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Chapter 104 – Turbulent Times 4

Chapter 104 – Turbulent Times (4)

Translated by: Rysbow
Edited by: Surjit
TLC by: GT

Liu Yue moved at an increasingly faster pace as her black hair fluttered amidst the ferocious, murderous ambience. Like a trenchant arrow, she darted towards the massive siege in front of her. Cutting and slashing recklessly with the determination to rend everything.

This was suicidal recklessness.

The color of the blood was hideous and this battle seemed to be the only thing left in the world.

Only the sound of weapons clashing with each other was heard.

On top of a lofty mountain at a distance, Du Gu Ye dressed in white stared coldly at the battle happening below. As his white robes swayed with the mountain breeze , he appeared free and pure.

dop1041“That’s amazing, Xue Sheng Kingdom’s strongest defensive formation is about to be ripped apart.” beside him, a sturdy man looked below and said in a deep voice.

They could see clearly from this angle. The bright blue shadow moved at a crazy fast speed, and was about to destroy the first wave of royal knights that Xue Sheng kingdom was so proud of.

Du Gu Ye looked coldly at the blurry bright blue shadow blended in with the color of vegetation. But he could clearly see that this tiny figure released a chill that no ordinary person could withstand . If she grew older,there would hardly be anyone who could stop her.

“Crown Prince, Xuan Yuan Che’s Dragon Riders have arrived.” added the sturdy man in his deep voice, looking behind him.

Behind him, the Dragon Riders led by Qiu Hen was approaching at lightning pace . They had obviously overcome the Left Minister’s obstacle. If they allowed Xuan Yuan Che’s men to get any closer to them, it would be impossible to conduct Xuan Yuan Che to his death.

Du Gu Ye looked solemnly at the blue shadow below. No sound came out of his mouth.

The sturdy man looked at the Crown Prince, his eyebrows knotted slightly, and said, “Your highness, she will become an obstacle for us.”

Du Gu Ye heard him as an unfathomable expression flashed across his face.

Yes, she was Xuan Yuan Che’s comrade. That would make her his enemy. A powerful opponent like this, would sooner or later become his biggest adversary .

However, he wanted to keep this opponent. A little part of him did not want to hurt her.

Du Gu Ye sighed and coldly waved his hand. Attending the King’s birthday banquet was merely a pretence, the real reason he came was to kill Xuan Yuan Che, King Yi of the Tian Zhen kingdom; an opponent that would threaten Ao Yun Kingdom.

Now, since someone has launched the attack before him, he would lend a hand and aid the ongoing attack.

Immediately, a string of commands were hastily passed down.