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Chapter 239 – I’m Back 6

Don’t tell me that he actually went and turned himself in, in order clear her suspicion.

No. No way. Her heart began to tighten up again and she could feel herself suffocating.

It was a unclear feeling that she felt in her heart. She felt like it was almost impossible to breath.

She began to take deep breaths. She wasn’t tired but she felt like a fish out of water.

Grasping her chest, Liu Yue fiercely gritted her teeth until her gums turned bright red. With her hair flying behind her, he quickly turned around and ran.

There was still a place that she did not search yet. If she couldn’t find him there, then even if she has to cross a mountain of blades and a sea of fire, she will find him.

All of her plans…. She would abandon all of them just to find him.

Compare to him, nothing else was important. She can’t lose him.

She’s already lost him once, she can’t lose him again. She can’t afford to lose him.

Swiftly moving, the white robe she was wearing created a bright blur under the dark sky.

The full moon while being partially covered by the clouds shone brightly.

Slamming open her own gates, Liu Yue stood by the entrance, trying to catch her breath. She quickly looked up at the shadow standing by her house, not moving at all.

Under the windows stood a person in a long crimson robe. Coincidentally, at this time, the moonlight shone onto the window which reflected onto the man.

He was like flowers during springtime and the moon during autumn. He was as high as a mountain and as deep as the sea. He was indescribable.

An evil and murderous aura in an alluring body with a devious mind. When he was around sixteen of seventeen, he was already like this.

Now, the person in front of her eyes was someone who’s become matchless under the heavens. He was someone who climbed back from the depths of hell. Someone who breaths and bathes in blood.

A demon. An actual devious demon.

At this time, Liu Yue angrily yet warmly looked at him.