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Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort
Author :Yi Shi Feng Liu
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Chapter 633

xuanyuan che also knew that liuyue came so far over here because she didn’t want to put him in a difficult position. after all, he had a family and a country. he had to think from a sovereign’s perspective and empathize with everyone.

but that didn’t mean that for all of that, he would abandon liuyue and let her fight alone. he couldn’t do it. he couldn’t do it.

he gritted his teeth and his eyes were like a torch.

“listen. you must tell me everything from now on. you are not allowed to act on your own. if we have to face something, then we will do it together. otherwise, we will break off all ties. whether growing old or dying, we will not communicate.” he was resolute and decisive. there was no room for negotiating.

“you…” liuyue was startled and her eyes widened.

she could hear that xuanyuan che was serious. how could xuanyuan che speak like this? damn it. damn it.

he knew very well that she would not agree to them cutting off ties. he actually said they would not communicate whether they were old or dead. damn it. damn it.

“you dare.” gritting her teeth, liuyue was angry and sighed.

facing liuyue’s anger, xuanyuan che’s mouth raised in a trace of a smile. he slowly said, “then you have to listen to what i said.”

the smile lightly broke out from xuanyuan che’s face. his already charming face was more demonically bewitching.

the angry liuyue saw xuanyuan che’s happy smile and her unhappy heart slowly settled down.

facing that blinding smile and relieved face, liuyue’s heart was sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy all at once.

after reading that old book, he should know how much danger there was. loving her and being with her meant he could lose his life at any time.

but xuanyuan che was still this way and still didn’t try to dissuade her. he just expressed his deep emotions for her. such a lover, such a husband. how could she abandon, leave, was willing to let him get hurt?

“have you ever heard this phrase?” looking at liuyue’s sweet and bitter expression, xuanyuan che suddenly smiled lightly and asked her, “white is new and exposes the old.”

she didn’t study ancient verses so she didn’t understand.

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