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111 Returning Home

Altair's view changed from the small room she was in to a forest. Once again, the change was jarring and instantaneous. The sounds of wildlife assaulted her ears at the same time the smells of the forest drifted into her noise. The heat of the sun bore down onto her body. An occasional gentle breeze would sweep by and sap the heat that gathered on her with a touch.

'Eh…? It's daytime here?' It was night when Altair had teleported over. When she first went to the Empire, she had arrived in a cave so it was impossible for her to know what time of day it was when she arrived. She had even arrived on a completely different planet. She had no idea there was a time difference. Still, arriving during the day would make things a lot easier on her for her tasks at hand, even if she would probably get a little tired before nightfall.

She took a deep breath as she immediately felt that hollow feeling that accompanied her being drained of Mana. She also had a slight headache, which warned her of having burned almost enough Mana to Overdraft again. However, she had not done so.

She looked around the area and all she could see was a mostly cleared area of forest. There were some large stones that used to serve as landmarks that she remembered before. She could picture the layout of the headquarters over the cleared space around her, but there was no sign of anyone living here.

The ground was overgrown with different herbs and plants that Altair mostly recognized. There was an animal trail that cut through the clearing. There were even some small saplings that had started to grow in the clearing.

It was obvious at a glance that there have been no people living here for at least a year.

'Did they move the base?' Altair asked herself as she tilted her head in confusion. She had never witnessed the Coalition moving their headquarters before. However, she had heard that they had done it a few times before, when the Humans had gotten too close to them. So, it wasn't a completely new unheard of for them to pick up and move.

That was the second thing that Altair had learned about in the Coalition. She just needed to find the hidden signs that they would leave behind on where they were going. Assuming it wasn't too long since they had moved, as the signs they would leave would fade over time.

She moved to search around where the Council of Four's main building would have been. It was situated towards the center of the clearing and had three large and obvious rocks spaced around where it used to be. The even ground was uneven from the dirt and plants growing all over it and the rocks had some moss growing on them already.

The sight of the moss caused her to frown.

She looked around the rocks that should have some kind of scratchings on them. If the scratchings were put together and examined, the location of the next headquarters could be found using them. Of course, that was after you went through another two to three locations with the same thing that you were led to, and then met with some designated scouts that would take you to the actual headquarters.

However, when Altair looked over the rocks, there were no instructions of any kind.

This caused her to frown even harder.

She quickly brushed off the moss on the rocks with her hand to see if it was grown over, but that spot was also bare and unmarked.

Sighing, Altair stood to her feet and looked around once more while scratching her own head.

'Guess I'll have to track them down through information I can get in town I suppose.'

This would take longer for her to do but she didn't have much else she could use to find them. She had been gone for over two years, after all. 'They probably moved when they found out I disappeared.' That would have been the smart thing to do in her opinion. She had "disappeared" after encountering the God's Hero. She was the most deadly of the Demi-Humans and she had, supposedly, lost the fight. Since that was the case, the Demi-Humans had probably gone further into hiding.

By gathering information in town she could find out the news of the armies movements and the war between the Demi-Humans through rumors and gossip. It would be largely unreliable depending on where the news originated from, but it would be better than nothing. Furthermore, she could acquire the antidote she needed from town as well. Although, she wouldn't take it until she was back at the headquarters.

Taking the antidote for the Mana Sealing Poison would incapacitate the imbiber for a varying length of time that depended on how long the person was poisoned. Since Altair had been poisoned for over two years, she was bound to be knocked down for quite a while. Consuming it anywhere she wasn't safe would just be asking for trouble.

While she could make the antidote herself, it would take time to find the required herbs and animal parts. And then she would need to mix it delicately over a fire. That was what she had intended to do originally after returning to the Coalition. However, since the Coalition had moved and she needed to investigate where they had gone, it made more sense to just get an antidote from a Human village along the way.

By doing so, she wouldn't need to hunt down the required ingredients, which would save her time. Plus, it wasn't hard to take things from a Human village with her Magic.

She also needed to keep a, somewhat, low profile. She had been missing for over two years. The Humans would probably treat her as having died. That meant the "honor" of removing her had fallen onto God's Hero. Since that was the case, he would bound to be far more renowned than he was before.

But he knew the truth. She had vanished and he had not killed her. Since that was the case, he would most likely be like any arrogant Human and keep an eye out for any rumors or sightings of her unique Magics.

Altair wasn't weak any longer. However, her current strength paled compared to what she used to have. She still had more Mana than most Humans did, but it wasn't an amount that she would be able to swiftly flee if she was discovered and surrounded. She also doubted it was enough to deal with God's Hero considering how their previous encounter went.

She would need to be stealthy and make sure there were no witnesses to her actions. She couldn't arouse suspicion before she got back to full strength and had informed the Coalition of everything she knew.

Using the rocks she had looked at to determine the direction of the nearest village that she remembered, Altair started walking off into the forest. While doing so, she opened the satchel at her side and pulled a single Mana Potion free. It wouldn't be wise to wander around in a forest without any way of defending herself.

She popped the cork out of it and drank it down in two gulps. She then immediately felt the Mana within her quickly refueling, although she only regained 1/20th of her capacity with it. The amount of Mana Altair had now compared to before would be, roughly, equivalent to one thousand buckets. So, the vial had restored roughly fifty buckets.

Oddly, the taste of the Mana Potion was extremely sweet and satisfying this time. It caused Altair to make an odd expression at the empty vial as she stoppered it and put it back into her pack.

She knew that, if the village she was planning to go to still existed, it would take a few days to reach it on foot. She also knew that she would need to disguise herself a little before she arrived. Thankfully, her brown hair wouldn't attract any attention. If a Human did get close, her skin wasn't the inhumanly white, springy and soft it was when she regained her full power. She could also conceal the color of her eyes with her Shadow Magic.

Thanks to the God's Hero pervert having been around a while, she was hoping to pass herself off as one of his, probably many, bastards that he left around. Although the timing was a little strange, she was sure the villagers weren't smart enough to think too deeply on it.