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As the era of dragons gradually came to an end, as arcane masters left countless riches and legends under the starry sky, one awakened youngster after another began to set foot on their journey. Translator Notes: A lighthearted shounen-style story in a western fantasy setting filled with a group of friends, magic academies, chuckles, hot-blooded youth, a...
《Destroyer of Ice and Fire》 Text
Chapter 1: An awakened youth! Arcane masters, the power of bloodlines!
Chapter 2: Onward! Holy Dawn Academy!
Chapter 3: Giant bloodline and elven bloodline, going on stage!
Chapter 4: Fusion! The power of bloodlines!
Chapter 5: A not so simple roommate
Chapter 6: Impetuous Freshman, Notebook Teacher
Chapter 7: Punishing a band of three
Chapter 8: The Amazing Girl
Chapter 9: Under the starry skies
Chapter 10: Belo’s starter ambition
Chapter 11: Giant Food Monster
Chapter 12: Terrifying team of five
Chapter 13: Three great elites
Chapter 14: Beast Battling Exam in chaos
Chapter 15: Body training
Chapter 16: You’re a monster
Chapter 17: Team Southern Monsoon
Chapter 18: A dangerous newcomer
Chapter 19 – Beastman bloodline
Chapter 20: The Amazing Girl, going on stage!
Chapter 21: True bravery
Chapter 22: A teacher’s ardent shout
Chapter 23: Dream and Determination!
Chapter 24: Holy Dawn Academy’s greatest secret skill!
Chapter 25: Night infirmary visit
Chapter 26: Sweet candy and midnight screech
Chapter 27: A clear way forward!
Chapter 28: He really has a notebook
Chapter 29: The young man who ran for his dream
Chapter 30: Force out the potential?
Chapter 31: Bloody transformation in a dark night
Chapter 32: Shedding off burden
Chapter 33: The Three Freshmen
Chapter 34: Challenges, black balls!
Chapter 35: Green eyes
Chapter 36: Growth
Chapter 37: The shadow of the Evil Dragon’s followers
Chapter 38: The frightened teacher and the missing Moss
Chapter 39: Supreme arrogance
Chapter 40: Celebrity fighter
Chapter 41: Fear and courage
Chapter 42: Arcane Gates (part 1)
Chapter 42: Arcane Gates (Part 2)
Chapter 43: Attack then, brave warrior!
Chapter 44: Three elites in perfect harmony (Part 1)
Chapter 44: Three elites in perfect harmony (Part 2)
Chapter 45: I’ll come back tomorrow to beat you up
Chapter 46: Not following through your words, that’s the real shameful thing
Chapter 47: Bitter fight
Chapter 48: It seems there are arcane particles
Chapter 49: Abnormal arcane gate and spiritual strength
Chapter 50: Flaming Evil Eye!
Chapter 51: Special meanings, protection
Chapter 52: School team selection
Chapter 53: Heart of War
Chapter 54: First Fight
Chapter 55: Illusion Sword
Chapter 56: Brave warrior
Chapter 57: Superb momentum
Chapter 58: Focal fights
Chapter 59: A willing foundation stone!
Chapter 60: Desperate battle
Chapter 61 Freak teacher and monster student
Chapter 62: Self-feeling ability
Chapter 63: Hit me then, teacher
Chapter 64: The tournament’s burning atmosphere
Chapter 65: The weight of a dream
Chapter 66: The meeting before the match
Chapter 67: I have a very good relationship with him
Chapter 68: First match ever
Chapter 69: Fight with courage! Brave warrior!
Chapter 70: The missing Ayrin
Chapter 71: Surprise
Chapter 72: Smashed away!
Chapter 73: Divine Shield Academy’s goddess
Chapter 74: Fight to the limit, even if you have to die
Chapter 75: Innate charisma
Chapter 76: Conceding defeat
Chapter 77: A blooded crown
Chapter 78: Still a mystery
Chapter 79: In order to protect
Chapter 80: The most reckless guy
Chapter 81: Outstanding treacherousness
Chapter 82: The rule of heroes
Chapter 83: Rinloran’s secret
Chapter 84: Condensing arcane particles
Chapter 85: Golden Lion Academy’s forfeit
Chapter 86: Sent flying with one move, an alarming turn of events!
Chapter 87: I owe you a debt of life
Chapter 88: The menace of evil
Chapter 89: The road to ultimate strength!
Chapter 90: Body Ignition
Chapter 91: A formidable unexpected guest
Chapter 92: Dragon clans
Chapter 93: A troop of problem children
Chapter 94: Illusion Sword against Arms of Gods and Devils!
Chapter 95: Leave no regret behind
Chapter 96: Fooled again and again
Chapter 97: Imagining the opponent as a chicken leg
Chapter 98: Fist against fist
Chapter 99: Demon Sealing Needles
Chapter 100: See if I can graze you
Chapter 101: Total blind guess
Chapter 102: The battle between the strongest of St. Lauren!
Chapter 103: Loss and blessing with a faint smile
Chapter 104: No time for grief
Chapter 105: Special training starts again
Chapter 106: Ah… These former giants
Chapter 107: Stingham’s collapse
Chapter 108: Real missions
Chapter 109: Two harmonious figures
Chapter 110: Absolute domain-type arcane spell
Chapter 111: Start of the real-combat mission!
Chapter 112: Dwarven burial ground
Chapter 113: Bait, cloak and dagger
Chapter 114: Betrayal
Chapter 115: A mighty personage’s revenge
Chapter 116: Danger, counterattack!
Chapter 117: I’ll definitely kill you with my own hands
Chapter 118: National tournament, begin!
Chapter 119: A chaotic departure
Chapter 120: The City in the Sky, we’re here!
Chapter 121: Weeds-level team
Chapter 122: A dragon’s arrival
Chapter 123: Group drawing
Chapter 124: Before the tournament starts
Chapter 125: Underestimated teams
Chapter 126: First day of the tournament
Chapter 127: The strongest girl
Chapter 128: A lopsided fight
Chapter 129: Blowing the horn of Sea God Academy’s counterattack
Chapter 130: Queen of Ice and Snow against Siren Song
Chapter 131: The stronger, the more exciting
Chapter 132: Danger onstage
Chapter 133: Fatality
Chapter 134: A true god of death
Chapter 135: Vying for the fighting sequence
Chapter 136: A first match earlier than expected
Chapter 137: Strange team, onstage
Chapter 138 The spectacle begins
Chapter 139: Winning back to back!
Chapter 140: Triumphant advance
Chapter 141: Still hasn’t had enough?
Chapter 142: He’s the core
Chapter 143: Appear, the second dark horse!
Chapter 144: Silver Trout Academy’s genius freshman
Chapter 145: The most wanted fugitive
Chapter 146: Surging currents on a dark night
Chapter 147: A suspicious figure
Chapter 148: Permanent materialization skill
Chapter 149: Intangible show of strength
Chapter 150: Strange comprehension
Chapter 151: A dream, or reality?
Chapter 152: I still wants to steal and learn
Chapter 153: Murder in broad daylight, and a peculiar skill
Chapter 154: There’s no word defeat in my dictionary
Chapter 155 Start tonight
Chapter 156: A night of chaos
Chapter 157: An arcane skill once again showing wonderful results
Chapter 158: Draconic scholar
Chapter 159: First fight as an arcane team
Chapter 160: Mourning of the Three Fire Dragons
Chapter 161: Ferguillo’s real secret
Chapter 162: The God of Death’s sudden appearance
Chapter 163: The fractured Holy Water Tower!
Chapter 164 Art of the Dracolich
Chapter 165: Another encounter with the God of Death
Chapter 166: A decisive battle with the God of Death
Chapter 167: The God of Death’s dread
Chapter 168: The meaning of being alive
Chapter 169: I think I just hallucinated
Chapter 170: Wakening
Chapter 171: Opening the second arcane gate
Chapter 172: Holy Gate of Life
Chapter 173 New competition schedule
Chapter 174: Ayrin’s letters
Chapter 175 To protect for love’s sake
Chapter 176: The Salamander Pit training
Chapter 177: Moss’ progress
Chapter 178: The raging roar of victory
Chapter 179: Passing the tests
Chapter 180: Ayrin’s might
Chapter 181: For honor, for St. Lauren
Chapter 182: Two-nil!
Chapter 183: A fight soaked in blood!
Chapter 184: Rinsyi, on stage!
Chapter 185: Holy Angel
Chapter 186: The expelled Stingham
Chapter 187: Rinloran’s anxiety
Chapter 188: Blood Vow
Chapter 189: Joining the team!
Chapter 190 A fight with a special meaning for Silver Trout
Chapter 191 Another meeting with greed particles
Chapter 192 A fight between high-level elven bloodline and poison dragon
Chapter 193: Shocking battle
Chapter 194: A shocking battle
Chapter 195: Tyrant Eye
Chapter 196 For the final victory
Chapter 197 A mission for you
Chapter 198: A battle between young girls!
Chapter 199: Waves of shadows
Chapter 200: Basics against bloodline
Chapter 201 Chris’ eruption
Chapter 202: Godly Endurance
Chapter 203: Secret Deal
Chapter 204 Ferguillo’s Secret Training
Chapter 205: Let’s Be Friends
Chapter 206 Apple Prayer
Chapter 207: Incomprehensible
Chapter 208: Details of a Mission Emerge Before the Match
Chapter 209: The Headhunting Houses
Chapter 210: Old Enemies
Chapter 211: Liszt vs. Leonardo! A Confrontation of Taboo Level Masters!
Chapter 212: The Birth of a Kaleidoscope Arcane Master
Chapter 213: Terrifying Improvement and Growth of a Blank Slate
Chapter 214: A Night of Anticipation
Chapter 215: An Assembly of Powerful Spectators (And the Symptoms of Face Blindness)
Chapter 216: Storming Out of the Gates, A Changed Moss
Chapter 217: Stingham Makes his Appearance (like an Idiot)!”
Chapter 218: Tyrin’s Wild Ambition and Stingham’s Show
Chapter 219: Supreme Narcissism Takes Effect
Chapter 220: The Unpredictable Stingham and the Impetuous Belo
Chapter 221: A Bloody Battle
Chapter 222: Rinsyi’s Mental State, Megan Appears on Stage
Chapter 223: The Reason for Feet Licking, and Belo’s Sacrifice
Chapter 224: A Tortoise Appears?
Chapter 225: An Unbelievable Victory, The Ultimate Stinkbomb
Chapter 226: Ayrin vs. Rinsyi, A Battle of Geniuses!
Chapter 227: A Sound from Hell
Chapter 228: Mirror of Damnation, A Battle of Life and Death
Chapter 229: If You Wish to Kill Me, You Must Put Your Life on the Line
Chapter 230: Stingham After the Match
Chapter 231: A Notice for an Inexplicable and Special Meeting
Chapter 232: A Gathering of Thousands of Arcane Teams! Onto the Mission!
Chapter 233: A Perfect Opportunity! A Change of Format!
Chapter 234: Without Any Regrets
Chapter 235: Reinforcements Arrive, Into Battle
Chapter 236: The Unforeseen Occurs, A Super Strong Opponent Appears!
Chapter 237: The Birth of a Combination of Rookies
Chapter 238: The True Enemy Appears!
Chapter 239: Black Necromancer Gaia, Rui’s True Ability
Chapter 240: A Fierce Battle, Ayrin’s Resolve
Chapter 241: The Tipper of Balance, A Brilliant Performance
Chapter 242: I Will Never Let You Pass Me
Chapter 243: Inner Conflicts, A Mission Which Surpasses Expectations
Chapter 244: A New Mission and Nolan’s Warning
Chapter 245: The Devil Forest’s Gift, Beset from Both Sides
Chapter 246: Stingham’s Inventiveness, The Call of Death
Chapter 247: Deception of a Five Gate Arcane Master
Chapter 248: House Baratheon Sends its Regards, Moment of Revenge Approaches
Chapter 249: A Seemingly Unreliable Team
Chapter 250: Three Incomprehensible Arcane Masters
Chapter 251: A Banquet of Domains
Chapter 252: Chaotic Domains, Practitioners on the Verge of Death
Chapter 253: An Unimaginable Result, A Bumpy Fire Caracal Ride
Chapter 254: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 255: Necromancy Skill of the Black Witches!
Chapter 256: The Black Witch’s Gift
Chapter 257: A Completely Transformed Stingham
Chapter 257: Arrival! Encountering an Evil Dragon Archer Team
Chapter 259: The Most Embarrassing Arcane Master in History
Chapter 260: The Birth of an Extremely Perverse Arcane Master
Chapter 261: Birth of a New Holy Dawn Evil Six
Chapter 262: Scoundrels Encountering Scoundrels
Chapter 263: I Messed Up
Chapter 264: Could You Hit Me Twice?
Chapter 265: Time for a Robbery
Chapter 266: It Begins
Chapter 267: Kingdom of Evil
Chapter 268: The Start of a New Epic
Chapter 269: Mission: Blockade
Chapter 270: Alongside the Power of the Fallen, the Fighting Continues!
Chapter 271: A Suicidal Arcane Team?
Chapter 272: A Reunion of St. Lauren’s Youngest Generation
Chapter 273: Directly Scared Away
Chapter 274: Cursed to be Single Forever
Chapter 275: The Gnome Scholar who Brings Shock
Chapter 276: A Shocking Experiment and the Dragon Crystal
Chapter 277: A Failed Robbery
Chapter 278: The Third Arcane Gate Beckons
Chapter 279: Mermaids! I Likey!
Chapter 280: Land of Darkness, the Trapped Queen
Chapter 281: Shocking Power
Chapter 282: Innately Untalented Yet Extremely Powerful!
Chapter 283: Release Domain, the Dark Queen Mermaid’s Transformation
Chapter 284: Evil Blood Body Fusion, Ayrin’s Breakthrough
Chapter 285: A Battle of Life and Death, Surpassing Limits!
Chapter 286: The Roar of Brave Warriors
Chapter 287: Escaping Death, A Deal with the Death God
Chapter 288: Reborn as a Vengeful Spirit
Chapter 289: Kaleidoscope Arcane Master, Advancing Forward! The Death God’s Teachings
Chapter 290: A Gift from Those Guarding the Boundary
Chapter 291: The Nether Ice Sea
Chapter 292: An Unthinkable Tribute
Chapter 293: Encountering the Undead Dragon
Chapter 294: The Special Lunar Spring Essence
Chapter 295: Falling Onto the Battlefield
Chapter 296: An Attacking Thicket
Chapter 297: Charge, Brave Warriors!
Chapter 298: Truly Fighting as a Team for the First Time
Chapter 299: Fighting as Three
Chapter 300: An Eyecatching Team
Chapter 301: A Strange Little Dragon, Encountering Jean Camus Once More
Chapter 302: A Battle Between Geniuses
Chapter 303: An Agreement Between Two Monstrous Individuals
Chapter 304: A Little Thief, the Draconic Language
Chapter 305: Monstrous Little Dragon, the Kingdom’s Tenth Dragon Rider
Chapter 306: Theft atop the Battlefield
Chapter 307: The Undead Bishop’s Strongest Skill
Chapter 308: Glory of a Brave Warrior
Chapter 309: Evil Dragon’s Altar, Flames of Hatred and Vengeance
Chapter 310: The Face Under the Mask
Chapter 311: Until We Meet Again, Ashur
Chapter 312: We Shall Protect You
Chapter 313: The Death God’s Laughter
Chapter 314: Sever, Angel of Horror
Chapter 315: An Unexpected Problem
Chapter 316: Avenging Flame
Chapter 317: This Great King
Chapter 318: After the War
Chapter 319: Bloodline? A New Special Training
Chapter 320: Charging Forth Towards Wealth and Riches!
Chapter 321: Increasing the Gap
Chapter 322: Gambling Over Strength
Chapter 324: Beckoning Under the Sun!
Chapter 325: Determining Victory and Defea
Chapter 326: Lessons Learned and a Triumphant Return
Chapter 327: An Unstable Belo
Chapter 328: Familial Pressure and Resolution
Chapter 329: Ferguillo’s New Secre
Chapter 330: Ayrin’s Plan
Chapter 331: After the Fight, Independent Training and Becoming the Strongest Meat Shield
Chapter 332: King of Sudden Attack, Fighting One Against Many!
Chapter 333: Chris’ Path, A Plan to Kill Two Birds with One Stone
Chapter 334: Monster of Vengeance
Chapter 335: Competition Containing Rewards and Elimination
Chapter 336: Heart of Fury, A Bestial Roar
Chapter 337: Jean Camus’ Reques
Chapter 338: Coming Out of the Shell! Departure, Towards the Decisive Battle of Three Powers!
Chapter 339: Lotton’s Choice, the Seventh Member
Chapter 340: A Grand History, A Mighty Corps
Chapter 341: The First Challenge
Chapter 342: Breaking Through Piece by Piece
Chapter 343: An Individual Battle, Moss’ Crisis!
Chapter 344: The First to Emerge, Ayrin
Chapter 345: A Giant Who Never Gives Up!
Chapter 346: The Third and The Fourth
Chapter 347: Finally, Just Chris
Chapter 348: A Team of Monsters
Chapter 349: Limit Surpassing Battlefield
Chapter 350: Black Ayrin
Chapter 351: Body Surpassing Consciousness
Chapter 352: Searching For A Path to Victory!
Chapter 353: Monsters Who Learn From Each Other
Chapter 354: Three and Three
Chapter 355: Burning Blood and Spiri
Chapter 356: Learning on the Fly
Chapter 357: Constantly Growing Youths
Chapter 358: Alarms Outside the Barracks
Chapter 359: Unbelievable Resentmen
Chapter 360: Linking Domains, Overwhelming Fists and Fee
Chapter 361: House Baratheon’s Strongest Arcane Team
Chapter 362: A Moment One Must Bear
Chapter 363: A Curious Metal Figure
Chapter 364: Metal with a Will
Chapter 365: A Marvelous Image
Chapter 366: Merlin's Sadness
Chapter 367: Arriving at River Bend, Acting Separately
Chapter 368: Super Special Training, Hell’s Kitchen
Chapter 369: The Inexplicable President of the Brotherhood
Chapter 370: The Dark Side of the World
Chapter 371: Slaughterhouse
Chapter 372: Killing Purely for the Sake of Profi
Chapter 373: Fight to Become Stronger
Chapter 374: Hot-blooded Brothers
Chapter 375: The First Retainer
Chapter 376: A Destroyer's Strength
Chapter 377: Rapidly Growing Youths
Chapter 378: A Startling Discovery
Chapter 379: Forceful Recruitmen
Chapter 380: Uninvited Gues
Chapter 381: Ferguillo’s Silent Decision
Chapter 382: Fourth Gate Is Not Far Away
Chapter 383: Ancient Ruin Covered In Snow
Chapter 384: News Of Death
Chapter 385: Promised Duel With Morgan
Chapter 386: The Duel Between The Strongest Begins!
Chapter 387: Morgan’s Domain
Chapter 388: The Troublesome Two
Chapter 389: A Double-Knockout Resul
Chapter 390: The Final Trump Card
Chapter 391: The Moment To Be Proud
Chapter 392: Assassination, Descends!
Chapter 393: Inspirer
Chapter 394: Blood Tears
Chapter 395: Maelstrom’s Pride
Chapter 396: Immediate Departure
Chapter 397: Goat Horn Team
Chapter 398: Surprisingly Close Teamwork
Chapter 399: Undead Puppeteer
Chapter 400: Merlin Is Fighting
Chapter 401: Huge Marine Monster Battle
Chapter 402: Finally, This Arcane Skill Can Be Used!
Chapter 403: Determination For Victory
Chapter 404: Rinloran’s Pierce
Chapter 405: House Eclipse Moon’s Invitation
Chapter 406: Double Dark Destruction Dragon?
Chapter 407: Not Leaving A Single One Ou
Chapter 408: Come, It’s Dragon Slaying Time
Chapter 409: It Did Wonders
Chapter 410: Enraged Stingham
Chapter 411: Do Your Bes
Chapter 412: Surprise Discovery!
Chapter 413: Corpse Fores
Chapter 414: Domain Of Stillness, Moment Of Crisis
Chapter 415: Big Reversal
Chapter 416: Powerful Pursuers
Chapter 417: Invisible Thread Execution
Chapter 418: The Start Of The Hardest Figh
Chapter 419: Formation Destroyer Leyu
Chapter 420: Death God’s Ambush
Chapter 421: I Slash, I Slash Again
Chapter 422: Learn And Apply
Chapter 423: Blood Shadow’s Sorrow
Chapter 424: How Should We Survive
Chapter 425: Showdown! Evil Six! Maelstrom!
Chapter 426: First Battle, Forcing The Fifth Member Ou
Chapter 427: Creepy Smile
Chapter 428: Holy Dawn’s Sixth Member!
Chapter 429: Showdown Between The Trump Cards
Chapter 430: News of Victory
Chapter 431: Golden Girl
Chapter 432: The Humiliated Girl
Chapter 433: The Beautiful Girl’s First Challenge
Chapter 434: Sword Match
Chapter 435: The Girl Escaping In Nude, Stingham’s Secre
Chapter 436: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Vision
Chapter 437: The Dormant Deep Green Domain?
Chapter 438: The Target To Surpass
Chapter 439: Belo Acting Strange, The Land Of Eternal Winter
Chapter 440: Rinloran’s Breakthrough, The Team Becoming Stronger
Chapter 441: An Idiot’s Interrogation
Chapter 442: Psychic Style And Belo’s Strange Decision
Chapter 443: The Slaughter Begins
Chapter 444: Burn! Bat!
Chapter 445: How to Die
Chapter 446: Strange Discovery
Chapter 447: Bloody Nigh
Chapter 448: Belo’s Concert Begins
Chapter 449: Blood Moon Feas
Chapter 450: Success In The End, Hell
Chapter 451: Evolution, Blood Yaksha Form
Chapter 452: Psychic Style Successor
Chapter 453: The Mysterious House’s Internal Conflic
Chapter 454: Unstoppable Attack
Chapter 455: Simple Solution
Chapter 456: Beating Up The Handicapped Child
Chapter 457: White Butt Wind Department Arcane Master
Chapter 458: Another Incident!
Chapter 459: Swashe Brothers Showdown, Killing!
Chapter 460: Support From Wind And Shadow Departmen
Chapter 461: Sewer Story
Chapter 462: Deviant Six
Chapter 463: Grandmaster Screwface
Chapter 464: Temptation Of Food
Chapter 465: Eat Before Figh
Chapter 466: Become A Monster Summoner! Monster Trio Summoner
Chapter 467: The Traumatized Monsters
Chapter 468: Mountain Cleaving Titans That Can Be Summoned
Chapter 469: Ice Dragon Spiri
Chapter 470: The Real Glutton
Chapter 471: Unexpected Change
Chapter 472: Gaining A Domain From Eating
Chapter 473: Divine Temple Forbidden Zone
Chapter 474: Forbidden Zone Encounter
Chapter 475: He is the Green Dragon Prince
Chapter 476: Clan Of Water Type Dragon
Chapter 477: Eternal Winter Domain
Chapter 478: I Will Take The Rear
Chapter 479: Epic Silver Dragon Bloodline!
Chapter 480: Fight To The Heart’s Conten
Chapter 481: The Bloodline Flame Activated For The First Time
Chapter 482 A : Satisfied
Chapter 483: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Hope
Chapter 484: Things Go Wrong
Chapter 485: Grandmaster Screwface 2.0
Chapter 486: Showing Mercy!
Chapter 487: Godly Prediction! Godly Precision!
Chapter 488: Kaleidoscope Type Arcane Master’s Training Ground
Chapter 489: Duel! Battle Against Royal Arcane Masters!
Chapter 490: The Secret of Composite Skill, Defeated!
Chapter 491: Kill On Sigh
Chapter 492: One VS Corps, Begin!
Chapter 493: The Fury Of The Corps, Non-Stop Battle!
Chapter 494: Arcane Skills! Bloom Like A Kaleidoscope!
Chapter 495: The Man Equivalent To One Third Of The Corps Total Fighting Strength!
Chapter 496: Annihilator
Chapter 497: Corps In Distress Chapter 497: Corps In Distress
Chapter 498: Stopping The Entire Corps, Metal Warfare!
Chapter 499: Stalemate! Strong Enemy Returns!
Chapter 500: Prior To Escape
Chapter 501: The Moment Closest To Death
Chapter 502: Latent Bloodline Awakening
Chapter 503: Great Drunken Warrior
《Destroyer of Ice and Fire》 Chapters
Chapter 504: The Thief Couple’s Decision
Chapter 505: The Best Bai
Chapter 506: Eat It Raw!
Chapter 507: Nostalgic Smell
Chapter 508: Chaotic Battle
Chapter 509: Plan To Ea
Chapter 510: Human Mower, Reunite!
Chapter 511: Super Pervert And Too Strayed Off
Chapter 512: Unchanging Domain
Chapter 513: Prologue To Destruction
Chapter 514: Impulsive Youth Possession?
Chapter 515: The Long-Awaited War! Gathering Of Experts!
Chapter 516: A True Life-Risking Battle
Chapter 517: Provocative Fighting Method?
Chapter 518: Evil Dragon Transformation
Chapter 519: The Enemy Who Received Both Physical And Mental Abuse
Chapter 520: Power Type King Worm
Chapter 521: Outcome Not Predictable
Chapter 522: Daring Idea
Chapter 523: Meaty Aroma Airship
Chapter 524: Belo, The True Brave Warrior’s Figh
Chapter 525: Feeling Of Power
Chapter 526: Eternal Winter Forest, Empty Town
Chapter 527: Revenge, Is Not That Easy
Chapter 528: Blood Moon Night, The Fated Enemy
Chapter 529: Kill You, Or Be Killed By You
Chapter 530: Fighting Against Impossibility!
Chapter 531: Ancestral Blood, Final Showdown
Chapter 532: Choice Of The Strong
Chapter 533: Never Agree
Chapter 534: The Choice Of One Vs Army
Chapter 535: Death Bet!
Chapter 536: Trauma Room, Five Senses Torment!
Chapter 537: Smell Of War
Chapter 538: Must Win
Chapter 539: War Outbreak
Chapter 540: Decisive Battle Right At The Start!
Chapter 541: Depraved Elf Corps Reappears!
Chapter 542: One Man Holds The Pass!
Chapter 543: Single Strike Style; Exit!
Chapter 554: Can You Fight Properly
Chapter 555: Grudge Soul Gem
Chapter 556: Fearotz’s True Strength
Chapter 557: Coffin Master Bishop?
Chapter 558: Marching Towards Danger
Chapter 559: Evil Dragon’s Artifact!
Chapter 560: Frustrated Gaze
Chapter 561: Because We Are Comrades
Chapter 562: We will Leave Las
Chapter 563: A Teammate That Can’t Be Disliked
Chapter 564: Breached City Reinforcemen
Chapter 565: My Enjoyment Comes From Fighting Against I
Chapter 566: Stingham’s Improvemen
Chapter 567: Onward, Nether Mountain Range
Chapter 568: So What If I Die Fighting?
Chapter 569: Arrival Of Reinforcements
Chapter 570: A Coincidental Summoning
Chapter 571: Counterattack! Thorns Swamp!
Chapter 572: Surprisingly Easy, Incomprehensible Demihumans
Chapter 573: Demihuman’s Creativity
Chapter 574: The Army Taking Shape
Chapter 575: A Girl’s Determination, The Returning Army!
Chapter 576: A War In Which Even Powerful Individuals Seemed Insignificant, Carter’s Bitterness
Chapter 577: Racing Against Time
Chapter 578: The Key To Determine The Outcome
Chapter 579: Crisis, A Trap Specially For The Holy Dawn Geniuses
Chapter 580: Split Up, Dangerous Tactician Enemy
Chapter 581: The Solution The Enemy Could Never Imagine
Chapter 582: Battle Between Ancient Successions
Chapter 583: The Golden Girl’s Determination And Grief
Chapter 584: Kill Me
Chapter 585: Corrupted Blood Assaul
Chapter 586: The Sixth Corps, A Terrifying Lineup
Chapter 587: A Battle Seemingly Impossible To Win
Chapter 588: Infinite Stacking, Another Battle That Ended First!
Chapter 589: Intense Battle! Deaths Of Important Figures!
Chapter 590: Bane! Stingham’s Counterattack!
Chapter 591: The True Valkyrie
Chapter 592: Jean Camus’s Greatest Secret, Body Swap Domain!
Chapter 593: A Study That Must Be Completed Impromptu, Dragon Interference!
Chapter 594: Baratheon’s Paranoia, Duel Between Voodoo And Storm
Chapter 595: Ayrin Is Busy
Chapter 596: Revitalized Crown
Chapter 597: Climax Of The War, Deaths Of The Strong
Chapter 598: Jean Camus’s Trembling
Chapter 599: Stingham Meatshield, Ayrin’s Breakthrough
Chapter 600: Winged Devil, The True Destroyer
Chapter 601: The True Coffin Master Bishop! Evil Dragon Gate!
Chapter 602: The Most Powerful Momen
Chapter 603: Notebook Teacher Reappeared
Chapter 604: Eye Blinding
Chapter 605: Powerful Escor
Chapter 606: The Final Opponen
Chapter 607: If You Don’t Give Us, We Will Kill You All!
Chapter 608: The Powerful Army After The War, And Unsatisfied Youths
Chapter 609: Domineering Beastman
Chapter 610: Changing Situation
Chapter 611: Responsibility Matures A Person
Chapter 612: Office of Special Affairs’s Mistake
Chapter 613: Sparkling Tears, Elegy Of Life
Chapter 614: Resurrected Evil Dragon!
Chapter 615: Rinloran’s Rage
Chapter 616: Fearless!
Chapter 617: Hot-Blooded Individuals
Chapter 618: Never Give Up
Chapter 619: Dragon’s Grief
Chapter 620: Companion’s Determination
Chapter 621: Stop Running Away
Chapter 622: The Evil Dragon Rapidly Growing Stronger
Chapter 623: The Evil Dragon’s Enemies
Chapter 624: Storm Kingdom’s Punishmen
Chapter 625: Old Ginns Reappears
Chapter 626: The Strongest Is Never The Bloodline
Chapter 627: Unreasonable Breakthrough And Shock
Chapter 628: Powerful! Eccentric Arcane Master!
Chapter 629: This Era Is Not Pure Coincidence
Chapter 630: Evil Spirit Servan
Chapter 631: The Hand Within The Fores
Chapter 632: Ice Cold Body
Chapter 633: This Is A Type Of Ancient Ceremony
Chapter 634: Born For Fighting
Chapter 635: White Giant Arcane Master
Chapter 636: Cursed Army And Crown
Chapter 637: Is Every Person Born A Hero?
Chapter 638: Hermit Residence
Chapter 639: Ice And Fire
Chapter 640: A Changed Stingham
Chapter 641: Ferguillo Transplanting An Arm
Chapter 642: Two Pupils
Chapter 643: All Resulted From Courage
Chapter 644: Ferguillo’s Clean Up
Chapter 645: Ferguillo’s Calmness and Belo’s Agitation
Chapter 646: The Evil Dragon’s Descenden
Chapter 647: Waiting For the Opportunity Of The Final Showdown
Chapter 648: Dissimilar Companions
Chapter 649: An Eye Blinding Army
Chapter 650: Ayrin’s Bizarre Plan
Chapter 651: Final Clean Up
Chapter 652: The Reborn Ambitionis
Chapter 653: Stingham’s Use
Chapter 654: The Past Warriors Could Not Be Proud
Chapter 655: Fellemang’s Assassination
Chapter 656: Hand Blade and Thousand Storms Sword
Chapter 657: Black Jasmine Reappears
Chapter 658: Two Valkyries
Chapter 659: The Deep Green In Dream
Chapter 660: The Signal To The Final War
Chapter 661: None Of Those
Chapter 662: The Evil Dragon Descendent’s Ambition
Chapter 663: Ferguillo vs. Evil Dragon Descenden
Chapter 664: Unable To Defea
Chapter 665: The Evil Dragon’s Secre
Chapter 666: Ayrin Also Has A Secre
Chapter 667: The Evil Dragon Breaks Through!
Chapter 668: The Corps With Unknown Utility
Chapter 669: The Frontal War Commences
Chapter 670: Time To Create Epic
Chapter 671: The Miscalculated Evil Dragon
Chapter 672: Black Flower Vs Spear
Chapter 673: Crisis! Pure Power
Chapter 674: One Strike! Ferguillo’s Confidence And Determination!
Chapter 675: Can We Really Win?
Chapter 676: Simple Arcane Skill, Big Usage
Chapter 677: Difference, Ayrin In Danger!
Chapter 678: An Unimaginable Countermeasure
Chapter 679: Dragon Slaying Sword
Chapter 680: Successful Explosion, Ayrin’s Scheme
Chapter 681: The Source Of Premonition
Chapter 682: Reversed Situation, The Evil Dragon’s Servant Captain!
Chapter 683: The Final Fear
Chapter 684: Similar Rage, Lighting Dragon’s Despair
Chapter 685: Blood Reincarnation!
Chapter 686: Fellemang, The Final Secret Unraveled
Chapter 687: Deep Green
Chapter 688: The Strongest Force Of Nature
Chapter 689: I Will Personally Watch You Die
Chapter 690: Make Me Angry
Chapter 691: Ayrin’s Instinct, The True Power Of The Silver Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 692: A Chance That Absolutely Cannot Be Wasted
Chapter 693: Bone Severance, The Final Rainbow
Chapter 694: It Does Not Matter
Chapter 695: The Most Glorious Sunrise
Chapter 696 New Era Epilogue
Afterword And Announcement Of New Book