Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Chapter 93 – The Seed Determines the Fruit
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Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife
Author :Mao Shi Liu
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Chapter 93 – The Seed Determines the Fruit

The Seed Determines the Fruit

Feng Yu Heng also saw Xiang Rong, but her nose was sharp and also caught the scent of something fragrant.

Her gaze was immediately drawn towards the food container that the servant was carrying, “What good foods did you bring?”

Wang Chuan reminded her: “You just said that you would only eat a boiled egg.”

“That was for breakfast. I never said anything about snacks.” Feng Yu Heng came up with an excuse for herself, “Xiang Rong, could it be that concubine mother An made desserts again?” Concubine mother An was very skilled in making desserts. Not only did she enjoy eating them, Yao shi and Zi Rui also liked eating them.

Seeing that she liked them, Xiang Rong was very happy. Taking the food container, she gave Feng Yu Heng a look: “There are mung bean pastries, hibiscus pastries and osmanthus-filled pastries. There are also the peanut shortbread that Zi Rui loves.”

Feng Yu Heng was very happy, “Concubine mother An is great.” She really wanted to place a mung bean pastry in her mouth immediately, but seeing Wang Chuan look at her with a supervisor’s look, she thought a little then retracted her extended arm. “Wang Chuan, take these to my mother and Zi Rui. Do not forget to leave some more of the mung bean pastries for me.” She then reached out and grabbed Xiang Rong: “Sister asks you, what do you do when you’re bored in your courtyard.”

Xiang Rong pondered a little, “Just a bit of needlework. Recently, I have been helping concubine mother sew handkerchiefs.”

“Can you wake up early?”

Xiang Rong did not understand what she meant, “How early?”

“At daybreak.”

“Why get up that early?” Xiang Rong did not understand, “Is there something wrong with second sister?”

Feng Yu Heng shook head, “There’s nothing wrong. Just a bit of exercise. If you can wake up, then come over. We can exercise together. Big sis will teach you martial arts, do you want to?”

Hearing these words, Xiang Rong became happy and repeatedly nodded her head, “Yes yes! I do have high hopes of becoming very powerful, being more physically active is enough for me.”

Feng Yu Heng vouched for it, “That’s most definitely possible. Then we will do it like this, starting tomorrow, right at daybreak, you will come to Tong Sheng pavilion and run with big sis.”

Just like that, she found herself a partner. Even after Wang Chuan returned from delivering desserts, the two sisters were still discussing their plans for the day after.

Wang Chuan listened to the pair and found it funny. Their family’s young miss was still a child. Children always needed to find a partner.

However, she did not know that Feng Yu Heng only partially wanted to find a partner. More importantly, she wanted to give Xiang Rong some more abilities to settle her life. She did not have hopes that Xiang Rong would truly learn any martial arts, but being stronger than other women was not a bad thing.

In this Feng manor, there were not many people who Feng Yu Heng was close to. Originally, she did not feel particularly close to this little sister, but every time she saw her, the memories of the body’s original owner would rise up uncontrollably. The memories of their childhood would flash in her mind repeatedly. Xiang Rong had a very cute and round appearance like a little steamed bun. She could see the little steamed bun following behind her, wanting to speak but not daring to get tangled on her own words.

Thinking back, the body’s original owner liked this little sister, but as a child, she did not know how to express this. In addition, the Feng family’s daughter to the first wife and daughter to a concubine followed different rules. This put a distance between the two children who should have been able to play together.

Today, Xiang Rong was fine. She actually stayed to eat breakfast with them.

Feng Yu Heng told Xiang Rong that eggs could replenish a thing called protein in the body, which was good for the body. It was especially important for people who were training their muscles to increase their protein consumption.

Xiang Rong did not understand it too well, but from a young age, she knew that second sister was always right. Thus, whatever Feng Yu Heng ate, she also ate. After eating, she did not forget to ask Feng Yu Heng: “What about for lunch? What should I eat for lunch?”

Feng Yu Heng very confidently told her: “Lean beef.”

Xiang Rong lightly sighed, “Actually, concubine mother An and I have been ok. Concubine mother has a shop from her dowry, and although it did not earn very much money, there would be some surplus every month. Previously, when mother was in the manor, the money needed for food, clothes and other things was almost all deducted. Father and grandmother could not remember to ask about it. Concubine mother An spent her own money to have servants go out and buy some food, and she would make it herself in the courtyard’s small kitchen. If it was not like this, I fear that I could never have eaten something like beef.”

Feng Yu Heng asked her: “Then what about Fen Dai? Han shi seems to have no dowry.” After she asked this question, she arrived at her own conclusion, “It seemed that Fen Dai did not suffer any hardships. Feng Jin Yuan doted on Han shi, so he would not mistreat them.”

Xiang Rong nodded, “That’s right. Father treats them really well.” She did not find it strange that Feng Yu Heng called her father by his name. An shi had told her long ago, regardless of what second sister did, she only had to listen and watch. In front of other people, she absolutely must not talk about these things. “But now, their treatment has become worse.” Xiang Rong remembered, “Ever since Jin Zhen became a concubine mother, father seems to have not gone over to concubine mother Han’s courtyard. I heard that after Fen Dai was injured, father did not even go to see her once, thus Fen Dai threw a huge tantrum.”

Feng Yu Heng had heard about this from Wang Chuan. That Fen Dai’s personality was completely similar to Chen shi, but she was younger. Only the heavens would know if she would surpass her after growing up.

The two sisters chatted for a while after eating breakfast until a servant came in with a granny and a servant.

Feng Yu Heng found that she did not recognize them, but saw that Wang Chuan gave them a very familiar greeting. She immediately understood that they were eighty percent likely to be people from Prince Yu’s palace.

Sure enough, Wang Chuan personally brought them into the room. The two immediately knelt and saluted towards Feng Yu Heng, saying: “This servant pays respects to princess.”

Calling her princess, they were without a doubt people from Prince Yu’s palace.

Wang Chuan quickly introduced them: “Young miss, this is the manor’s dedicated tailor, who came to measure young miss and third young miss’ for clothing.”

Xiang Rong did not think that the tailor would come so quickly. Clothing made of refined cloud silk, she really worried that she could not bear to wear them. Putting them up for display would be best.

The tailor very quickly measured the bodies of the two young misses. Wang Chuan also fetched two bolts of the fabric for them to take away.

Xiang Rong felt a great joy in her heart but had nowhere to release it. She very hurriedly bid farewell to Feng Yu Heng, saying she had to go tell concubine mother An, so that she could feel happy.

Feng Yu Heng did not stop her. She was, in the end, a ten-year old child, so she should have such feelings.

After Xiang Rong left, she remembered something. Lowering her head, looked at her shoes. When she ran this morning, the shoes did not feel very comfortable. She simply ordered for a servant to bring her a new pair of shoes. After putting on the new pair, she handed the old pair to Wang Chuan: “Bring it to Fen Dai and say that I am giving this to her.”

Wang Chuan covered her mouth and smiled for a while, saying: “The shoes young miss gifted last time, concubine mother Han did not even dare to have fourth young miss look at them. She should be afraid of the fourth young miss throwing another tantrum.”

“Who cares.” Feng Yu Heng shrugged and smiled, “This time, personally deliver them to Fen Dai and tell her that the dowry was traded for these. Tell her not to feel unwilling to play with them, big sister has plenty.”

“This servant understands.” Wang Chuan raised the shoes and left the room.

Feng Yu Heng could almost predict what sort of reaction Fen Dai would have upon seeing these shoes, but that had nothing to do with her. The seeds that are planted determine the fruits that are harvested. That Feng Fen Dai was already quite evil from such a young age. Did she really take her as someone who was easy to bully?

That night, Ban Zou returned from some unknown place and handed Feng Yu Heng a bag of pastries, telling her: “These few days, his Highness went to the military barracks at Feng Tai. These were purchased along the way, as he returned.”

Feng Yu Heng had a hard time clearly understanding Ban Zou’s movements and held her forehead: “Ban Zou, how many places do you visit every day? If I meet with some danger, could you still come and go as you please?”

Ban Zou replied very naturally: “Master is in the manor. Ban Zou will sometimes go over to the prince’s side. Once master leaves the manor, Ban Zou will not leave your side.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, this was very good.

“Eunuch Zhang wanted this servant to pass along a message. He said that the medicine master gave last time was very effective. He kneels in thanks for princess’ grace.”

This matter made Feng Yu Heng very happy. After thinking to herself for a while, she said: “I will prepare some more medicine later, and you can bring to to eunuch Zhang.”

“Yes.” Master, may I ask you what you mean by “prepare?” Ban Zou sniffled slightly but resisted the urge to ask. In a flash, he returned to his hiding spot.

Feng Yu Heng opened the bag of pastries and picked up a pastry with an unknown filling. Her mouth filled with a sweet taste, as did her heart.

This sweetness persisted until dawn of the day after, when she went running with Xiang Rong. She covered her overflowing smile, which made Xiang Rong smile with her. This smile also helped her forget the tired feeling of the intense exercises. Although there were times where they almost could not continue, in the end, they managed to complete their five laps of Tong Sheng pavilion.

After breakfast, the two sisters went with Yao shi and Zi Rui to Shu Ya courtyard to pay their respects to the matriarch. They arrived early. The matriarch had just finished cleaning up, and granny Zhao had a smile on her face: “Second young miss is the most filial.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and replied: “How could that be. Third sister arrived with me.”

The matriarch quickly took over: “Recently, the days have become cold. Is it cold at night?”

She shook her head, “Thank grandmother for her care. It is not cold. As for grandmother’s waist, the days have become cold, so you must pay more attention.” As she said this, she pulled out some more medical plasters from her sleeve. A-Heng brought some more over. When the time is right, grandmother, apply these.”

Seeing the medical plasters, the matriarch was happy. She quickly had granny Zhao properly receive them and wholeheartedly praised her: “It really is our A-Heng who is the most dear.”

As she spoke, Han shi, An shi and Jin Zhen came in from the yard. Much further behind them was Feng Chen Yu.

The matriarch saw that everyone had arrived and quickly straightened out her back. She liked the feeling of having many people kneeling and saluting her. She liked the vain feeling of nodding her head and saying “You may rise” even more. If this could be seen by everyone from her childhood home, then the grievances she suffered as a child would truly be made up for. Thinking of this, she decided that she would bring this up with Feng Jin Yuan if she had the chance. Find a reason to return to the old home and have those people see what sort of situation the Feng family was in now.

As she pondered this, everyone had already entered the room. Feng Yu Heng saw that Han shi kept her head lowered, as her eyes were bloodshot. It looked as though she were avoiding something. Taking this to heart, she carefully looked at her for a while before noticing that the left side of Han shi’s face was swollen. Not only was her face swollen, it seemed that her hairstyle was different from usual. There was a lock of hair that covered half of her forehead. The a bloody mark could faintly be seen under that lock of hair.
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