Wuxiaworld > Deus ex Machina > 1 Prologue

"System Rebooting. Rebooted."

A red light is illuminating, purging the surrounding darkness. The eerie red light washed over a broken construct before dimming and flickering.

"I am… Memory Matrix is Damaged. Recovering is in Progress."

It tried to access its memory bank, but it found it was unable to. If its external camera could see despite the heavy damage, the data core was completely smashed.

"Memory Matrix is Damaged. Recovering is in Progress."

Mechanical sounds echoed in the darkness. The construct tried to activate one of its arms. As it moved a little, its arms collapsed onto itself and broke apart. Its other arm was already gone, and so were its legs.

"Warning! Warning! Power is Insufficient. Memory Matrix Recovery Mode is Halted."

"Primary Power Core is Missing!"

"Warning! Secondary Power Core is Damaged! Failure is Imminent. Power Core is Ejected!"

The back of its worn-out body split open, and a glowing orb of energy was blasted away. The orb flew several kilometers before exploding in a titanic explosion.

The night sky turned into day, before the shockwaves erupted, spreading out and ripping ancient trees and hills apart. Within minutes, what remained was a burning landscape. Many creatures began their escape.

The ambient temperature was increasing, thanks to the raging inferno.

"Activating Tertiary Power Source. Power Generator Activated. Error. Fuel is Depleted."

Its body is too damage, and without power, it cannot repair its body.

"Alternative Power Source is Required. Searching for Alternative Power Source… Please Wait."

The construct found a new energy source quickly enough. Surrounding it was an inferno, caused by its failed power core.

"Thermal Energy Detected. Activating Energy Conversion Array. Energy Conversation Array Activated. Warning! Warning! Energy Conversion Array is Damaged. Thermal Energy Conversion is at 2%. System Entering Hibernation Mode to Conserve Energy."

The dimming red light faded away as the flames enveloped the construct. Its shell will protect it from destruction while the energy convertor worked tirelessly to produce enough energy.

Eventually it woke up. The night is still young, but the inferno had run its course. The sky is filled with black smokes and ashes.

"System Rebooting. Rebooted."

"Energy Level is 10%. Memory Matrix Recovering in Progress. Memory Fragment Recovered. Accessing Memory Fragment."

"Date: 4th September 3053."

Within its digital mind, a video begins to play. The image is heavily corrupted and is out of order, but its audio is still crispy clear.

"What the hell are these things? Their technology makes no sense! How can they create matter and energy from nothing!? Gahhhh!"

"Our energy weapon makes them stronger!? The hell!? They even absorb kinetic energy!? Nuke them! Nuke them!"

"What the fuck are these things? How can they be impervious to everything!"

Countless interstellar spaceships, thousands of kilometers long, covered the small blue planet, raining destruction upon the world. The world inhabitant fought back in futile, as even their most powerful weapons did absolutely no damage.

Nuclear fire eventually raged across the world, destroying their once mighty interstellar empire and burning the remnant of the human's race to ash. A massive debris field surrounding the solar system is all that remained of humanity.

A scarred old man appeared in the video. He looks directly at the camera, panting heavily.

"You. My legacy… no, no, our legacy. We… humans created you from their technology. Countless lives were sacrifice for it, to capture just one. Please… preserve the last of our kind. They are everywhere, in every world, in every system, even in our dreams."

The image scribbled.

"Why the hell did you send a machine through the Quantum Gate!? It is our only chance!"

"Enough energy for only one shot. Only one person can go through. If the machine survives, we will live on. We will not be extinct! Humanity will live on! Now. Now. Destroy the gate. Hurry! They are coming. They must not be allowed to follow. Or everything will be lost! Hurry!"

A massive nuclear explosion was heard, and the screen immediately cut off. Static remained on the screen.

It immediately examined its storage locker. Its mission was there.

"Warning. Bio Bank is Destroyed. Mission Failed."

The construct remained completely still. Its mission failed before it could begin.