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6 Are They... Gods?

From inside the hangar she was pushed into a shuttle the size of a house. The inside of the shuttle was also made of metal and surprisingly clean for a beast corpse. It had people moving around on metal platforms that had raised them up towards the top of it. Some were strapping things onto shelves at the top of the shuttle. Others had a strange blue light emit from before them at the same time a strange sound was made. Altair had no idea what to make of it.

Altair was overwhelmed. It was all too much for her. Every time she turned around she saw something unbelievable to her. She had so many questions but even if she asked them nobody would answer her. The language barrier was proving to be the most irritating thing about her current situation. She also couldn't wait to spread news of the strange Magic she was seeing in this place with the Council of Four. She was sure that if they could utilize even a fraction of this Magic then the threat of Humans to the Demi-Humans would be a thing of the past.

The constant shocked and stunned expressions that appeared on Altair's face amused those escorting her onto the Starship. It was like she was in a completely different world. They weren't given much information on Altair other than that she was a person of interest to the Marnithok family and that she was a potential danger to herself and others. That was why she was locked into the bed she was on. But the constantly shifting expression told them that she really was just like a child and they couldn't help but chuckle amongst themselves. Plus, she looked cute and innocent to so that added to the effect.

They brought her aboard the shuttle that would take them into the Starship that was waiting outside the atmosphere. They could only do a basic medical check on Altair with the equipment they had on the base. When they got the Starship they would do a proper examination to make sure she didn't have any extra complications. It was ordered from above to deliver her alive and healthy to the Marnithok family head back on Ordin Prime so they had no reason to refuse. The Marnithok family was even using an armed escort along with several warships they borrowed from the government to make sure that she got there in one piece. It was obvious to them how much they valued this little child.

The Marnithok family was a noble family that did an abundance of trading within the Ordin Empire. It was also how they got their noble title generations ago. Due to their friendly ties with the government and all the good deals that were being handed around they were able to secure several military-grade war vessels to help guard their shipping lines. They had pulled several of them away to guard the Starship that Altair was brought onto under the guise of her being an 'extra precious' piece of cargo.

Once Altair was secured towards the front of the shuttle she couldn't stop looking around again. She kept looking at all the flashing buttons and bright terminals, along with the Holodisplay screens that displayed information about the ship along with an exact projection of the ship and its status. She could even see out of a window next to her as the bed she was in was secured to the wall. The people bustling about outside the window quickly withdrew from the shuttle, causing Altair to tilt her head in confusion.

Shortly after she was secured to the wall, she watched as view outside the window changed rapidly as the shuttle she was in started to speed down a railway. Altair felt a light shock and was pushed slightly deeper into the bed she was on, but nothing more. Soon the shuttle started ascending into the air. As it did so, the view of the horizon on the planet came into view, stunning Altair once again as she gaped out the window.

Altair had flown before using her Magic but the speed of this creature's corpse far outstripped her own. She couldn't even dream of ever being able to fly as fast as this thing was going. She suddenly felt that all the times she abused her ability to fly in a fight was just a joke…

The entire planet was dark grey as if it was a dead world. There were some large structures in the distance that had bright lights on them. If they didn't have the lights they could easily be mistaken for oddly shaped mountains. There was no wildlife or fauna to be seen as far as the eye could see. However, that wasn't what stunned Altair.

What stunned Altair was how high they were going and how far she could see as a result. Even amongst the Demi-Humans, Flight Magic was exceptionally rare. Even Altair's use of Magic to fly wasn't true Flight Magic. Her cheap way of flying involved creating a pair of shadow wings on her back and using them to fly like a bird. It wasn't as elegant as normal Flight Magic and it wasn't as fast either, but it did the job well enough.

Even still, Flight Magic was mostly used for scouting instead of fighting because of how hard it was to deal with. But Altair had always dreamed of taming a dragon and riding on its back as it soared through the skies. She always imagined that it would be as beautiful as what she was seeing now, even though she knew that dragons couldn't go this fast or this high. To others who were used to flying like this, the outside scenery would probably be bland and forgetful. But to Altair it was endlessly moving as a single tear escaped her eye from the wonderful sight she saw.

She recovered just in time for the shuttle to escape the atmosphere. From where she was sitting she could see a large part of the planet and her worldview was shaken. She was staring at an entire planet. She had no concept of a round or flat world but she did know that Gods looked over the world and watched everyone in it. The fact that she was now staring at an entire world sent a chill down her spine.

Was she amongst the Gods right now? If she was, why were they all so Human like? Didn't that mean that the Humans were right in their genocide of the Demi-Humans? When she had lived as a Human for most of her life she was constantly told that Demi-Humans were an affront to God, that they must be purged for Humanity to ascend into the Realm of Gods and that they would never be able to unless every single Demi-Human was killed. Wasn't what she was seeing right now with her own eyes proof that they were correct? What would they do once they found out she was a Demi-Human? She quietly decided that she would not cure the poison within her body until she was sure she could escape from this Land of the Gods. Although she didn't quite know how she was going to escape without being detected right now.

She turned her attention back into the shuttle and caught most of the people in it staring at her in amusement. It wasn't very often that an adult could see the expression Altair just had on her face. Most children in their societies would have been used to flying by Altair's age so seeing Altair act so childishly at her age gave them endless entertainment.

Altair's attention was quickly drawn to the front window as a city sized Starship came into view quickly. Altair gaped once more at the Starship that the shuttle flew towards and felt completely terrified. The World of the God's had some terrifying weapons at their disposal. The size of this thing alone would have scared the Demi-Human Survival Coalition into surrendering immediately. In fact, she was pretty sure that the Human nations would have surrendered if they saw this thing. She was so terrified as they drew closer to that behemoth that she almost wet herself.

The shuttle maneuvered through a blue transparent wall and set down inside the Starship. From where Altair was sitting she could see dozens of other shuttles in the hangar, along with hundreds of people running around doing various tasks. She also saw more of the giants in metal armor. She didn't see any colossal giant like the one she saw back in the other hangar but she did see some giants that were about twice the size of the ones carrying things around standing against the far wall.

While Altair was staring out the window, the bed was disconnected from its place and she was wheeled out of the shuttle. She attracted odd looks from everyone as she was led through the Starship. She was a random child that was secured to a medical bed in the middle of a Starship full of trained soldiers at the edge of the barrier worlds. They were far away from civilian populated worlds. Out this far it was prohibited to have children due to the distance from central stars, the dangers of piracy and invading aliens. For a child Altair's age to randomly pop up against all the rules was too bizarre for the soldiers to handle. No one was stupid enough to take their children out this far even if it wasn't against the law.

Along the way to their destination, Altair gaped at similar things she had already gaped at. Even though she had seen them back on the planet they were still so foreign and bizarre that she couldn't help from staring at them in shock. Her escorts ended up laughing lightly amongst themselves while the people they passed gave her odd looks.

She was taken to another white room that was similar to the one she had come from but much bigger and had far rectangular boxes in it. Inside was another exceedingly seductive beauty that gave her a warm smile and introduced herself, which Altair still didn't understand.

The first thing they did was to secure the bed in place and then start with drawing blood from Altair to run more tests on. Altair couldn't resist but did watch curiously to see what they were up to. When she saw the green blood come out of her arm her face darkened. If she wasn't poisoned then her blood would have been red. It reminded her of the hole she felt inside of herself. That emptiness she felt caused her eyes to turn sorrowful.

The green blood caused the doctor to give her an unsettled look. The escorts that had come with her also did so as well. Someone with green blood couldn't be human, right? Both groups of people saw the dark expression on Altair's face and judged that there was probably something wrong with her body. Or why would she look so down right now for a child?

The other tests were done in quick succession. The entire time Altair was unfocused as she kept thinking about the seal on her power. She couldn't make the antidote quickly because she couldn't afford to be discovered by the God's. She was currently wondering if they would discover that she was a Demi-Human if they ended up curing the poison in her. The green blood was the only sign that she had been poisoned by the Mana Sealing Poison and it was a well known condition of it. It wouldn't be strange for them to cure it because that kind of poison wasn't hard to cure. If they did so then she would be out of luck.

By this point it was just Altair and the doctor in the room. It was then that Altair's stomach growled fiercely, causing the doctor to laugh cheerily. Altair paid it no attention as she was pretty sure she was a prisoner so she would get food whenever they decided to feed her.

Contrary to her thoughts, the doctor left and came back with her food within just over five minutes. The dish smelled delicious and looked extravagant. Altair had seen nothing like it and it made her mouth water. However, Altair thought that the food was for the doctor and that she got it to mock her. But when the doctor sat next to the bed and proceeded to feed Altair like she was a baby, she quickly realized the truth. She also felt completely humiliated. They wouldn't even let her eat food on her own!

The food was the most delicious meal Altair had ever eaten. She figured it was at least as good as what nobles ate. It was so good that she wished the woman would feed her faster… It was also oddly filling. Altair was surprised by this as it had vastly exceeded her expectations on what she was given to eat. She was also surprised it was such high quality food as well. Wasn't she a prisoner? Why bother giving her such good food.

Altair didn't know that the food was just army food.

After Altair was finished eating, the doctor gave her a shot of mysterious liquid and she quickly found that it was the same drug as before as she struggled to put any strength into her body again. She mentally cursed herself for briefly trusting the woman but couldn't do anything else.

The doctor wheeled the bed Altair was in towards a door in the room. On the other side of the door was a bathroom. The doctor proceeded to take Altair into the bathroom and humiliated Altair even further. Altair's face burned with shame when she was forced to use the bathroom and then forcefully bathed before being put back into the shackles on the bed.

Altair swore in her heart that she would get the hell out of this situation as fast as she could because her dignity couldn't take it.