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65 Aftermath Of The Imposter

The fake Liam was running at near his full speed when it ran into the checkered thread trap. The trap itself only barely put up in time as well. Furthermore, the trap lasted for barely a quarter of a second.

Still, the fake Liam was moving fast enough to completely destroy itself upon impact with it and the momentum it was traveling at allowed its entire body to continue through, resulting in its pile of cubes falling over all of the stairs.

It was a mess of synthetic tissue, wires, metal, and strange odorless, blue liquid that crumpled onto a pile.

The only people who saw it happen was Altair, who caused it in the first place, and Renald, who had a front row seat to watch something that he had only seen in simulation training. The rest of the guards of the mansion arrived after the trap had already had finished and the android had fallen apart. Ben and Dave were focused on catching Altair when she fell.

In the Observation Den they caught sight of the android literally falling into pieces. Nothing else showed up on the sensors. It appeared to them that the android had a strange way of self-destructing itself.

The guards that arrived rushed over and surrounded Renald, who was still collapsed on the floor and struggling to stand up as his limbs were mostly unresponsive. They paid little attention to Altair as she had her own personal guards. Furthermore, the head of the family was on the ground and appeared to be vulnerable, so they naturally prioritized him over the adopted daughter. They didn't know if the danger had passed yet.

Altair herself found herself caught by both Dave and Ben at the same time. They exchanged a momentary look before Ben reluctantly let her go. Dave was the senior of the pair and they had already had many discussions on how this sort of situation should be handled, so he gave up the honor of carrying Altair to him. They backed into a corner to wait for orders from Renald while keeping Altair under their protection.

By the time Renald recovered enough to issue commands to everyone, the house was already in chaos.

Everything had been locked down as the procedures mandated for this type of situation. Mihael was very quick about it as well. He even went as far as to send a message to the Young Master to prevent him from returning and to have him either stay with at the academy or with his friends or return to one of the Marnithok safe houses.

But none of that mattered much to Renald in the moment.

He quickly strode over to Ben and Dave and said, "Take my daughter to my office. It is the most secure room in the mansion, and have another four guards accompany you. Also, send for her personal maids to serve her until I get there."

Ben and Dave nodded while Altair gave him a curious look before she was taken away. She could still only move her eyes at this point and was unable to tell them anything about her being drugged. Still, Dave and Ben either noticed it and didn't say anything or they just didn't notice it. Altair was hoping that it was the former.

Renald then returned to the stairs while Donel fell in beside him. He spoke while he hastily walked towards the android remains, "Get the engineers up here to collect what they can. We need to find out everything possible from the core."

Donel nodded and brought up his communicator to summon the engineers.

Renald didn't pause at all as he approached the remains. He kneeled down and looked over them with a critical eye. His expression revealed none of the shock he felt in that moment. He had exchanged some blows with the android and knew that it was a Grade 3 Tactical Infiltration Doll. They had the strength equal to an early stage Optio in terms of Martial Prowess, yet it was reduced to this state, presumably by some Magic that Altair had used.

It was just terrifying to see and think about to him though. When Altair had shown some of her power to him by slamming him into the environment he knew that she could probably kill a late stage Warrior, the second tier, with it. But he had no idea she had some abilities capable of reducing a Grade 3 android to such a state in an instant. He didn't even see what had done it and he was watching the whole time. It was like he ran into a laser grid, only the grid was completely invisible to him.

'The power to shred someone completely without anyone knowing it was you,' he thought to himself as fear spread within him. 'She is a lot more dangerous than I thought.' His mind immediately jumped to the fight she had recently with his son and he couldn't help but worry for his child. 'If that fool boy keeps playing with fire there won't even be ash left of him and we'll all be powerless to stop it.'

He spotted the core of the android in the pile and reached out to pull it free. Upon pulling it out his jaw nearly dropped. The core had also been cut into pieces. A larger wave of shock slammed into him at the sight of it. Still, he had to take care of other things right away so he pushed it down forcefully. 'We probably won't be able to get anything useful out of this.' He muttered a curse as he stood to his feet.

The core of an android would almost always detonate, resulting in catastrophic damage to the surroundings, when it was damaged. It was used as the primary power for them to self destruct so that nothing could be salvaged and no one would be able to tell where it came from. And it was in pieces in the pile with the android.

Renald had assumed that it was intact since he was still alive. It appeared that the Magic Altair could use was able to damage them without setting off a chain reaction.

Renald brought up his own communicator and connected it to Mihael. Mihael's face then appeared as he looked at the screen with an unusually serious expression as he asked, "Your command, Master?"

Renald flatly stated, "Scramble all of the footage of the android from when he met with Altair. I don't want it to even be recoverable. Make it look like it was hacked and corrupted."

Mihael's brow twitched briefly but he replied with, "As you will." Then the communication cut abruptly as Renald turned it off.

He couldn't let any evidence of what Altair was capable of be recorded. Who knew what other family's hackers would be able to find when word of the android trying to abduct her got out.

It was already apparent that someone knew about what Altair was. He couldn't allow for the possibility of more finding out.

Altair herself was carried as her body was basically a prison for her again. Only this time, it wasn't in a dream but in reality.

She was taken to the top floor of the mansion through a special elevator that was hidden in the wall. Altair would have been shocked by the secret doorway but she was lost in thought about the fake Liam instead.

'A man made of metal and flesh. Are all Thradii like that? Was he even a Thradii or was he something else? And why was there lightning coursing through his body? Was he some sort of advanced golem?' Altair would have loved to been able to narrow her eyes at that moment, 'These Humans have some dangerous things. I was almost fooled into thinking that was Liam. If he didn't keep asking me for information I wouldn't have noticed.'

'What did he call it again?' She asked herself as she tried to remember what Renald had said earlier. 'An Android? Is that was that was? So it was an Android Thradii then? Or an Android something? I'll just ask him later.'

Altair put the fake Liam out of her mind as she was taken into Renald's office.

The inside of Renald's office was very Spartan compared to the other rooms that Altair had been in so far in the mansion. While the furniture was very comfortable they lacked the designs and jewelry that she had come to expect from the mansion. It was clear that the room was designed for its purpose and not for looks.

Altair was laid down on the sofa that was against the wall the Ben and Dave left the room. She was just left there. Altair was having a problem with that.

'They really aren't going to help me out here? I can't even move… What am I supposed to do about the bathroom?!' She had only just woken up after being unconscious for several days and she had not yet used the bathroom. She had felt a slight pressure before but now it was starting to make itself more known to her. She just couldn't move herself to get there. And they just left her in here without curing whatever she was injected with.

She suddenly found her opinion of Dave and Ben plummeting in that moment. She had gotten to know them better and they were treating her like this? She did have the power to completely dismiss them from their job and have someone else hired in their place. Altair was very tempted to give into the notion just to teach them a lesson on how rude they were being to her…

'Forget it. I need to focus on something to get my mind off of it.'

A lot had happened in a very short amount of time. Altair didn't even have time to fully grasp what she had seen in her dream when the fake Liam pressed her for more information.

Since she couldn't move she might as well think about what she had learned.