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Chapter 276 – A Tooth for a Tooth 6

Hearing the threat, Xuan Yuan Che glared coldly at him and said, “Don’t worry. What I want isn’t his life.”

Feeling the deepness of the glare, Fei Cheng Lie trembled in fear.

That glare…… it had caused Fei Cheng Lie to shudder and look away.

When he looked back, Xuan Yuan Che had already disappeared.

Seeing what had just happened, he thought about his son, Fei Yan. He can’t be thinking about other things right now. He had go back and save his son. With quick movements, Fei Cheng Lie disappeared from the area as well.

After Fei Cheng Lie left, Xuan Yuan Che showed a cold smile, returned to his carriage and left the palace.

On the other hand, Liu Yue’s general mansion shook as feast continued. Firecrackers were exploding all over the place, drums were beating very loudly and the cheers from the people were deafening.

“The bride has arrived.”

A loud clear voice echoed through the halls.

Liu Yue immediately escorted the seventeenth princess into the general mansion.

“Haha. They’re finally here.” The emperor laughed as he put down his wine.

“They’re here! The bride is here.” the prime minister yelled, his face full of smiles.

All the other guest and ministers stopped chatting and looked towards the gates.

Yun Zhao, who was already waiting at the gate, was dazzled by Liu Yue’s handsomeness and her pink attire.

He knew that his brother Liu Yue was handsome. However, he looked even more gallant today after dressing up.

Seeing how Liu Yue was escorting the seventeenth princess in, Yun Zhao felt a bit uncomfortable inside. To let such a fine man marry the unknown seventeenth princess…. He couldn’t bear to watch this.

Even while feeling regret for his brother, his face showed a bright smile. With a wave of his hand, he pushed the gates open and welcomed the couple.