Volume 5: To Give a Taste of your own Medicine [1]

Arrogant, so arrogant.

Liu Yue lifted one of her legs and placed it on top of her other leg as she leaned on the chair. She didn’t even look at Prince Ka Cha Er who is speaking.

While sitting in a tall and arrogant manner, she slowly caress the jadeite/emerald ring in the middle of her hand.

Trying to follow the sound and using the corner of the eye to glance at the wood, with no hint of replying, as if she doesn’t even put Huns in her eyes.

When the Prince of Huns, Ka Cha Er saw that, he clenched his teeth.

“The thousands of miles grassland and it’s neighboring twenty cities”, Ku Za Mu lifted his sword, coming at just the right rime.

Prince Ka Cha Er listened to as Ku Za Mu stated that ransom, he immediately frowned: “No, this condition is too harsh, we cannot agree.”

“Ka Cha Er, could it be that these little cities is actually more important that the King of Huns?”

In a moment, Ka Cha Mu, as Liu Yue had instructed him, fought with Prince Ka Cha Er, swords and mouth fighting (arguing).

Such rare good weather, the sun shone on the golden curtain, reflecting off tiny flecks of light.

Under these flecks of light, Liu Yue maintains her arrogance and disdain, as she listen to their peace talk, the lord will enter last.

At this time, Ou Yang Yu Fei is holding Xiao Xi Que, Xiao Hua, and the King of Huns who have changed. Ou Yang Yu Fei is arrogantly shopping in the Lu Ke city’s streets.

Knowing that there is peace talk in the outskirt of the city, the city became lively, even though Lu Ke city wasn’t a lively city. Many citizens of Huns have walked out of their house, looking around in front of the gate of the city, such rare chatter noise have emerged.

“This thing is pretty good.” Ou Yang Yu Fei had lifted a clay shaped dog, a face full of praise, as if he’s looking at the best jewelry.

Xiao Xi Que’s face turned dark, pulled along hands of the speechless King of Huns, walking to the side, pretending not to know that person.

“I say Gong Zi, She’s not afraid of what we’re going to do to him?” Xiao Xi Que fly pass Xiao Hua as the King of Huns lifted his chin.

This Liu Yue really trust them that much?

“Do you want to be eaten, or steamed?” Ou Yang Yu Fei was suddenly interested when he heard Xiao Xi Que say that. His eyes curled (turned moon shaped) as he looked at Xiao Xi Que.

Suddenly Xiao Xi Que’s face fell, fiercely glared at Ou Yang Yu Fei, and left.


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