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38 A Game Of Questions And Answers

Altair didn't trust him. Even though she couldn't feel his killing intent anymore she decided to trust her instincts that warned her that he was dangerous. If she had full access to all of her Mana she wouldn't be so cautious. But her hair was standing on its ends from feeling his killing intent and that sent a clear message to her mind: Don't underestimate this person. So she sat where she was instead of sitting next to Renald where he indicated. She was also curious what this man had in mind for her so she was willing to have a conversation.

Renald chuckled dryly when he saw her sit where was. This girl was wiser than he anticipated, even though he didn't plan to harm her. He rested his hands before himself as he said, "It has been almost two years since we found you on that planet. Do you mind telling me what you were doing there and how you got there?"

Altair frowned slightly. She didn't have a real answer for this question but she knew it would be best to trade information. He had information she wanted as well so she replied, "I will trade that information for information."

Renald's eyes narrowed slightly. "You are smarter than you look even though you're still learning how to speak. Very well, I do not mind." He crossed his arms in front of him as he said, "A question for a question then. Ask two and then answer mine after I answer yours. Is that acceptable?"

Altair nodded her head as she thought about her current situation. Ever since Liam threw all those questions at her and she had time to think about them, one thing had been on her mind: where was her home? She really wanted to go home already. She also wanted to hurry up and make the antidote so that she could have all of her power back already. Since Liam had been completely invisible and silent the whole time she doubted his ability to cure her. She also wanted to end that Human who wants to enslave her kind as well. So she asked, "Where is the Rebonan Kingdom?"

Renald's eyes widened slightly as he said, "Sorry. Never heard of it so I can't answer that. Try asking something else." Inwardly Renald was laughing at Altair. She had just given him more information that he could look into later. As he thought, just because she was wiser than a child her age she still lacked the guile that adults had.

Altair frowned slightly. She thought that he would know where that was since he was also a Human. Weren't they supposed to know all about their own kind? This was a slight disappointment to her. However, she still had other things she wanted to ask. "Where am I?"

Renald grinned at her, "Why you're in this room of course. Well that's one question, ask your next one."

Altair's expression darkened. 'As expected of a Human to nitpick everything they can to get more than they deserve.' It seemed she had to be more exact in her questions or this Human would run circles around her. She thought for a short time in silence before asking, "Where is this place exactly?"

"This place is located on Ordin Prime. It is the homeworld of the Ordin Empire." Renald then tilted his head and said, "You're turn. What were you doing in that cave and why were you there?"

Altair sighed heavily. "I was escaping from an enemy and I didn't have the Mana to properly use my Teleportation Magic. So I wound up in a random location."

She used her own language for the words 'Mana' and 'Teleportation Magic' so Renald didn't understand what she meant there. He did infer that 'Mana' was some type of energy source though. But he had no idea what 'Teleportation Magic' could have been. However he couldn't ask these questions yet as it was Altair's turn so he waited in silence.

Altair considered what to ask next. She had just learned that this was a different nation than the one she knew. This didn't make much sense to her as she had grown up knowing that all Humans were united as one but she put it out of her mind for now. She had other things she wanted to know. Like why she was here and what this Human intended to do with her. So he straightened her posture and asked, "What do you intend to do with me?"

Renald's brow lifted slightly to this question. It was a good question that had a lengthy answer. "Simple, get information. There are still some things about you appearing there that don't make sense to me. Once I have the information I need I plan to do nothing else to you." He also didn't plan to protect her or provide for her in any way at that point. She would be on her own. If his son decided to remove her using the power of his house he wouldn't mind.

Altair wasn't dumb enough to believe him at his words. She had been a spy for the Demi-Human Survival Coalition for years and was well versed in how to think about what was told to her. She read between the lines of what he was saying as best as she could and came to the conclusion that once she was done providing him the information he needed she would no longer have his hospitality.

Renald leaned back in his chair as he considered what to ask on first. He decided that the energy source was pretty obvious to him. It was just a word or type that he hadn't heard of before. So he chose to go after the other part instead. "What is this 'Teleportation Magic' you speak of?"

Altair gave him a weird look. Properly explaining how Teleportation Magic worked without being able to show it was difficult. It was a revolutionary Magic that she had gained the ability to use on her world and, while it wasn't the first time someone had it, it had still been long enough that everyone was shocked when she showed them.

Renald saw the weird look he was getting and frowned.

Altair sighed lightly in response. She didn't want to explain it too deeply so she said, "It's a Magic that instantly moves someone from one place to another."

Renald's eyes shot open to the size of saucers as he almost jumped to his feet. That was exactly what he was looking for! This technology she was speaking of would revolutionize all the nations and when his family was the one to bring it forth to the Ordin Empire they would be immortalized as the greatest heroes of the Empire! He just had to make sure they were talking about the same thing. Before Altair asked her next question he produces two small cubes and held one in each hand. He closed one hand and said, "So it goes from here," he opened the hand he closed and closed the hand he had opened, "To here in an instant?"

Seeing Teleportation Magic explained so simply made Altair lose a little confidence in herself. She didn't expect that it was that easy to explain. If only she had thought of that… She nodded her head as she said, "That's two questions I get to ask now."

Renald smiled warmly at her. He didn't mind now. Soon he would have all he needed to know. "Of course, go ahead and ask."

Altair tilted her head as she considered her words carefully. She didn't miss the excitement that Renald had when she gave him her answer. It was practically impossible not to see it. He was like a child in a candy store that was giving all of its candy away for free. She knew that she probably didn't have many questions left to get information out of him. So the first thing she needed to make sure of was that once he was done she could do whatever she wanted without worries. "When you get what you want from me does that mean I am free to go wherever I want and can do so without being bothered by you or your people?"

Renald's smile stiffened. He didn't intend to let this girl live once he got the information he wanted. He couldn't risk other families getting the same information he had. Her mouth could easily ruin all of his plans. He hoped that his minor twitch didn't show to Altair as he confidently lied, "Of course you can. Once I have what I need there won't be any point in keeping you here."

Altair had watched him very carefully. She missed his twitch but she felt wrong upon hearing his words. Her instincts were telling her not to trust him. She also knew that he didn't say they couldn't lie. So she chose to use it against him instead of pointing it out.

Renald quickly asked, "How do you use that Teleportation Magic?"

Altair saw this question coming. She made a big show of chuckling while shaking her head. She flatly stated, "You don't seem to know how it works. Of course I was born able to do use it. There is no trick to it. You are either able to do it or not."

Renald narrowed his eyes as he stood there. He could tell she was lying even without looking at her. Just her words alone made no sense. It sounded like an Inborn Ability to him but something told him that wasn't what she meant. Besides it had already been proven that there could be no Inborn Ability that allowed for Teleportation. That was why the technology that could allow for Teleportation would be of unparalleled value. His expression turned unsightly as he stated, "Refusing to answer won't go over well for you."

Altair gave him a blank stare as she stated, "Who is lying to whom?"

Renald's mouth twitched slightly. Did she see through my lie earlier or is she really telling the truth? Is where she came from able to teleport at will? Renald frowned as he stated, "I hope you don't mind proving your words then."

Altair shook her head while saying, "I do not have enough Mana right now." She only had about a bucket of Mana. In order for her to be able to use her Teleportation Magic she needed about a pond of it. What she had didn't even amount to a tenth of a percent of what she required.

Renald frowned at Altair's answer. "Explain what this Mana is."

Altair shook her head again, "It's my turn for a question, isn't it?"

Renald glared at her, "No. No more questions. Explain what Mana is." Renald had a feeling that he had already blown his cover to this child. She was a lot more adept at seeing through people than he thought and she had bit him as a result. Since he felt that he had been seen through by her there was no point in entertaining her any further. He would just pressure her to get the answers he needed.

Altair stood to her feet as she was sensing that he was probably going to attack her after she refused again, which she would. After she stood up she tonelessly stated, "You said it yourself. No more questions."

Renald shook his head. "I guess you really do need discipline." Renald started walking towards Altair. He was confident that he could force her to tell him. He had seen her attack his son earlier and judged that he outstripped her in speed, power, and technique. She would stand no chance.