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The nanites swarmed over Galadriel. They forced themselves into her body through every orifice.

Her cunt and rectum weren't an exception. As the matter of fact, the nanites swarm seemed to be far more eager to go through there.

This was due to the greater opening. The nanites swarm enlarged both of her holes as they streamed in mass, grinding against her inside.

Her eyes widened as she was penetrated unceremoniously.

She could not scream or utter a sound as her mouth was fully occupied along with her nose and ears.

She even had to close her eyes to prevent them from invading through the eye sockets.

Her stomach began to swell, making her appeared to be pregnant.

The machine had a complete disregard for her wellbeing. It wanted to take over her and remake her into its new avatar.

She was simply a mean to an end.

It did not take long for the machine to reach her brain. It needed to suppress her consciousness and assimilate her memory.

Galadriel felt her consciousness wavering as her mind was being assaulted.

She knew that if she loses the mental battle against the invaders, she would become a slave inside her own body. Her spirit would be trapped.

She would be just like Sasha, a zombie under the absolute control of a unthinkable monster.

The poor girl was dead now, free from the enslavement when the body was destroyed in the magical blast.

At least that what Galadriel had hoped.

Not wishing to share the same fate as Sasha, Galadriel mustered the rest of her strength and used whatever remaining of her magic power to protect her mind and destroy the invaders.

The nanites were ripped apart instantly, reduced to atoms.

Arcane energy was very effective against the machine. Due to its corrupted database, it did not have the mean to defend itself from things that seemed to defy the law of physics.

Galadriel could feel the machine slowed its assault on her mind. A lot of its nanites were destroyed by her magical protection.

The machine eventually stopped and retreated to recalculate its tactical options.

While the machine could win if it continued its assault against her mind, it did not accept the amount of nanites it must sacrificed as the result.

The nanites were irreplaceable due to lack of raw materials. Their constructions required metals other than iron and steel, such as aluminum and titanium.

The machine would need to mine these and refine them for its own end as this world technology was primitive.

The natives were still relying on bows and swords.

If the natives didn't have the ability to manipulate arcane energies, the machine would be completely unstoppable. Nothing in the world would be able to prevent it from completing its mission – bringing humanity back from extinction.

Before Galadriel could celebrate her small victory against the machine, her lungs collapsed.

The machine had decided to cut off her oxygen supply. It did not destroy the organs, however.

This is because the machine did not wish to kill Galadriel. It needed to study her physical makeup and brain activity while she was still alive. This was to analyze her ability to manipulate arcane energies.

Being unable to breath, Galadriel soon passed out.

Despite that, her magic protection remained active. Arcane energies propagating throughout her body and easily wreaking havoc on the nanites due to their numbers.

The machine was forced to retreat. It left a small amount of nanites behind to prevent Galadriel from waking up. This was only a temporary solution as the arcane energies will eventually destroy them.

"Calculating Alternate Options."

The machine decided to possess one of the corpses littered around the room instead.

Corpses of druids were shrouded in magical energies, it had to choose corpses of rangers instead. Due to its ruthless efficiency in combat, many of the rangers' head were severed from their body. Attaching them back was possible, but unnecessary complicated.

This narrowed down its available options.

When Galadriel finally woke up, she found herself completely naked. Her body was encased in a stone wall from the waist down. Both her hands were also inside the wall, preventing her from casting any offensive spells.

She couldn't talk as her vocal cord was severed. She couldn't hear anything either.

Only being able to look around, Galadriel found many of the villagers were in the same position as her, naked and embedded in the stone wall.

They were all unconscious. Strangely, they were all females.

There were also countless dog-size spiderlike machines roaming about, spraying some sort of liquids onto the ground. The liquids condensed and solidified into stone, seamlessly integrating into the floor.

Galadriel sensed no magic was being employed, which shouldn't be possible. Even the ancient enemy thousands of years ago did not have the power to accomplish such a task.

She watched the metal spider golems erected stone walls after stone walls, placing captured villagers into them. She was somewhat thankful the villagers weren't completely outright killed.

However, Galadriel feared for what will happen to them as well as to her. It could be a fate worse than death.

Galadriel eventually looked upwards at the sky. To her horror, she found dozens sky high metal spires with enormous grey panels towering over what remained of the village.

More of these metal spires were being built each passing minute by hundreds of flying machines.

These were aerial constructor, just like the land constructor on the ground. Constructors utilized nano-lathing technology to build structure.

While their means of building structures was completely foreign to Galadriel, she could tell that these strange machines were constructing by reclaiming whatever raw materials available in the village and the surrounding forest.

Weapons, furniture, pots and pans, houses were all disassembled to build those spires with numerous dark reflective panels, orientating like flower petals.

Even clothing was not spared.

Galadriel could only watch her village and the surrounding forest being turned into an impenetrable fortress.

She feared that once the fortress was complete, these spiritless abominations would spread out across the land.

As Galadriel tried to find ways to warn other villages and kingdoms, the solar panels covered those ominous towers continued to convert sunlight into usable energy.

The energy fueled the ever-growing construction.

Massive amount of energy was channeled towards a chamber, deep underground.

Lionel sat unmoving at the center of the underground chamber while it was being slowly expanded by countless subterranean constructors.

Around him were dozens of of his clones, housed in pods with greenish liquids.

"Genetic Modification Completed."