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60 A Promise That Was A Curse

Altair was left in an empty white space. Her heart still felt tight as a tear ran down her face. Even though she knew Maxwell feared her in his final moments she couldn't ignore all he had done for her. Even if it was just his job as her mentor when she had finally managed to start using her own unique Magic it didn't stop her feelings of longing and guilt towards his death.

'I should have done more. I shouldn't have been so stupid.'

Maxwell's voice came from behind her as her head hung down dejectedly, "Altair."

Her head stopped up with a conflicted expression on her face. She then immediately turned around towards the voice and saw Maxwell standing behind her in the white expanse. He had an obvious strained smile on his face and his eyes still held fear in them. But he was otherwise completely unharmed.

A wounded smile came to Altair's face as her chest tightened and she couldn't stop herself from running over and hugging him.

However, she passed right through him as if he was just a projection from a Holodisplay.

It caused Altair to turn towards him with a look of bewilderment. Moments later her expression turned to anger as she thought, 'Are they messing with my memories? Was this all from them?' An inferno of hatred burned in her heart as she started to plot how she would kill every single person in the Marnithok mansion as soon as she got the opportunity.

However, Maxwell's next words shocked her, "I will just get right to it as you are probably confused at seeing someone who has likely died. I have cursed you." He spoke without even turning towards her.

She felt like she was stabbed in the chest as she stumbled around him to look into his eyes. She didn't want to believe that he would use such evil Magic on her and couldn't understand why he would do that.

Maxwell's face held a serious expression that was rarely seen on him. It mostly reached his eyes that were still tinged with fear as he continued, "You are probably curious as to what my Magic exactly is and now you know. I specialize in using other's words to apply restrictions to them."

Altair's legs gave out on her and she fell to the ground while staring up at him in confusion. "W-Why? Why would you do that to me?" She couldn't understand why an ally would use Curse Magic on her.

Curse Magic had obvious stigmas even in the Demi-Human community. It was looked down on by all and treated as the worst way someone could use Mana. She didn't even know of any Demi-Human's who had that type of Magic because of how bad it was said to be. It was often associated with a deep hatred and anger towards those it was used on.

Yet, the Maxwell she knew apparently had and used that kind of that Magic. He had also chosen to use it on her and she had no idea.

Maxwell continued on, completely ignoring what she asked, "Believe it or not but I did this for the sake of our people." He looked up into, what was presumably, the sky of this place and said, "The Council of Four had high hopes for your Magic when you first displayed what you could do. No one else had heard of a Magic that could create objects out of a strange black Magic. And it does indeed have a lot of potential as infiltration type Magic."

He lowered his head and continued to gaze ahead, as if Altair was standing in front of him and not sitting next to him, "But when I saw your Magic turn those Humans into piles of indiscernible flesh, I felt a fear I didn't know I could have. If you turned that Magic against our people we probably wouldn't survive."

Altair's gaze turned to hurt disbelief as she quickly defended herself against his accusation, "As if I would ever harm our people? Why are you afraid of me for what I did to the Humans?! They killed you! They deserved a worse death than even that!"

Maxwell continued on, undisturbed by her outburst, "You probably haven't realized it yet but our people are very damaged from what happened to us. When we were expelled out of our homes by our loved ones and chased out of towns just because we look the way we do, most of us end up holding grudges. Some of us even go on to start holding grudges and become suspicious of those who do things that they perceive as a slight. I still don't know if you are one who does that and that is the reason for this curse."

"I would never do such a thing!" Altair shouted as she continued to defend herself. She had seen Demi-Humans like what he was describing but she always looked down on them with pity. She also swore that she would never do such things.

Maxwell shook his head sadly and spoke at the same time Altair defended herself, "I really wish I could have stuck around a bit longer to train you better and really figure out what kind of person you are. But my time has probably already ended."

He took a breath as if to steel himself for his next words and looked straight ahead again, "That is why I cursed you. It's not a curse that will overly affect you. It's just a curse that will make you do as you have sworn. I hope that you will think of it more as honoring your Oath that you have made to me rather than a curse on that day."

The words she said to him before he died flashed through Altair's mind as he continued, "You swore an Oath to help our people and that is how I have cursed you. So long as you help our people there will be no problems or issues for you as you live our life."

He went silent for a moment and appeared lost in thought. After a few moments had passed he continued on, "I have given you a time frame of two years with my curse. If you go longer than two years without helping our people then I will appear before you as I have now and will remind you about your Oath. Take this as a warning."

His expression turned fierce as he continued on in a more aggressive tone, "If you still fail to help our people within the next half a year the curse will start to take effect. It will start with your arms. They will become useless in eight months. From there, it will take your legs. Once you have lost both your arms and legs, it will then attack and stop your heart. Within a week of your legs being taken you will die."

Altair's body shook slightly at his words and she looked down with a conflicted expression on her face. She felt betrayed and yet, at the same time, happy that he left her with something to remind her of him, even if it was something that harmed her.

Maxwell continued, seemingly completely oblivious to Altair's presence, "Just keep helping our people and I am sure you will continue to live. Remember the Oath you swore to me and serve our people until the end of your days."

Altair nodded silently without looking at him. She would already do that and didn't need him to tell her to do. Still, since he had died in fear of her, she didn't want to look at him. He was so afraid that he cursed her to do what he thought she wouldn't do.

He really didn't know her well at all despite them having been with each other for almost two years. She felt like a fool for caring so much about him.

"I don't need you to tell me what I already planned to do," she muttered to herself as she started to stand up. She turned away from him and added, "I already intend to remove the plague of Humans completely. I just need to get home to do so."

The white expanse around her started to turn dark, starting from the edges of what she could see. She knew the end of this message was coming and bit her lip. This would probably be her last chance to say something to him, she figured. Even if he wouldn't respond and she knew that he didn't think much of her, she still wanted to get it off her chest.

"You know, I loved you, Maxwell. Even though you didn't trust that I would do the right thing when you died, I did everything I could for our people. I'd like to think I helped them but… I really don't know."

She thought of the betrayal from the generals on that day and shook her head.

Then, a thought occurred to her as the surroundings started to turn as black as a starless night.

'Wait,' she thought to herself, 'what about that vision of our main camp in flames? Why did you show me that?'

Darkness enveloped her before she could ask and Altair woke up.