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6 Invincible Sasha 2

The fully armored machine launched itself forwards at a blazing speed, thanked to the rocket boosters protruding out of its back and legs.

Its right hand morphed into a blade to engage in close combat.

Lionel tried to parry the incoming attack, only finding himself violently flying across the room. His body slammed into the wall, forcing out a mouthful of blood.


Lionel uttered weakly. He dropped down and crumpled into two bloody pieces on the wooden floor, bleeding out. His body was spliced in half. His bones shattered from the power strike.

The rangers didn't have time to see what happened to Lionel as they fought for their lives against an impossible enemy. With each strike of its incredible sharp blade, more of them perished. Their dagger and armor provided absolutely no protection.

Galadriel couldn't bare to watch her rangers being slaughtered. She closed her eyes and continued to cast her spell. She just needed several more breaths.

The druids casted dozens of balls of fire, ice and lighting against the machine. The resulting explosion was vividly felt by everyone, but the machine remained unwavering.

In fact, the machine barely felt the force of the magical blasts.

"Energy Level at 14%"

"Energy Level at 15%"

"Energy Level at 16%"

Its entire body shimmered as the tightly packed nanites armor instantly absorbed the heat, electricity and kinetic energy of the magical attacks. The only thing it didn't absorb is the arcane energy fueling the elemental power.

Although its repository of knowledge had information about arcane energy, it was mostly corrupted due to the transition into the new dimension.

The machine prioritized the need to recover the corrupted data, but it would require a lot of time and computing power.

The druids were beyond shocked that their magical attacks did absolutely nothing to the creature that was once known as Sasha. In fact, it appeared that their magical attacks helped the monster, boosting its combat capability.

With higher power level, the machine was faster and stronger. Its punches were devastating to squishy flesh and blood body. And the blade it used could slice through steel like a hot knife through butter.

Once the rangers were all bleeding and dying around the room, the machine targeted the druids and Galadriel. It slammed against their magical barrier, causing cracks to form.

Several power punches and slashes destroyed the barrier, and the druid behind the barrier was turned into an orgy of blood a second later.

"Energy Level at 12%"

Seeing what happened to one of their own, the druids immediately hurdled together in a protective ring around their village elder, Galadriel.

They channeled their magic and formed a dome, protecting them and Galadriel

The machine assaulted the barrier with hundreds of blows and slashes, but whatever cracks appeared was soon mended by the druids at the expense of their magic reserve.

They would not able to sustain the magical barrier indefinitely.

"Energy Level at 11%"

"Energy Level at 10%"

"Energy Level at 9%"

Magical power erupted from Galadriel as her incantation reached completion.

"Begone Demons! Starlight Spear!"

Galadriel shouted and channeled her hands at the machine. Magical symbols manifested in the air and form a circle as a rift opened at its center.

A blast of pure magical energy surged forwards from the rift. It formed a shape of a spear and bypassed the dome barrier. It smashed unceremoniously into the machine dead center.

"Danger. Danger."

The machine was sent against the wall and pressed against it by the magical lance. Its armor withstood the blast for a handful of seconds before begin failing.

"Warning! Critical Damage!"

The chaotic arcane energy of the beam ripped apart the nanites lattice of its seemingly impenetrable armor.

The machine's eyes glowed brightly red as it calculated its available options.

Before its body was destroyed, its head, arms and legs detached, falling away to safety.

Galadriel watched the magical spear plowed through the wall along with the monster. The spear then surged into the heaven before exploding violently, burning the demon until there was nothing left.

She steadied herself and lowered her hands. She felt her magic depleting greatly, allowing the nanites in her hand to spread more rapidly. She knew she needed to expunge them somehow or she would succumb to the infection.

"It is done –

Before Galadriel could finish the sentence, chain of cracking sounds echoed.

Thousands of wooden spikes, about the length of a person's finger, slammed against the magical dome from multiple directions. The magical dome barrier rippled under the barrage.

The druids immediately turned to face the new enemy, only to their horror.

Millions of nanites swarmed like locust, consuming the wooden floor and metal furniture as materials to build mini-gun emplacements. Five turrets were already built, and they were eating away the floor to use as deadly projectiles.

"Resistance is Futile."

The nanites announced as they began to construct more and more turrets. Although simplistic when compared to laser or plasma batteries, these mini-gun were devastating nonetheless, especially when there were dozens of them.

The barrage against the barrier became too much for the druids. They collapsed to their knees, trying to sustain the protective dome.

"Galadriel… we cannot hold on."

Cracks continuously to form on the dome under the relentless assault.

And soon enough, one wooden spike managed to pierce the dome and impaled the druids. The flood gate was opened, and dozens more wooden spikes turned the druids into a horrifying mess.

Galadriel collapsed to the floor as blood covered her entire body. Her consciousness waned from the horrifying injuries. Her entire entourage was slaughtered mercilessly.

The turrets stopped firing when the targets had been completely decimated. They rotated around and lifted themselves off the ground with spiderlike legs. They broke out the room in search for hostiles.

Machine gun echoed throughout the village. Terrifying screams and shouts accompanied the sound.

Galadriel struggled to look up. She saw the huge nanites swarm surging towards her, readying to take on a new avatar.

"No… No!!!!!!"