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Chapter 531 – For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar 12

For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [12]

“Evildoer.” The Emperor of Ao Yun stood fixedly next to the hot spring. The moonlight illuminated Liu Yue’s head, one couldn’t see her body that was underneath the water. Her eyes were fierce.

When Liu Yue heard that, she slowly leaned against the wall of the hot spring. Her posture was more natural than the Emperor. Her mouth curved up into a smirk and said: “The question that the Emperor of Ao Yun asked is strange. What do I want to do? What I naturally want is to be together with Dugu Ye.”

After she finished saying that, her face revealed a trace of tenderness which showed her deep love for him.

“Utter rubbish!” The Emperor of Ao Yun looked at Liu Yue’s face that showed deep affections. In his extreme anger, he had shouted out a swear word that he hadn’t said in so many years.

“You this evildoer. You’re not satisfied with just harming Tian Chen’s Emperor, Xuanyuan Che. Today, you had come to harm my son, you…”

“Emperor, you can’t say that. Who was it that used the combined forces of the five countries to attack Tian Chen just for me? Who was it that doesn’t want the world but instead, want a beautiful woman? Who was it that had abandoned the princess just for me?

Your son is infatuated with me and doesn’t hesitate to go to war for me. Today I had come, so why are you saying that I’m the one who had blinded him?”

She coldly spat out those words, Liu Yue’s eyes suddenly squinted as she looked at the Emperor of Ao Yun and unhurriedly said: “Or is it that the Emperor wants to just find an excuse and kill me? Okay ah. I’ll be waiting.” After she finished talking, she raised her chin. The smile on her face was charming and provoking at the same time.

When the Emperor of Ao Yun saw this, his eyes sank. He coldly said: “Don’t think that I don’t dare to kill you.”

“Then come and kill me ah.” The fierce voice of the Emperor of Ao Yun was still drifting in the air when Liu Yue slightly smiled. It seemed as if she completely didn’t take his words seriously.

She willfully reached out to play with the black hair that was dangling next to her ear. Liu Yue eyes showed contempt for him. She laughed as she looked at the face of the Emperor of Ao Yun which was dripping with gloominess and said: “I advise you to not think about any other ideas. This prince isn’t isn’t the little wangfei in the past that could be easily taken advantage of.

Today, if you dare to touch one strand of my hair, Bei Mu’s 500,000 troops and horses will definitely destroy half of your country.”

Once these words were said, the expression on the Emperor of Ao Yun had changed. He was biting his teeth fiercely, that sound was nearly audible for Liu Yue.

When Liu Yue saw that, she laughed more beautifully. She swam across the hot spring to where the Emperor was. She raised her head and laughingly said: “With only half of a country remaining, I don’t know how long it’ll take for other Central Plain countries to completely swallow it up?

Let me think, one month? Half a year? Or…”