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Chapter 291 – An Eye for An Eye 9

Before the seventh hall master could even recover from the shock of having his hands severed, he suddenly felt a sharp pain around his neck.

Liu Yue was already standing behind him and she held onto a wire. With a slight tug, it severed seventh hall master’s head.

His eyes widened as both his head and body fell onto the ground.

Liu Yue smiled coldly and tossed the bloody wire away and continued her slaughter.

“Beautiful. I knew this bro of mine wasn’t simple at all.” Seeing that she had begun to slaughter again, he quickly retreated away from her while smiling. While falling back, he continuously attacked with his fan. The experts from West Cliff were unable to get close to him at all.

Hearing what Yun Zhao had said, Liu Yue turned and looked at him, “Not really.”

“Poisoning the entire West Cliff and Assassinating the Emperor of Hou Jin, as expected from my bro. You really are capable.” He deflected an attack and continued to smile at Liu Yue.

“West Cliff is on fire!” A horrified voice cried.

In the direction of the cry, the entire West Cliff could be seen from one of the windows. Smoke was rising very quickly and it looked quite dazzling under the golden sunlight.

No wonder why the West Cliff didn’t send reinforcements. It seems like the people of West Cliff can barely save themselves.

Who could have set the entire West Cliff on fire? Who could be so strong and fierce? Who could it be?

“Your highness the crowned prince, run away!” Seeing the entire scene, the sixth hall master knew that the situation wasn’t good anymore and immediately told the prince to flee. Hearing this, all of the best experts present flew towards Chen Fei to escort him out.

Meanwhile, the sixth hall master turned around and rushed forward, towards Liu Yue.

Chen Fei was a smart man. He saw that the sixth hall master was buying time for him using his own life and felt his heart ache. However, he immediately turned around and left with the people from West Cliff.