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Chapter 532 – You are Fish Meat 1

You are Fish Meat [1]

“Enough.” Liu Yue didn’t finish talking when the Emperor of Ao Yun abruptly roared. The roar had cut off Liu Yue’s words. The Emperor’s complexion was ugly.

The rustling noises from the darkness with the abrupt roar became silent. The people in the darkness all stopped their footsteps.

The faint murderous aura had disappeared.

When Liu Yue saw that, she laughed. Her laugh was very alluring and pleased with herself.

What times have changed now? What does every dog will have this day meant? It meant this.

That day, she and Xuanyuan Che could only be trampled on and taken advantage of. They could only withstand all the pressure and fought with their lives.

But today, she doesn’t need to. She isn’t the fish meat on the table, but the knife.

Under her hand were countless troops, who dare to look down at her like she’s a joke now? If she wants to loot then she’ll loot. If she wants to steal then she’ll steal. If she wants to kill then she’ll kill. Hmph.

“What do you really want?” The Emperor of Ao Yun almost spat out blood.

“I already told you.” Liu Yue wantonly soaked herself in the hot spring, her interest was overflowing.

“Damn it! You’re a calamity. Tell me what you want.” When the Emperor of Ao Yun heard Liu Yue’s unhurried words, he fumed with anger as he walked away. He furiously threw the object at Liu Yue. He was so angry that steam almost had come out from the top of his head.

She caught the object that the Emperor of Ao Yun had thrown in midair. Borrowing the light of the dusking sky, she glanced at the object. She suddenly raised her head and heartily laughed.

Her melodious laughter is like the sound of a silver bell. It was so moving yet it was also so crazy.

One could only see that in between Liu Yue’s finger, she held a gold arrow banner of command. It looked the same as the gold arrow banner of command that the previous Emperor of Tian Chen, Xuanyuan Yi had shown her.

It was the gold arrow banner of command from the Hidden Island.

“You deliberately did this. You already knew that you are the person that the Hidden Island want. So you announced to the entire world that you like my royal son. You lead them here, you… you… you just want to harm Dugu Ye. You just want to cause him to die and cause the downfall of my Ao Yun.”

He kept pointing at Liu Yue who is laughing frantically. The Emperor of Ao Yun almost spit out black blood.

She fiddled with the gold arrow banner of command in her hand. Liu Yue laughed as she leaned against the wall of the hot spring, looking at the distorted yet fierce face of the Emperor of Ao Yun.