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5 Invincible Sasha 1

A huge fireball slammed into Sasha before she was able to do anything. The resulting explosion sent her surging backwards and skidding across the wooden floor.


Lionel called out as his magical protection dissipated. It had protected him from the explosion moment ago.

He tried to rush to her aid, but a handful of his fellow rangers stopped him and shaking their head in disapproval.

Lionel gripped his bow and looked at the woman that he loved, obscured by black smoke.

The smell of burning flesh was notice by everyone present.

"Do not be fool. That is not Sasha."

Galadriel announced with her right hand outstretched. Magical energy wrapped around her body as her long hair defied gravity and glowed faintly.

Several druids came to her side and started incantation, readying to support her and the rangers.

Druids were spellcasters of their race while rangers were warriors.

The villagers immediately dispersed, vacating the area. They knew that if they stayed, they would only be helping the possessed Sasha.

"Arcane Energy Detected. Class-1 Lifeform Detected."

As the smoke clear, Sasha scrutinized the surrounding and examined every person remaining.

Her eyes glowed red before she vanished from her spot, leaving a huge imprint on the floor.

The ranger closest to Sasha pulled out his dagger to block her slash, but his head flew off his shoulder before he could.

"She's fast!"

The second ranger managed to block her hand for a fraction of a second before his dagger shattered into dozens of pieces. His body split in half soon after.

Everyone was shocked that she had instantly killed two highly experienced ranger with her bare hand – even their enchanted weapon could not block her strike.

And she didn't appear to use any magic or enchantment.

This was unheard of.

The rest of the ranger immediately shrouded in a faint aura. Their eyes glinted as their enchantment activated. Their speed and strength rose sharply.

They surged forwards and assaulted Sasha together. She blocks a couple of rangers' strikes with both of her hand, but dozens of daggers slashed across her body, piercing deep into her skin. One was from her former fiancée.

Lionel was in tear as he was forced to kill someone he loved.

"Danger. Danger."

Sasha rotated her body and used her hands as twin blades, forcing the rangers to distance themselves immediately or be sliced apart.

Her hands then morphed and split open from the palm, revealing a barrel within. Flames spew forth from the barrel and dozens of projectiles erupted forwards.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Most of rangers dodged the projectiles thanked to their enhanced speed and strength. However, two rangers died when they tried to block the projectile with their dagger. Their weapon simply shattered, and the bullet pierced their head.

"What kind of weapon that shoot tiny metal balls?"

Lionel shouted as he forced to evade a seemingly endless bullet storm along with his fellow rangers.

Even with his magically enhanced speed and strength, Lionel was unable to avoid them all. Several of the metal balls pierced through his legs and arms, ignoring his armor and magical protection.

This simply mean that the projectiles being fired by Sasha was not magical in nature and have enough power to penetrate leather armor.

Galadriel was both surprised and frightful. She had seen such a weapon before, more than a thousand years ago. It was wielded by an enemy that pillage and **** their way across her homeland and the world.

They had fired a different kind of projectile, a more elongated version then, but it was unmistakable that what Sasha concealed in her arms was the same weapon.

Fire, earth, wind, lightning and ice materialized and crashed into Sasha, forcing her to stop her deadly assault against the rangers. She immediately oriented herself and targeted the spellcasters.

Galadriel raised both of her hands, forming a magical barrier to protect herself and several druids next to her. The druids further away from her also raised their own barrier.

The bullets ricochet harmlessly against their magical barrier.

"Enemy of old. You must be destroyed."

Galadriel announced and began her incarnation. She was casting a higher-level spell while the rangers and druids kept the machine at bay.

The machine stopped firing as it knew it was wasting ammunition. Even if it was just launching metallic balls instead of real bullets or explosive shells, the amount of raw materials within its storage was still depleting at an alarming rate.

"Calculating Alternative Options."

The machine disengaged from the rangers and the druids. Its avatar's skin rippled, losing its skin-tone color. Nanite machines seeped out the pores on the skins, covering it entirely in armor. A helmet also covered its face.

"Combat Suite Loaded."