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87 The First Party 3

Sarah had some of the servants place some chairs at a table she picked out. She then started to eat the food on the table with elegance without another word.

Altair looked over the food on the table before her and had never seen its like before. All of it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and were arranged on trays to match the surroundings as well.

Altair saw that Sarah was eating without paying attention to the people staring at them and decided that now would probably be the only time that she could eat in peace with her. So, she took some of the food and ate it as well with as much of her noble training on display that she could bring forth. She looked a little clumsy compared to Sarah's performance but it only served to enhance her portrayal of an innocent and naïve girl.

Most of the nobles did not approach because it was bad etiquette to do so when a woman was eating. But that didn't apply to all of them. Several men attempted to get Sarah's or Altair's attention by standing at spots that would attract a person's eyes if they were sitting where they were sitting.

If they managed to get one of them to look at them while they were eating that meant that they could approach. They were hoping that they could trick either Sarah or Altair into looking at them so they would have the opportunity to talk with them unimpeded. More of them were aiming to get Altair to look because she appeared to be easier to trick into doing so. It was all because of the image that Sarah had given Altair for the evening that they did so.

They were completely fooled into thinking that Altair was a naïve girl who barely knew how to be a noble. While it was true that she barely know how to be a noble, she also detested noble games and, while unaware of the rule that let them approach if looked at, didn't care to put any attention to buzzing flies that were trying to land on her plate.

The noble man that Sarah had snubbed when she went over to this table dropped all pretenses of cordiality and walked right up to their table while they were eating. The woman had fled from him when he had stated that he would do so. She wasn't foolish enough to commit such an act in front of so many of her peers. The man wouldn't let his pride be snubbed so harshly though.

He had pulled all the strings he could to attend this party just to try and get a deal with the Marnithok family. The moment he found out that Sarah was attending there was no way he would let it pass without doing so. He wasn't foolish enough to believe that he would be able to speak with her in private once she was done eating. Knowing that most nobles wouldn't approach a woman who was eating he intended to use the time they were eating to convince Sarah to talk with her husband about the deal.

He walked right up next to Sarah as she ate and looked down on her when she took a bite. Noticing that she didn't so much as register him in her field of view, he slammed his hand onto the table next to her plate and leaned down while saying, "Marnithok Matriarch, I have a business proposal for you."

Sarah continued to eat in silence as if he wasn't there. Altair spared him a glance but nothing more. She didn't know how to handle this type of situation as a noble and figured that Sarah would know a lot more than her. Besides he clearly wasn't there for her so why should she bother with him?

The man noticed he was still being completely ignored despite him practically standing in front of Sarah and his anger went to his head. He slapped the eating utensil out of Sarah's hand and practically shouted, "Stupid woman how dare you ignore me!?" Sarah did not react even to this. It was as if his actions meant as much as a light breeze to her. This only further infuriated the man. No one had ignored him in his entire life like this. His pride couldn't take it so he lifted his hand to directly strike Sarah.

His attack never came however, as his arm was grabbed by rough hand that wrapped completely around it. The owner of the hand was a chiseled man that was 225 cm in height with an intimidating air about him. He looked like a bear who had found some food as he glared at the man and said, "Who let this commoner in here? I could have sworn this was a party for nobles." He then threw the man towards some servants who were at the side with a casual sweep of his arm and added, "Toss this trash out before he causes a mess."

The man was Gordon Marshucarl, Helena's husband and a renowned Mecha pilot. Despite his young age of twenty seven he had already made it to the Destroyer Mecha rank, the ninth rank of piloting skill. There were many in the military who had already labeled him as a future Emperor pilot. Because of this and his wife's personal combat achievements, the Marshucarl name had become one of the most powerful, influential, and well known noble houses in the Empire.

After he tossed the rude man aside the servants wasted no time him shuffling him out of the mansion. Every step of the way he complained but no one paid him any attention.

Gordon turned his attention to Sarah, "It has been a long time, Sarah."

Sarah turned her attention to Gordon and her heart thumped in her chest at the sight of him. But it was too late to try and win his affection, so her expression only contained the same warm smile as always as she spoke in a playful tone, "It's rude to interrupt a woman during their meal, Gordon."

Gordon smirked in response, "Oh, my apologizes." He bowed in a sarcastic motion before he added, "I thought it would be better to deal with me than that oaf who was just here."

Sarah turned her head towards the man being dragged out of the room. She then looked towards Gordon and said, "I suppose your company is preferable to that so I will forgive you."

Gordon nodded in appreciation. They were friends since their academy years and he knew that she was just saying that to keep face. There was a proper way for things to be done in public and he knew what had to be asked next, "Since you forgive me may I join you and your lovely daughter?"

Sarah cast a glance behind Gordon as she asked, "Just you or… Both of you?"

Gordon didn't have to look behind him to know that Helena was there. She was standing a few steps behind him the entire time and was just waiting for the invitation to sit down with her old rival. She had put their rivalry behind her and suspected that Sarah had as well. Their society did not allow for polygamy unless you were an Emperor pilot or the Emperor so there was no point in holding the grudge since she had already won and they had been through much together. Especially because none of the three here believed that Gordon would be able to become an Emperor pilot.

Gordon returned Sarah's warm smile and said, "I would prefer that my wife joined us if that is alright with you." He cast a meaningful look around the room as he added, "It would be a shame if another unscrupulous person approached her as that oaf did with you."

Sarah's warm smile changed to a knowing smile at his words. Because of the ruckus that the oaf made by harassing Sarah, it allowed Gordon and his wife Helena to get out of being surrounded by all the nobles who were here to curry favor with them. Their actions seemed completely natural as well due to the flow of their conversation so far. Sarah knew that Gordon was trading favors while using this chance to also have a somewhat private conversation with her. They weren't young anymore and they each had their own jobs to do. This situation was the perfect chance for them to catch up with each other.

"It can't be helped then," Sarah said while motioning towards the other chairs at the table, "You may join us with your wife."

Gordon bowed in appreciation towards Sarah, "I thank you." He then turned and gave his hand to Helena and escorted her to a chair at the table. He took the chair out for her to sit down first before taking the seat at her side.

The surrounding nobles who had been trying to get closer ties with the Marshucarl house muttered quiet curses. They missed their chance because of that one oaf of the low noble class. It was a stain on their honor and they all vowed that they would make sure that noble house would soon be buried because of it. With so many noble houses aligned against a minor noble family it was practically guaranteed that they would soon disappear from history.

Altair found their actions confusing. She wasn't skilled enough to see the politics behind them nor did she know their history. She had only learned how to act like a noble because she wouldn't be required to spend much of her time amongst them. She was merely playing a face at events such as these and there was no point in her taking more of a part in them than that. She had the agreement with Renald that she could fall back on if he tried to push her into doing more noble activities.

She was an experienced assassin, scout, and killing machine in her old world. Her talents were wasted at dinner parties. She just had yet to tell Renald about her skill set because she didn't quite trust him enough to do. She still hadn't told him what magic she could use as well. The only thing she figured he knew was that she could butcher people without them knowing and could enhance the power in her body.