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Chapter 530 – For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar 11

For the Sacrificial Knife and Altar [11]

Within the trembling voice of the Prince of Qin, the Emperor of Ao Yun slowly awakened. His five fingers clenched into a fist.

“This is her purpose, this is… she wants to destroy my Ao Yun country.”

Now he finally understood. He finally understood why Murong Liu Yue was injured in Tian Chen even with her powerful ability, making everyone think that she’s dead.

It wasn’t because she wasn’t strong enough. It was Tian Chen didn’t dare to want her.

She is their people, she is the person that the Hidden Island want.

Now he knows why the 500,000 troops and soldiers didn’t move. Now he knows why she stubbornly expressed her love for Dugu Ye. She is waiting.

“No, we can’t allow her to reach her goal, can’t…” With a swish, he got up. The Emperor of Ao Yun suddenly calmed down. He tightly gripped the gold medal of command. After thinking for a bit, he suddenly rushed out of the main hall.

The Prince of Qin, Dugu Han also followed the Emperor and rushed out.

When two people had rushed out they left the Prime Minister of Ao Yun to be at a loss.

The night scene is dense and smokey.

In the back of the East Palace, the Crown Prince had brought a hot spring back from a mountain. At this time the steam lingered around the hot spring as if it was flying. In the night scene, this scene seemed like a scene from the fairyland.

“This hot spring is pretty good.” Liu Yue lightly swayed in the hot spring, extremely comfortable.

In the snow colored world, she hasn’t been able to enjoy the pleasure of a hot spring in a long time.

“I’ll go get your clothes.” Dugu Ye who was standing at the side quietly said. If one looked closely, you can see that his eyes carried a touch of gentleness.

“Okay ah.” Liu Yue straightforwardly said as her back faced Dugu Ye. In the misty hot spring, one could only see her head.

When he heard her voice, he deeply looked at her again. It seemed like he wanted to carve this scene into his heart as he slowly walked away.

The night was quiet besides the retreating footsteps.

In the hot spring, when Liu Yue heard the fading footsteps of Dugu Ye, the corner of her mouth suddenly curved into a smile. As she turned around to look at the darkening night sky on the other side.

“What is your real purpose?” Just as she turned her head, a fierce voice sounded. The Emperor of Ao Yun’s face was gloomy as he walked out from the dark curtain.

He didn’t care that Liu Yue was bathing right now.

It seemed like Liu Yue already knew he was there. She wasn’t surprised at all as she comfortably stretched her waist. She lifted the long hair next to her ear. An indescribable allure emerged from her.