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Chapter 23 – Worthless Legs and Ruined Face

Worthless Legs and Ruined Face

As expected, there were some deployed. She recalled something granny Sun had said on their way back to the capital. These past few years, Feng Jin Yuan had fostered many secret bodyguards. All of the guards were without parents, nor wife or children. They only obeyed Feng Jin Yuan, alone. This meant that the guards only answered to Feng Jin Yuan and not the entirety of Feng manor.

She was unable to determine precisely how many guards there were in this yard, but she also could not remain in this yard without moving. Within the study, a shadow could be seen pacing back and forth. This would mean that something had gone and ruined Feng Jin Yuan’s original plans. Not only that, but it brought chaos to his mind, making him unable to sit or stand still.

Feng Yu Heng was also finding it hard to stay still. She subconsciously raised her hand to the phoenix-shaped birthmark and suddenly entered the pharmacy.

Inside a closet in the rest room was a military-grade telescope. It had a length of half her arm. It was something great that she had managed to sneak away from the Marine Corps. Now she had a great place to use it.

Pulling the telescope out, Feng Yu Heng pushed her body in to a crevice in the rockery, hiding herself well. Only then, did she bring the telescope to her eyes.

One at the eight o’clock position, one at the ten o’clock position, twelve o’clock, two o’clock, four o’clock…

The deployment of guards at Pine courtyard was very orderly. With the courtyard partially surrounded, it was protected very well. Yet, there was no guard at the door! Smart people wouldn’t allow for important areas to be truly watertight. There would always be an entrance or an exit in order to intentionally lure uninvited guests.

Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng was an observant person. Not only was she smart, she had skills. She also had a cheat-like personal space.

She tossed the telescope back in to her pharmacy and carefully took note of the distances. She moved with light steps along the outermost circle of cypress trees, heading towards the back of the study. Each time she entered a guard’s field of view, she would hide her body within her space.

The uses of this space had already been completely figured out along the path back to the capital. It wasn’t limited to just using her consciousness to pull items out, but she could enter with her body as well. As long as her hand was touching the phoenix-shaped birthmark and her mind willed it, she would enter the space in the blink of an eye.

Furthermore, once inside the space, it was not a static one. She had experimented and found that every time she entered, she would be at the main door on the first floor. No matter which way she moved, be it left or right, the space inside was the same as on the outside.

In other words, if she walked left in her space, she would have moved the same number of steps when she returned to the real world.

If she went to the second floor, she had to first return to the first floor, else she might reappear in midair and fall on her butt.

Feng Yu Heng measured carefully and moved towards a guard’s monitoring range then entered her space. Inside, she moved as far left as possible then came out. She was perfectly in the guards blind spots.

She continued to do this five more times before finally reaching the study’s back window.

She had no intention of doing anything like poking a hole in the window, as she had never believed the person inside would not notice a hole being poked in their window.1

Entering her space again, she went straight for the second floor. Coming out, she found herself on the roof of the study.

She leaned against the roof and examined the shingles. Finding a weak point, she slowly and carefully removed the piece. The study now had a small skylight the size of a fist.

Feng Jin Yuan paced about inside the room, never once stopping. By his side stood a man wearing a dark blue short robe. At his waist was a sword, and he had an appearance of being rather quick and agile, thus he must be a personal guard.

Feng Yu Heng held her breath and lowered her ear to the skylight. She wanted to what the two were talking about. This, however, only lasted the duration of one incense stick2. From inside, came the sound of footsteps followed by a period of complete silence.

Feeling a little bored, she turned her head and looked around behind her. At that moment, Feng Jin Yuan ceased his pacing and spoke towards the personal guard: “Talk later.”

The guard cupped his hands: “Understood.” Opened the door and vanished.

Feng Yu Heng found a second wind. They would talk later? Then she would wait for them.

Of course, she could not lay on the roof in wait, so she placed the shingle back in place and entered the pharmacy. She made herself a cup of chrysanthemum tea and lounged about for around two hours before returning to the real world.

Appearing in the same location she was previously, she opened up the skylight. Not too long after, the guard returned to the room.

“Master, the news has been verified. The ninth prince was severely wounded during the final battle in the Northwest. Both his legs are now worthless and his face ruined; furthermore, during his visit to the imperial physician this afternoon, it was said that he can no longer bear an heir.”


The girl on the roof’s heart sank rapidly, her body along with it. The clear sound from the roof alerted the guard within. She only felt a wild wind blow from behind, but this caused her to quickly replace the shingle. Bringing her hand to the phoenix-shaped birthmark, she entered the space.

The guard that had chased on to the roof looked all around, yet there was not even the shadow of a person to be found.

He had trained in martial arts for many years, with his specialty being concealment, he was very keen to notice that someone was indeed there just moments ago. Even now, he could feel that person’s presence.

Before him, however, there was nothing. There wasn’t even a hair, much less a human.

He furrowed his brows, then he heard Feng Jin Yuan’s voice come from below: “Come back, Can Yang.”

With a single movement, he returned inside the study. After some time, the candle was put out, and Feng Jin Yuan left, hands behind his back, while Can Yang returned to hiding in the corner.

Feng Yu Heng took advantage of this moment to escape Pine courtyard. Only when she had left the vicinity of Pine courtyard, did she dare to reappear in the real world, but she continued to take side-roads returning home.

Except the mood on her walk home was vastly different from when she was going to the study. When the guard, Can Yang, mentioned the Northwest, the image of the man with the purple lotus appeared. She had met him when both his legs were severely injured deep in the Northwest mountains.

Feng Yu Heng clearly remembered that night. Together with an elderly doctor, they had treated his legs. She had even carefully watched the doctor’s technique when mending the bone. It was definitely reliable. Add on the fact that she had helped with stabilizing, the legs should have made a full recovery within three or four months barring any complications. No matter the circumstance, he would not be walking around in under one month, but it definitely should not warrant being diagnosed as ‘worthless’ by the imperial physician.

She knew what worthless meant. It meant that person would never stand again. It was clearly not the case, but could it be…

Her brow became sweaty and her breathing slightly hurried. Recalling the words Can Yang had said, he mentioned “face ruined.” That would mean, that night, after she had left, that person did not manage to safely escape the mountains. He was met with an ambush and severely injured again.

They were only two people. Bai Ze had to carry his master, who could not walk. If they met an ambush, then he could not exert his full power. That being the case, having both legs become worthless and his face ruined was not impossible.

Feng Yu Heng subconsciously clenched both fists and bit down.

That man with a purple lotus at his brow was the first person that spoke to her after she transmigrated over. They had sparred verbally and shared trials. She had originally thought she was the only one to have transmigrated over. Regardless, it was counted as a great service, but who would have thought that the person she worked so hard to treat would be so severely injured at the hands of another.

Waves of hatred surged forth, as she came to understand the reason for Feng Jin Yuan’s sudden change of heart.

A prince that could not bear an heir had no hope of succeeding the throne, how could the Feng family allow Feng Chen Yu to marry him? It was better to keep things as originally planned and allow Feng Yu Heng to marry the ninth prince. They would continue to follow the standards set by the Empress in raising Feng Chen Yu to be the most beautiful young lady in the capital. Thus they would continue to wait for a good opportunity. The promised person would some day become a dragon among people.

With countless ideas bouncing around in her head, her heart was a mess. In the end, it did not affect her habits of staying on guard. Along a small rocky path, the faint sound of a girl’s soft voice floated over from the right. This mixed with the sound of a man’s grunts.

She stopped walking and began heading in the direction of the sound. As expected, she saw an uninhibited man and woman under a pavilion deeper in the yard.

The girl’s green clothes were taken off and thrown all over. Her shoes landed not far from where she stood.

Feng Yu Heng acted without thinking and advanced a few steps. She picked up the shoes and turned to leave.

As she was leaving, she heard the man say: “Jin Zhen, you’ve followed the head wife for so many years, why does she not reward you with some nicer things?”

Feng Yu Heng froze in place, her eyes turned back. Jin Zhen? That was one of Chen shi’s top maidservants.

The girl’s voice quickly replied with a hint of a warning: “Li Zhu, disagreeing with the madam is a crime punishable by death.”

“It’s not like I’m saying this to anyone else. Could it be that you will tell on me?”

The girl quietly snorted, “Who knows if some day you make me unhappy, I might let it leak out.”

“Oh jeez, my dear! How could I dare to make you unhappy? Even if you want my life, I will gladly give it to you!”

“That’s better.” Jin Zhen’s voice trembled. Listening to it caused a person’s ears to tingle, “But you brought the previous time, hng, who in this manor doesn’t know. The head wife is like a walking treasure chest, but wanting to take anything from her fingers is harder than ascending to heaven.”

“Even if others can’t, what about the four of you?”

“Us four?” Jin Zhen suddenly laughed, “Li Zhu, oh Li Zhu, the four of us might be her top maidservants and can stand before your mother, but we can only obediently lower our heads. If it were as you said, how many times has your mother been greatly benefited? I’ve been good to you for a while, shouldn’t you reciprocate?”

If she had not mentioned it, then things would be fine. Having mentioned it, Li Zhu quickly became angry: “That old woman treats her treasure as more important than her own life. How could I go asking for anything? Hmph, I thought that getting together with a rich master would lead to some benefits. Who knew it was an extremely stingy person.”

Feng Yu Heng had no intention of listening to the two of them continue to whisper sweet nothings. Carrying Jin Zhen’s shoes, she returned to Willow courtyard.

Analyzing the things the two said, she guessed that Li Zhu must be granny Li’s son. Under the head wife, the one most likely to have any say was definitely her wet nurse. If word got out that the son of the wet nurse had secret communications with her personal maidservant, then things would be thoroughly unpleasant!

Unfortunately, she was in no mood to mess around tonight; otherwise, she would make sure to provoke the affectionate couple.

By the time she returned to Willow courtyard, it was already past five in the morning.

Feng Yu Heng never held any hope for a full night of sleep on her first night back in Feng manor, but she also did not think she would lose sleep over that man.

1: The windows use paper instead of glass.
2: One stick of incense is usually around 5 minutes.