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Chapter 273 – A Tooth for a Tooth 3

“You know them?” Du Yi came over to him holding a jug of wine.

Yun Zhao grabbed and drank from the Du Yi’s jug. His mouth had gone dry after greeting all these people. After drinking, he replied, “Nope.”

What a joke. He wasn’t from Hou Jin either. How can he know all these people? Even if one is from Hou Jin, they would not know everyone here.

Hearing this, Du Yi raised his brows and left him.

If he didn’t know them, then why is he being so familiar with them?

“Haha. Come in, come in….” Yun Zhao was once again welcoming guests.

“His highness the emperor has arrived.” Right as Du Yi stepped out for some air, a loud sharp sound entered his ears.

Hou Jin’s emperor had arrived.

A sharp look appeared on his face for a split second and he turned back to normal.

Without looking back, he took his plate and left.

The whole place was filled with high ranking ministers from the empire. After hearing that the emperor had come, they all stood up and went towards the door.

Dressed in his gold dragon robe, the emperor was standing by the door with the crowned prince.

“This one greets your highness.”

Everyone in the mansion kneeled down and greeted the emperor.

Only Du Yi was standing around looking distracted. It looked as if he didn’t care about the emperor at all.

Seeing all his ministers greet him, the emperor laughed, “We’re not in the palace today. There’s no need to greet me in such manner. I only came for Liu Yue’s wedding feast.”

“Yes. Your highness.” Everyone replied and stood up. The bowed and cleared a path for the emperor and the crowned prince.