falling down.

“Go save him.” Feng Yu Heng gave the order to Huang Quan, but just as these words came out, and before Huang Quan could move, the branch snapped. The child dropped to the ground and immediately began crying.

“Oh no! He fell.” Huang Quan was a little anxious, as she felt the child looked a little familiar.

“Let’s go over and take a look.” Feng Yu Heng took the lead and went towards the child. She had always been the type to not get involved with the affairs of others. She was definitely the type to not help an old lady cross a road even if she died, but she could not resist children. She especially could not resist children who were this cute.

Huang Quan followed Feng Yu heng and ran over. Only when they got close did she clearly see the child’s appearance, his mandarin jacket and pendant hanging from his waist.

“Emperor’s little grandson?” Huang Quan recognized this child and could not help but begin to feel anxious, “Why are you here alone? Why is there not even a servant with you?”

The child had clearly injured his leg, the pain causing his face to turn pale. He could not even muster up the energy to cry, as he desperately held Feng Yu Heng.

“Let’s take a look at his injury first.” Feng Yu Heng did not ask Huang Quan anything else. Regardless of who this child was, she was a doctor. Saving people and healing them was her first priority.

Feng Yu Heng held the child’s hand and comforted him: “Do not be scared. Big sister is a doctor. Let big sister take a look at where you were hurt.”

Huang Quan brought her hand to her forehead: “Young miss, this is improper.”

“Uh…” It seemed so, “What then, go take a look around nearby to see if there are any servants who followed him. Then go have someone call an imperial doctor.”

Huang Quan looked at Feng Yu Heng and continued to worry about leaving her here alone, but the Emperor’s grandson could not be left untreated. With no other option, she advised her: “Young miss, be careful on your own.” She then quickly left.

Feng Yu Heng then placed her hands on his leg, probing for injuries. Just as her hand touched his leg, however, he began to cry. She knew that this was a bone injury, so she simply reached her hand into her sleeve and pulled out a pair of scissors and spray-on anesthetic from her space.

“Be good, big sister will cut open your pant leg and spray on a medicine to stop the pain.” While she comforted the child, she began cutting open the child’s pant leg. She then sprayed the leg with the anesthetic. After five second, the child’s cries died down slightly: “Has the pain gone away?”

“Un.” The little boy pitifully nodded, his little hands still holding Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve, “Big sister, are you a goddess? Why does it not hurt as much after you sprayed that thing?”

She smiled and pinched the boy’s cheek, causing the boy to giggle.

“Good, big sister needs to take a look at your injury.” Saying this, she reached down and felt the boy’s leg. After feeling it a little, she arrived at a conclusion, “It did not break, but there is definitely a crack in the bone.” She looked helplessly at the boy: “Are you not the Emperor’s grandson? Why is there not even a servant following you? Also, how did you climb so high up the tree?”

The child extended his index finger and brought it to his lips, gesturing for her to keep silent: “Hush, do not tell anyone else. I secretly came here to look at the moon.”

“Look at the moon?” Feng Yu Heng completely did not understand what this child was thinking, “Coming all the way here, what moon is there to see?”

The child answered as if it were natural: “Everyone says imperial concubine Yun’s moon viewing platform is the best place to view the moon. This place is closer to imperial concubine Yun’s palace, so if I climb to the highest point, I will be able to see a very beautiful moon.”

What sort of logic was that?

Feng Yu Heng was helpless, “The moon looks the same no matter where you view it from. In the future, do not do such a dangerous this.” As she said this, she helped take care of the child’s injury, “Big sister will first help stabilize your leg. You absolutely must not move around wildly. Wait for a while, and an imperial doctor will carry you, so you can get some rest. The remaining matters will be left to the imperial doctor. This injury of yours, no matter what, it will take three months before you can walk again.”

She had thought the child would have a problem with not walking for three months, but she did not think that this Emperor’s little grandson would actually stare at Feng Yu Heng with wide eyes and ask: “Big sister, is your sleeve a treasure box? How can do you pull these things out?” He had seen this big sister pull out a pair of scissors, a small bottle and finally a hard board with cloth bandages…. Could all girls’ sleeves hold this many things?

Feng Yu Heng was momentarily stunned. She had only thought to set this child’s legs, so she had forgotten about this point… “Did you not say this big sister was a goddess.” She simply went with a lie, “These things were all created by big sister! But you can not tell anyone about it. If you talk about it, big sister’s spell will lose its effect.” As she said this, pulled out a piece of chocolate and stuffed it in the Emperor’s little grandson’s mouth. Un, I will block your mouth.

“Delicious.” The child held the chocolate in his mouth, as he nodded in surprise, “Fei Yu will not speak about this to anyone. Big sister, do not worry!” What sort of candy was this. It was really delicious, “Then Tian Yu will protect this secret for big sister. Can big sister give Tian Yu this sort of delicious candy again in the future?” 1

She nodded, “So long as you don’t tell anyone, then big sister will give you candy more often.” Seeing the child solemnly agree, she asked: “Are you called Fei Yu? Xuan Fei Yu?”

“Un. I am…” The child pulled at his fingers, “Oh, the second prince, Prince Yuan. I am Prince Yuan’s son. Big sister, who are you?”

Feng Yu Heng parsed this information in her mind. She had not met Prince Yuan before: “I am… if you say it like this, then you can no longer call me big sister.”


“Because I am your ninth uncle’s not-yet-married fiancee.”

“Huh?” The child was stunned, “Big sister, you aren’t much older than me. How old is my ninth uncle, what sort of behavior is this?”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little, “An old cow eat young grass.” 2

Then big sister, you shouldn’t get married to an old cow, is that ok?” When Fei Yu grows up, you should get married to Fei Yu! Do not forget this, we have a shared secret!”

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed. He really didn’t disappoint the Xuan family. Such a young age, yet he already knew how to threaten people.

“Hush.” She suddenly stopped the child and quietly said: “Someone is coming over. Remember, goddess’ secret can not be told to anyone!”

Xuan Tian Yu used his small plump hands and covered his mouth, fervently nodding.

Very quickly, on the other end of the small path, a group of people ran over. At the front was Huang Quan, with a group of people behind her. In this group was a couple no older than 30, an imperial doctor, a eunuch, palace servants and grannies.

The madam in palace clothing ran while crying. When she saw Xuan Tian Yu, she cried even louder and rushed over: “My Yu’er!”

Feng Yu Heng was startled and quickly stopped her: “Princess, you absolutely must not put any pressure on the Emperor’s grandson’s leg. There is an injury!”

The person who came was Princess Yuan. Hearing these words, she finally noticed Feng Yu Heng. Thinking about it, Huang Quan had told her about the situation on the way here, so she immediately recognized her: “So you are ninth sister, right? I truly thank you for saving my Tian Yu.”

Feng Yu Heng thought to herself, here comes another one who acts familiar from the start, but she did not explain anything. She only said: “Even if he was saved, it was not in time. When we discovered the Emperor’s young grandson, he had just fallen from the tree. I only took some emergency measures, the rest will require imperial doctor.” As she said this, she explained the situation to the imperial doctor: “I have already inspected the injury. There is a crack in the bone. I used a pain-killing medicine and a hard board to stabilize the bone. Have servants bring the Emperor’s grandson back in a sedan. Keep his leg flat then continue the treatment.”

The imperial doctor was a quick-witted person. While listening, he went to check on Xuan Fei Yu’s injury. Looking at it, he could not help but be quite startled: “Dear girl, what sort of pain killing medicine did you use? How is it so mystical? A crack in the bone is no less painful than a broken bone!”

Hearing this, everyone went to look at Xuan Fei Yu’s injured leg. They heard Xuan Fei Yu say: “It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s just very numb. There is no feeling in this leg.”

Feng Yu Heng told him: “Once the anesthetic wears off, it will hurt. When the time comes, you must not cry.”

Xuan Tian Yu giggled. This caused Prince Yuan, Xuan Tian Ling, who was standing next to Feng Yu Heng, to relax. He could not help but cup his hands to Feng Yu Heng: “Many thanks young miss Feng for helping. This prince is extremely grateful. If there comes a time when you require this prince, then there is no need for young miss Feng to be polite.”

Feng Yu Heng looked towards him. She felt this second prince did not have the wickedness the ninth prince possessed. He also did not have the same fury as the third prince. He most definitely was not as mystical as the seventh prince. He appeared to be the obedient and kind type of person. His appearance was good-natured and sincere, which caused people to feel a certain closeness.

Feng Yu Heng also returned the courtesy, saying: “Your Highness the second prince is too kind. The Emperor’s young grandson is so cute, nobody could possibly leave him alone.”

The imperial doctor did not receive the answer he desired and was totally unhappy. Not caring whether the two masters were still chatting, he impatiently asked Feng Yu Heng: “What medicine exactly did you use?”

1: The author has forgotten this new character’s name already. Just remember, Tian Yu = Fei Yu
2: Idiom meaning a romance between an older man and a younger woman.